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Natural Balance sues H.J. Heinz Co.

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  1. Jim Hayward

    A surprise? Really? Natural Balance was recently bought out by ex-fruit giant, Del Monte Foods.

    I feel certain the first thing Del Monte did was find the lowest bidder for their ingredients so as to increase the margin. Wonder if ‘Dick’ is still involved or has prostituted his values also and sold his name and now has nothing to do with quality.

    1. Sue Meigs

      From what I recall, DVPatten never really owned the company… Just served as a figurehead/marketing strategy… And probably a major shareholder as a result. He’s still pictured, front and centerish on their website, so the assumption that he knows animal nutrition still seems lucrative (and perhaps is why he left the acting gig forever-a-gogo) 😉

    2. lori

      That is exactly when I stopped using NB, when it sold out to Dole. But I fed it during this time period and this seriously pisses me off. I know feed honest kitchen.

      1. Tracey Schaefer

        I just started feeding my dogs Embark/
        Weruva Cirque De La Mar Recipe Canned Dog Food. Just finding this out today about Natural Balance I feel sick to my stomach knowing that I fed this food to my dogs 🙁

  2. Martha

    Just FYI. Natural Balance wasn’t bought my Del Monte until mid 2013. So the company was still owned by Dick Van Patten. There have only been 3 recalls that I know of and they were back in 2007. And if I am not mistaken this was recalls that involved other pet food companies as well.

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      And NB had recalls in 2012 – part of the Diamond Pet Food recall (Salmonella).

      1. Martha

        Thank you Susan! I didn’t see that one listed. A reminder to myself to dig a little deeper!

      2. Marcia

        You are correct about the 2012 recall as a result of the South Carolina Diamond plant contamination issue. We pulled bags off store shelves, but my experience was that none of the NB food on the shelves in the Atlanta area was affected.

  3. Jenifer

    There was no NB recall because the food never made it to any stores. Best testing of any pet food on the market. Check out buy with confidence on their website.

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      How would you know this Jenifer? That no pieces of rubber were in any pet food sold?

  4. g.r.r.

    Another law suit that will make life interesting for the pet food industry. When it is done, I think that the big players will have created a whole new set of small companies that will take on the big players.

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