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Mars buys Iams, Eukanuba and Natura Brands

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  1. CatRescuer

    What pet foods does Mars currently make?

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      Royal Canin, Pedigree, Nutro are the bigger brands.

    2. Jan

      Also Whiskas, Cesar, Temptations & Greenies

  2. Iva Kimmelman

    Big surprise!
    All about money, greed and making rich people richer!
    Stop the world,I want off!

  3. Regina

    Well, I guess when the Natura brands (Evo, Innova, etc.) sold out to P&G a couple of years ago, they were probably not told they were just pawns in the big chessboard of global conglomerization. . . . Oh, well, they must have already had their heart broken by all of the recalls that happened to their food once P&G took over. . . . I am amazaed that there are people out there who still want to buy the brands formerly owned by Natura. I was surprised when I saw the California Naturals brand back in the local boutique. I would think all of the former Natura brands would have lost their appeal to the more discriminating crowd.

    1. Maddison

      There were concerns reported for Natura brands prior to the time they were sold to P&G.

  4. Peg

    Oh good grief


  5. JosiesMom

    I am surprised that people continue to patronize these processed pet food companies. My pets enjoy raw meaty bones and whole prey and have never been healthier! Feed your carnivores like carnivores, not herbivores! Give them proper meat on the bone, skin and all. No Stinky coats, no bad breath, great muscle tone, no food allergies, easy to feed.

    1. Joseph

      Your comment would have sense, except dogs are not carnivores.

      That’s a myth to think they are “wolves”.

      Dogs have been modified by us for thousands of years. I’m not defending companies, but neither I defend the false idea they have to be fed as wolves.

      1. Thomas N Reedy

        Hello Joseph, I enjoyed your comment about dogs are not wolves–this is historically correct, yet there are legitimate claims for feeding our domestic dogs (‘domestic’ in this instance is not inclusive to all dogs) a less-processed meat protein (wait for it…’wolf-like’) diet. Your evolutionary-based argument could have included a similar diet shift that occurred, by necessity, for our early ancestors–homo sapiens–who eventually learned the rudimentary skills of modern farming to fill the gaps in available fresh meat food sources with sustainable grains and edible fruit.Though I’m tempted, I shant make my response a treatise on the evolution of eating in dogs and humans; suffice it to say that all dogs and all humans are not carnivores, and that all dogs and all humans are not meant to be herbivores (or vegans). The evolutionary reality for canine-animals and human-animals is that both–through long-term nutritional and biological changes–have become omnivores. NOTE: my response is in no way an endorsement of any commercially-prepared dog food (correction ‘dog feed’).

  6. Susan

    How many more dogs have to die by shoddy manufacturing. This is heartbreaking. I lost my beloved dog to the kidney failure debacle because they add fillers and ppoison to their cheap food. The only winner here is the big companies that buy the little ones and then cheapen the formula which winds up killing our pets! So sad.

  7. Darlyn

    Ugh, yet another instance of seeing those who do right by the consumer only to be later enticed by a fiscal offer that’s “too good to pass up.” A few weeks ago, I learned that Zuke’s (doggy treats) had been sold to Nestle Purina in January 2014 and even though there’s been no recall, I am no longer inclined to buy….not because of the product, but as is based on the principle of needing to oppose this corporate predation. Year by year, we are losing our best choices to these predatory practices and when it’s all said and done, we will likely have a mere few corporations who will, for reasons of the bottom line, ‘alter the formulas any ole way they want to’ no matter how they tout otherwise about “Making a better world for pets.” So far, I am not aware of any corporate operation that always (faithfully) puts the health and safety of the consumer, be they pet or human, FIRST.

  8. Mimi

    From bad to worse! 🙁

  9. Tom Reedy

    Years ago when Nutro was a scrappy, pet-friendly independent pet food company, I felt pretty confident with purchasing my cats’ and dogs’ food from this company. Later, after Mars swooped down and gobbled them into their expanding pet food portfolio, I began to notice two things: the customer-friendly service that I greatly appreciated diminished and I began noticing something had changed in their food formulas (my cats & dogs were not so eager to start nor finish their meals). The phone reps that stayed on after the Mars acquisition acknowledged that there was greater pressure in building new sales & reducing aspects of their customer support; however, no one ‘felt comfortable’ verifying any formula changes…neither confirmed nor denied. Some time during the unthinkable 2008 pet food contamination/recalls, I’d had enough with big corporate pet foods and dropped my loyal longstanding relationship with the Mars-owned Nutro Pet Foods. For awhile afterwards, I tried making my own pet food from scratch but at the time it was too time-intensive to continue on a daily basis…so after researching the fewer grain-free choices available at my local pet food store, I selected Wellness and have stayed with them ever since (at long as they don’t ‘cave in’ to high power acquisition offers). All of my animal companions are healthy, happy critters: two 11-year old orange DSH feline ‘twin’ sisters, two black DSH feline males (9 & 6), one bluegray DSH feline male (4), and one Cavalier/PhalenePapillon-mix tricolor canine female.

    1. Regina

      Google who makes “Wellness pet food” — There has been some “buying out” there also, along with the Old Mother Hubbard treats.

      1. Tom Reedy

        Thanks, Regina. This tired 70-year-old animal lover/rescuer thought that he was doing the right thing and, given my local pet food options, Wellness grain-free products for my cats and dogs remains the best ‘lesser of evils’ in a world of marketing evildoers.

        1. Regina

          It’s sad that one has to choose the “lesser of evils” in feeding our babies, isn’t it . . . sigh. It seems that most choices today are just finding the “least worst” option, which is getting harder to do in this world of marketing evildoers.

          1. Tom Reedy

            The more that I think about this discussion, I’m quite tempted to try (again) making my own freshly prepared food for my canine and feline companions. Can you or someone else (perhaps my friend Susan) can direct me to the appropriate information for home pet food preparation. Many thanks to all.

      2. dave

        Wellness i s another Garbage food. within two weeks of feeding my cats they started shedding constantly, i mean you pet them once and you have a handful of fur shedding. Also they started looking starved. Put them back on Acana with a 4-Health canned mix and they were back to great looking cats and almost no shedding.

    2. Lisa

      We fed our dog Eukabania small bites for the last four years and she loved it. The last time i went to get it, they said the company was repackaging . Ever since I bought it in the new packaging my dog wont eat it. We even tried putting some of her treats mixed into it and she ate part of it then threw-up. Has anyone else had this same problem?

      1. Susan

        My 2 yr old GSP had been eating Eukanuba Lrg Breed for well over year. Once Eukanuba repackaged the product, my GSP refuses to eat it. Initially thought the dog was sick but then tried Science Diet and he once again very well. My GSP has a sensitive stomach but is not a picky eater. Really concerns and question what the formula change consists of — what ingredients are being put into the brand that dogs are refusing to touch it.

        1. Regina

          switching from eukanuba to science diet is kinda a lateral move, not an improvement, especially for a sensitive dog!!!
          most of science diet is grain-based, with very little actual meat.
          most folks who follow this site try to avoid stuff like corn, wheat, soy, by-products.
          you mention concerns and question the formula change, read the ingredient labels on pet foods. compare what is in eukanuba to what is in science diet. just please read the ingredients, and switch to something meat-based!

        2. Ann

          Susan, Science Diet is one of the worst foods available. SD sales reps visit students in vet schools to give presentations and inform them of the profits that can be made by stocking their food in their vet offices. That is how it begins. Vets know about animal medicine but not so much about good pet food ingredients.

  10. Kelley


  11. dave

    i put Iams on the bottom of a long list i would feed my animals only if i was forced by circumstances when P&G bought them out. Now they are not even in the mix any more, Iams, Mars you can all go to hell, you are not killing any of my animals due to your greed!

  12. Ritchie Vee

    Orijen, has my bowl. My service animal tbrives, on this company’a product and you are what you eat. If I had the email address to this thread. I would, send you my letter, written to my constituents after reading the blog, sent me, on this matter. I have a saved copy and for anyone “Orijen” included, who may wish to read or use, as a testament, are more than, welcome.

  13. Mila

    We fed our former German Shepherd Dog Innova food from 2007 until 2009. He developed an autoimmune disease in his intestines and we had to go through years of expensive and harmful treatment which ultimately led to his demise earlier this year. We got a German shepherd puppy in the beginning of June 2015. I want to home cook for him. I consulted with 2 veterinary dietitians and they both said not until he is one year old. One recommended Innova large breed puppy and the other one approved the choice. I was shocked to find out the pet stores had discontinued the food and I had to get it online. So I called Nayira Pet in mid June. I told them we wanted to put the puppy on their food but I was concerned about the feedback from the stores. I asked Natura if there was something going on with their food. The woman on the phone acted like I was stupid and asked me where I lived. She said it had to be the area as to why the food was not popular and the stores did not want to carry it. So I trusted her and started him on it. A month later they discontinue without a warning or consideration for the animals on it. Don’t you think she should have told me the truth in June so that I looked for different food then? Moreover, the dog was not doing well on the food – loose stools and diarrhea all the time. I thought he was sick. So we switched to Orijen large breed puppy over the weekend (did not even do it gradually) – stools are normal in all aspects. I am so disgusted with the pet food industry – a cheap money making machine with no accountability ( big deal if a few thousand pets died – reference 2007). So I will feed Orijen since it is made by a private company without outsourcing or big corporation involvement. However I have to check the website regularly because small companies get bought by bigger ones all the time. I am so disgusted with Natura and the owner, the well known Mars and most of the food industry. I will feed home made once the dogis one year old. Please protect your pets and do your research. Your pets do not have a voice of their own – you are it!!!!

  14. ANON




  15. Ann

    Our dog is very allergic to foods and was doing well on California Natural until recently when all his allergic symptoms came back with a vengeance…. scratching and scooting almost constantly etc. It appears to be since this company bought them out and I’ve read many other reviews with similar problems in their pets. We have to now find a new dog food to replace California Natural… not an easy chore. Why don’t these companies leave well enough alone.

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