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Party Animal “retrieving” certain lots of Dog Food

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  1. Kim Dexter

    What about the rest of the “flavors”? They all came from the same “suspicious” source!!

  2. tracy

    Party Animal is made at the Evangers plant, hence the find. My question is that its from 2015, two years ago?

      1. Susan

        I think it’s the opposite –Slow seller

  3. stormidnight

    I won’t buy the product any longer, nor any that come out of the Evangers plant. I’ve also gone to 100% high end raw. The money you save on food may be spent at the vet. I made my choice.

  4. barbara m

    TWO YEARS AGO? This adds a new dimension to the Evanger’s co-packer issue, which started in Jan 2017 (with the sickness and one death of the pug dogs).

  5. Terri Christenson Janson

    They obviously have not quality control checks if these cans were from 2 years ago!! I would NEVER purchase them. I have been making my own dog food and now have gone to raw fed made in my kitchen.

    1. Susan

      Raw is best I believe howeve cooking for our loved ones is so enjoyable and safe as long as it’s complete and balanced. Kudos to you Terri 🙂

    2. emmmmmmmmm

      How do you do that? I’d like to do it for my cats. Are there any good cat Recipes?

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