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Good News!

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  1. Julius

    Congratulations, that is a major step. hopefully they will listen as well. Thanks for what you do, as you have convinced us to buy better food.

  2. Woofielover

    OMG! That’s huge! Finally! Well done and thank you for your relentless persistence. Good luck!

  3. june lay

    Great news, we must be advocates for our companion animals, which you definitely are! A first step in the door is one of the most important steps to ensuring food quality to our dogs and cats that share our homes and hearts. We must not allow greed to interfere with this.

  4. Marlene Rossman

    At last! It is a tribute to all the hard work you have been doing! Thank you!

  5. Stephen GOO

    The “Truth” about Pet Food WILL Prevail !

    Our Thanks to You Susan for all your Hard Work and Persistence.

    Now that you have been invited into the Lions Den, be Brave and let Your Truth prevail.

    We are ALL in Support of Your gallant Efforts ..

    As you know, if you ever need us .. just Truth about Pet Call !

  6. joan

    Wow. I’m tingling! Thank you to Susan and everyone who had a hand in this!!!!

  7. Terry Safranek

    Susan & Mollie!
    Sincere congratulations! You have worked so long and hard on behalf of all of us, and this never would have happened without your dedication. Keep us informed on the developments, as you always do, and let us know if we can support you in any way!

    1. Mollie Morrissette

      Thanks Terry! That means allot coming from you because you have been a driving force in educating consumers about the dangerous treats from China and for that we are all very, very grateful. Keep up the good work!

  8. Mollie Morrissette

    We’re pretty excited!

    I have to tell you our hope of being recognized as an official consumer advocacy association was waning as Tim Darden had not gotten back to us and time was running out as the upcoming AAFCO meeting was quickly approaching.

    I was expecting him to tell us the AAFCO attorneys had advised him against the idea, but to my surprise that was not the case.

    We had a conversation that lasted over an hour and I learned a couple of things from Tim that I wasn’t aware of. So, already the relationship has proven fruitful already.

    Plus, we were able to give him some insight from the consumer’s perspective about a subject that he, personally, did not think consumers cared about.

    It was, as they say, a win-win situation and we look forward to this tremendous opportunity.

    And thanks to all of you for joining the association to make it possible for us to attend these costly meetings.

    We couldn’t do it without you!

  9. elle

    Congratulations! This is huge news!

  10. Anyes

    Finally! that is great news.
    Thanks Susan and Molly for all your hard work.
    How could they think consumers don’t care about petfood? People are getting educated more and more.

  11. Linda

    Finally! Congratulations! Will be anxiously awaiting reports from the meeting.

  12. Cindy

    Fantastic. Good work!

  13. Holly

    MollieM states, “We (Tim Darden of AAFCO) had a conversation that lasted over an hour and I learned a couple of things from Tim that I wasn’t aware of.” Might you share with us those insights you gained?

    Looking forward to AAFCO meeting report. In the future will you be seeking input to the committee work?

    1. Mollie Morrissette

      What I learned was that when states accept registration fees from PF companies that money could go to the general assembly or directly to the agriculture dept., so when constituents complain to their members in congress, that state’s funding may not go through the legislature and is not part of the general fund – therefore that congress person’s power to act may be very limited in terms of voting how those monies are allocated. Have I got that right? Politics was never my strong suit, but I’m learning!

  14. Debi


  15. Craig

    Congratulations, Susan! Glad to see they finally ran out of excuses to keep you out of the meetings!

  16. Beth

    This is the only thing today that made me smile!! (I’m post-surgery) Wow, what a victory. You two ladies are remarkable.

  17. Andrew

    Susan & Mollie,

    Nothing to lose and everything to gain. I would advise confidantes such as Dr. Gary, and other high profile folks, to assist. From our standpoint even with our friends at good places, the opportunity to guide the process is short lived, so lots of work to consider, today and tomorrow.

  18. Dianne

    what do we care about that he thought we didn’t care about? Hard to believe that there is anything about pet food we don’t care about. Any chance you can bring up GMO ingredients? Especially since studies are showing that the animals feeding on GMO products are showing effects and Monsanto wants to introduce GM alfalfa.

  19. Linda Honeycutt

    OMG, that is HUGE!!!

    Thank you for all of your hard work and persistence. I know it had to be very frustrating for you at times, but you won!

  20. athy

    Congratulations to we consumers!

  21. TJF

    WOW, that is HUGE, Susan! I am amazed that this happened and it was, no doubt, because of your relentless pursuit of the truth at every level.

    And thanks to AAFCO for offering you this opportunity. Sounds like they are trying to turn things around, and hey, that is a good thing.

    We have to reward good behavior here, so I have to give them their props for changing their position on this and giving you a place at the table.

    Congrats and thank you for always being there for us and the animals.

  22. Bonnie Wagner-Westbrook

    Congrats on your HUGE step forward! This is real progress and a testament to great research, passion and persistence. I look forward to your next big win on behalf of our 4-legged family members. Thank you for all you do, Susan!

  23. Ben


    from Taipei, Taiwan

  24. ann q

    wtg, Susan and Mollie!!! And on behalf of some pets of 2007, better luck than Mike.
    Don’t take any false promises and keep up the important work for U.S. pets … did you see the Fonterra recall? watch out for melamine.

    1. Mollie Morrissette

      Fonterra, a huge dairy in New Zealand, is recalling it’s dairy after a bacteria was found that could cause botulism to occur. It has nothing to do with melamine.

  25. Mary Huber

    Wonderful news! You guys are doing fabulous work and deserve tons of credit and praise!

  26. Janet Velenovsky

    Click/treat! Susan, I have been cheering you on from the sidelines all along. You are inspiring and brave. Hope to be like you when I grow – whenever that is! 😉

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