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Made with Real (Wheat) Meat

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  1. Barbara Fellnermayr

    Just remember when you pay .17 an ounce you get what you pay for. What ingredients do people think are being used when that’s what they pay for the finished product? Price is only an issue when EVERYTHING else is the same!

    1. Peter

      Barbara, the question is why, why, WHY do consumers not understand this? Why?

      Why do we trust pet food manufacturers that we have an adversarial relationship with? Why do (often) well-meaning consumers trot out of the “big box” store lugging a 40-50lb. bag of dry food that they pay so little for (never dreaming of calculating it per pound) and think that they are getting a quality product?

      1. Barbara Fellnermayr

        I think that they trust big manufacturers because they go to be big and successful. Big and successful companies wouldn’t knowingly hurt our animals. People, they got big and successful by slashing corners and using less than quality ingredients.

  2. Robin

    I watched an episode of Mike Rowe’s “Dirty Jobs” on A&E a couple days ago and it was about a company in my state of CA that goes out and picks up the dead and rotting carcasses of farm animals. On the show, they picked up several dead dairy cows, including one so rotten that it had tripled in size and they told Mike that these can literally explode from the build up of rotten gases. Everything was covered an inch thick in squirming maggots. They picked up a dead horse, some pigs, llama, alpaca, and sheep. Brought the truck back to “processing” They stripped off the hides to be sold for leather, then they threw all the different rotten carcasses into this huge grinder, and you could actually see huge chunks of feces being torn from intestines, ground all of them together into a bloody, maggoty glop, cooked the glop to pull out the fat, (rendering) and all through this Mike is gagging at the stench and feeling nauseous, grabbing the wall to keep from passing out and it didn’t look like his trademark humor, it looked real. At the end, they explained how they recycle EVERY PART, which I was thinking was so great….. probably it was going to be fertilizers, ….and then Mike asked where does the finished rendered brown glop end up and the guy says…..(among other things like poultry feed) the MEAT portion of nearly ALL BRANDS OF EXTRUDED (KIBBLE) PET FOOD. This should be a mandatory episode for anyone who still argues in defense of kibble. Gross, gross and utterly gross.

    1. Jane Eagle

      Thanks for that info…I think…My mantra: If it’s not safe for YOU to eat, it is not safe for your pets to eat! (“But wolves and wild predators eat rotten meat all the time…” yes, and they die at 5-6 years of age…)

    2. LP

      Here’s the link to the episode on YouTube. Around the 30 min mark is where the reference is to where the rendered meat goes. Warning: this is disturbing.

      1. Maggie

        I listened from before to 5 minutes after the 30 minute mark and I heard no mention of pet food / kibble, just poultry food.

  3. Linda Horn

    Maybe we ought to change the saying “you get what you pay for” to “you don’t get what you don’t pay for”. When it comes to product quality, you may or may not get higher quality, when you pay more for the product, but you definitely will NOT get quality when you do NOT pay for it. Thank you Susan, for fighting to change pet food regulations, so the pet food industry will have to actually disclose everything that is in their so-called “food”!

    1. Jane Eagle

      No, we usually do NOT get what we pay for! I used to buy Wellness until the results of the Consumer-funded tests. Apparently, I was paying over $2 per pound for dangerous garbage in a pretty bag. Then I realized: I can buy fresh human-grade meat at the grocery store for $2 per pound. SO that’s what they eat now (plus veggies and supplements). We are never going back to kibble.

  4. jb

    Buy meat & process for your companion. Then you KNOW what is in their food.

  5. Pam G.

    It makes me sick to walk by the many isles of pet feed. I would NEVER again buy the garbage they call pet food. We make our 3 babies good healthy nutritious food in the time it takes to cook our own meals. Seeing and hearing the description of the rendering plants operation was worse then I ever imagined.
    The owners, and managers of these deceptive businesses need to have the meaty chunks feed to their children and eat it themselves.

  6. Terri Janson

    GROSS!!!! I get so tired to trying to explain why these bags of crap can be sold on store shelves. Most people will not believe me…..but I still go on about it. I will never stop. I don’t understand how these BIG PET food companies can get away with what they do. BUT…I feel more and more people are getting their eyes pried open because of US! 🙂

  7. Ellie

    It is astounding the things that Americans will buy and eat and yet no one bothers to read the ingredient list. If they do read it they do not understand most of what is on it. Most people just trust that someone is watching out for them.
    The ingredients in human foods are outrageous so how can we even imagine that pet food would be “wholesome and delicious?”
    Most of the diseases that people die of in the US are diet related. You will not find those diseases in countries where the people do not eat processed foods and where there foods have not been genetically engineered or injected with hormones, steroids and antibiotics.
    Now our pets are dying of the same diseases as well as suffering from the same auto-immune diseases that cause degeneration of bones, joints and internal organs.

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