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If FDA or State Comes Into Your Pet Food Store, Do You Know What Procedure Is?

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  1. Sarcroth

    When I was first hired on at my local retailer, I got a big talk on how to deal with FDA and AAFCO officials. In our state, it is legal to tell them to leave the premises and they must file some form with officials to remove any non-recalled products from stores. It is also a requirement here that any store selling supplements or holistic remedies must sell certain products that differentiate it from a pet food store, as it is illegal to sell supplements (such as items from Animal Essentials or Ark Naturals) in a strictly pet food store. In our store, we sold deworming products which are considered medical items. Other stores sell vaccines or other medical products to bypass this law in order to provide high quality supplements and holistic products to their customers. I’m not sure why those products made a difference in the eyes of the law, but several run-ins with AAFCO officials confirmed it which is why we had mass amounts of deworming products on our shelves even though they never really sold.

  2. Janelle Pitula


    I’m not always in my store. Are the “authorities” allowed to take product without the owner of the store being present?


    1. Susan Thixton Author

      That probably would depend on your State law. But, you can alert your employees to tell any FDA or State Department of Ag representative to come back when you are there. Literally ask them to leave and return when you are in the store.

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