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Northwest Naturals Voluntarily Recalls 5lb Frozen Chicken and Salmon Pet Food Chubs Because of Possible Listeria Monocytogenes Health Risk

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  1. Tracey

    Sad to hear this. I thought this was a reputable company and bought a lot from them.

    1. Tryniti

      It is a reputable company. There is no need to think otherwise. This tested negative for pathogens when it left the facility. They were contaminated after the fact. (Did you read the article?) Salmonella and other pathogens in raw chicken is extremely common, and the fact that they rarely have issues speaks volumes about their safety practices. Be concerned about all the dry and canned food contaminated with pentobarbital. Not something like this.

    2. Janet

      NWN is known as a reputable company. This may be from improper or accidental mishandling at the store. The product was produced over a year ago, so it’s been stored by the distributor and then the store for that long. Few stores probably have any left. Since no one else has reported any issues with it in the year it’s been out there, I would suspect it became contaminated in the store or possibly at the distributor.

  2. Emily

    From my understanding of this article, the chub passed their test and hold program. No pet or human illnesses were reported. How did the chub test positive for listeria then? Why did the FDA buy and test only one chub (seems they utilized random sampling but I’ve never heard of them doing this for feed grade foods).

    Sounds to me like they did everything possible to prevent contamination but this is the risk you run into when you feed any ground USDA inspected product, organic or not. I am 100% in support of feeding a species appropriate fresh raw food diet and either this was somehow 1. a fluke (perhaps it wasn’t handled properly after leaving NWN and was contaminated after the fact?), or 2. an issue most any supplier or packer can’t fully prevent due to current agricultural practices. Hope the company does well by their customers and people don’t tear down the company without getting more facts first.

    Only real way to prevent this is to raise your own livestock and greens and feed them freshly slaughtered without grinding. Sad but true.

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