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Greenies Responds

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  1. Joni Lowther

    Excellent response, Susan. It was articulate, well referenced and stated without condescension. Greenies should welcome the opportunity to support their claim to such a large and educated community.

  2. Thomas N Reedy

    To treat or not to treat? Whilst this is the question, there are much larger and more important issues at stake. Please, let’s all focus on those. Best regards to all.

  3. Ruth Thomson

    WOW! How did our precious dog & cat children get such an amazing advocate going to bat for them?! I have followed your website for such a long time & love what you do for them & us. This is the first time I have posted anything, anywhere, but I couldn’t just read your info day after day & not thank you for what you do. You deserve our thanks & support & so much more! We rescued our pit bull mix, Miss Kitty, 6 years ago & she is the love of our lives! I don’t know what I’d do if anything ever happened to her. I will continue to follow your website & tell everyone I know about what you do. Thank you again & God Bless. Ruth Thomson in Arizona aka Kitty’s mom!

  4. Terri

    Your response and questions were great and shows how their labels are very misleading. Thank you for all of your hard work!

  5. Kenneth Kalligher

    Bravo Susan! Unfortunately’ the answer provided by Ms. Glass is gobbledygook. This is the kind of response that underscores the need for pet owners to be educated and well-informed. But, sadly, most consumers just don’t give a damn. The companies have always dazzled us with invective that says nothing and we are just too lazy to “check it out” and become responsible pet owners. Just this past week I had a service person in my home, and, after meeting him at the front door and advising him of my pets presence ( 3 large German Shepherds), unfortunately it was a very unpleasant day, I told him they are well-behaved and very easily controlled. He had no problem so we continued in. He was quite impressed with the animals behavior, but he remarked on how large they were and their apparent superb physical condition. He stated he had a German Shepherd, but it was a fussy eater and small and was not anything like the Shepherds he was looking at. I asked what he fed his dog and he said, “Old Roy.” He must have noticed my face and said, “Is there something wrong with it?” I answered, “You can’t do much worse.” He said, “Oh.” He never asked what I was feeding mine and the conversation just went dead! Seems like a great opportunity was missed to me. But it points out just how little many pet owners care. If the ad looks good or the package is striking…that’s good enough. User complacency plays into the marketing strategy of the large pet food companies and I see the answer given by Ms. Glass would be totally acceptable by many consumers, no matter that it is nonsense, it was an answer. Honestly, Ms. Glass was way in over her head with you and you will not get a phone call from her…you got what you are going to get…nothing!

    1. Marcia Husband

      Good try Kenneth! Try working a job (as I did) to talk to pet owners in the big box pet stores about what they are feeding their pet, and see them still buy Purina, Beneful, Royal Canin and Science Diet — all foods I believe contain poor, low-grade ingredients and are way overpriced considering their nutritional benefits. [Come on Science Diet: “animal fat?” Really?]

      Many pet owners are so naïve and believe that the food manufacturers are truly interested in their pet’s nutrition. For a majority of the pet food companies (and people food companies as well), it is all about the money!

      Yuck… Old Roy! 90% corn. And then customers would ask why their dogs eat their own feces! Dogs (cats/humans) do not digest corn! The dogs are just eating the same crap that is in the bag of Old Roy!

  6. Marcia Husband

    Wow! Great going Susan!

    I wonder how someone gets to the level of “Sr. Corporate Affairs Manager” at any company, much less Mars, with such poor grammatical skills?

    I worked for Nutro before it was purchased by Mars, and I cannot recall from any of our product meetings ever being told that Greenies could substitute for a complete and balanced meal! Quit the opposite, in fact, as we were told it was a treat! I am old enough to remember when Greenies were recalled and forced to change their formula because the “treat” was not dissolving properly and was getting lodged in the intestines of dogs and cats! I think that was in the late 1990’s?

    I would steer customers away from them in the pet stores. Wheat is the first ingredient, and I don’t think dogs or cats need wheat in their diet!

  7. dearcat

    Susan, you are the greatest. I too remember Greeiens prior to the Mars buy-out. I used to feed my cat Greenies, but only as a treat. They never were intended to replace food. I use Hartz Mountain dental and hairball treats. HM has been around a long, long time. (I’m in my late 70’s and it has been around longer than me.) Thank you for all your excellent work on behalf of we pet owners. I have a 22 lb. Maine Coon Cat.

    as ever,


  8. Gitta

    This would be hilarious, if it wasn’t so sad. Here they go: reading this “horrible” blog and blacklisting the phone number. Obviously this blogger is “bad” enough to be blacklisted. So, not your average little blog hardly anybody reads.

    One would think that a written response would be carefully crafted. For one, the company knows WHO is asking. Not your average pet parent, but somebody with considerable knowledge. It also seems quite likely that said response is going to be published on that blog.

    But one would think wrong, as the response shows us. What a way to erode even more consumer confidence while providing a good laugh at the same time.

    Some village is missing the you-know-what.

  9. Mouse

    I have got to the point where I bake/make all my boys treats and cook them their meals as I no longer trust anything any of the companies say regarding their products anymore. If I cook it and make it I KNOW what is in it as I use fresh ingredients and will be using veggies from my own garden this year so even better. Their coats are shinier then the ever have been and they have more energy and are healthier then they have ever been. I am sorry but they have back paddled and lied one to many times for this little red duck.

  10. BC

    It should read on the label “Greenies make up 85kcal of your dogs daily requirement.”- of course with all their OTHER statements being factual. But then I question pink slime being appropriate for human consumption also.

  11. LL

    The reason your number is flagged in their system is exactly what you stated in your response. It is because your “goal is to assure all pet food manufacturers/pet treat manufacturers are abiding by federal and state regulations not only with the actual pet food in the bag or can (or treat), but as well with the advertising and labeling information/claims provided to consumers.” How dare you question a company that is in business to make tons of money at the expense of the health or our pets? Quite a while ago I fed each of our dogs one Greenie and they all had diarrhea from them. No more Greenies for them! Instead, today they get raw meaty bones every day which are actually good for them and far less expensive. They are getting real nutrients and their teeth benefit in the process. I continue to move as far away from commercial products as possible, especially those manufactured by the conglomerates. Sadly it is not just pet owners that could benefit from the work you do and the information you provide. Many “dog people” who show and trial their dogs are sorely lacking in knowledge. They believe everything their vets tell them and that all of the foods, treats, supplements, vaccines and medications sold by their vets are actually good for their dogs. I post links to many of your blogs on my FB group and hope that people are sharing your information. Thanks, and please keep up your good work!

  12. Abby Hamilton

    Thank you Susan! Reading your letter has convinced me that you are extremely well-informed and really articulate. You are a rarity and I hope you will continue your work for many years to come.

  13. Judi Todd

    Great work Susan. As usual, you have them on the run, wondering now how they are going to do damage control. I wouldn’t use Greenies as treats for my dog, that is for sure! Remember just a few years ago, they came under question when dogs were dying from intestinal problems when they broke apart and didn’t digest and clogged their insides. Hmmmmm, they sure do make a good product, don’t they?………………….NOT! Again, THANK YOU for your tireless work.

  14. Dragon77

    Hi Susan!

    I find the back & forth rather interesting. I would *expect* that the labeling is poorly worded, and they’re trying to two-step around not having to admit it.

    It probably should have said, as mentioned above, that the Greenie can account for 85 calories of their daily diet.

    I must admit that while I do use Greenies as treats, I’ve never actually read the “feeding directions” on the label, as I considered them just that – TREATS.

    I do, however, think that they should be held to a proper (legal) “standard” of labeling, and that the issue of your phone number being “blacklisted” should be formally addressed (there might even be some legal recourse there as well).

  15. Vicki H.

    Hi Susan and All! I do very much appreciate your fantastic knowledge base, and hard work to help us, as consumers! However, I am now quite concerned, because I thought it was OK for my 2 German Shepherd, adult dogs to have Greenie treats?

    You see, I did read about the fact that these treats can and do cause digestive blockages in small pets and puppies. But, I understood that these were made in USA, and safe for my large breed dogs? Please advise me, as I’m quite upset and confused at the moment?

    1. Jamie Bohn

      Vicki H.
      I am a CVT and I do not recommend Greenies. There are many natural options (ie; real raw meaty bones) that are much safer for dogs and cats. They even do a better job than any man made dental treat I’ve ever seen.
      You need to decide for your self what is best for your babies.
      I think it would best help you decide if you see the reviews on Consumer Affairs (Consumer Complaints and Reviews) that have been posted by pet parents like us. Sadly they are not good at all. In many cases the pets passed away after eating these treats.
      Good luck, and I wish the best for you and your babies.

  16. Kim Willis

    Thank you again Susan for being on top of things. I just want to chime in and hope Nutro reps are reading the comments. As a trainer I am in the position to assist owners with their feeding choices, and help them I do. As a feeding educated trainer there are many more commercial foods I send clients away from verses send them towards. When stuff like this comes up I start looking deeper into why a company feels the need to react and then respond like they did in this case. And when that happens that means they have things to hide, otherwise the response would not have gone like that. Period.
    Nutro…………owners do read, follow and support Susan. You shutting her off means you are shutting us off and shame on you for doing so. That is even a bigger then then the GREENIE issue itself. We see and know this and refuse to allow you to treat us like we are stupid any more. Do with this what you want, but we are watching you, and how you come back from this single, seemingly small thing, will determine how we feel about you as a whole company.

    Kim Willis, Master K9 Trainer
    Retired VB Master Police Officer/Detective
    City of Chesapeake Community Emergency Response Team: K9 Operations
    Leader/Trainer, Operational K9 Teams, CISM K9 Trainer/Coordinator, Animals in Disaster Coordinator
    State Certified Professional Ground Searcher
    Man Tracker Level I
    North American Police Work Dog Association, Associate Member, and Associate
    Member East Coast SAR Liaison
    Chesapeake Community Animal Response Team “CART” (co-founder), Supported by Virginia State Animal Response Team “SART”
    FEMA’s National Preparedness Coalition
    Association for Truth in Pet Food member

  17. Lynn

    Never liked the ingredients so didn’t use them. Same with jerky treats, they just don’t make sense to me.

  18. Susan Bergman

    Wow, what a well informed reply on your part! I think these pet food companies don’t think anyone is concerned enough to pay attention to what they are feeding. The sooner they realize that these animals are just as important to us as people, maybe they’ll be more focused on quality than profits. I sure am glad we animal lovers have you as our advocate. Keep up the good work! Susan B.

  19. MJ

    I had been looking for Greenies lately in local pet shops but couldn’t find it. Just when I found themin open box, I wondered why I couldn’t find any earlier and searched online if there were any recall. I didn’t know or realize Greenies claimed tobe whole food instead of just snack or teeth cleaner. Glad I found this post. If Greenies didn’t reply – possibly it hasn’t fixed this problem.

  20. neil

    could you please post the email address of monica collins?

  21. neil

    the latest incident with NUTRO is the denial of properly submitted rebates for dog food. Many people have gotten postcards stating they did not send the original UPC code with their submission. I have a copy of mine but I suspect NUTRO is hoping people just forget about it. It’s a fact that rebate processing companies are paid extra for every rebate they deny. Shame on you NUTRO ! I can’t even submit a complaint on their website because the submission button is not working properly. I need a good email address.


  22. Ella


    Is this problem fixed yet? Some ppl say it is okay and others (mainly) say it is bad and wont give to their babies.
    My baby is 3 months toy poodle and got the greenies tweenie) after reading your blog… i think i have to return greenies….

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