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FOIA Request finds only 11 Consumer Complaints Beneful Dog Food

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  1. Sylvia Weilacher

    Any reports on dogs getting sick from Costco’s Natures Domain Turkey and Pea canned food. I have 3 out of 4 dogs that have gotten sick on a new case of the food.

      1. Laurie Matson

        I have been discovering Mold in the bottom of cans of Nutri Source Dog food. the last 1/4 of the cans have this mold. do I report this to the FDA or to the Company? it is made here in Minnesota. My Dogs have not been sick but this mold is concerning.

        1. Susan Thixton Author

          You can report it to the company – but please report to the FDA first.

          1. Laurie Matson

            Thank you Susan!

  2. Ginette Collerette

    FDA seams to approve just about anything, they certainly would not admit error and certainly not when it’s such a big company having problems.

  3. marcus

    Seems like no government service is organized, I am not surprised by FDA being like the rest.

    1. cathy

      this is/was the tea party movement’s point. the government is too big and federal employees are over paid.

  4. Audree

    This may seem too simple, but maybe the FDA should search alternative spellings for Beneful, ie Benneful, Binnefull, etc.

  5. Carolyn

    Purina needs to stand up and be accountable.

    Just ONE death or sick dog is enough to prove to me that I will never, ever buy commercial foods again.

    I have homecooked for 4 years and will continue to do so.

    These stories horrify me. It’s time our furry companions were given the respect they deserve.

    Purina, you should be more than ashamed.

    To all those dogs who became ill, or perhaps succumbed, I am so very sorry.

  6. Ellie

    If anyone has been following the events taking place in the VA over the past several years you would be aware of how horrible that government agency is at preforming it’s duty. We hear similar reports of dereliction of duty from many other such agencies. I am not in the least surprised to hear of what appears to be corruption, waste, and shoddy work ethic from the FDA.
    Our government has become so huge and bloated that it is just out of control. Once a person is hired as a government employee it seems that it is next to impossible to remove that person from from their job no matter how bad their behavior is. If you watch some of the antics televised during congressional hearings it is hard to believe the nonsense that is going on both in Congress and the agencies that are charged to deal with and yet these agencies continue to grow and spend in a totally uncontrolled manner.

  7. Kathryn

    Not siding with/standing up for FDA, but they generally don’t accept complaints unless accompanied by validation from an attending Veterinarian, product info (lot #, exp date, mfg, brand, type (adult maint / growth) and preferably a sample of the food (if dry – kibble style). I don’t think most owners go this far, and I don’t think that vets are as concerned about ‘food’ as they are about ‘bugs’ from the environment – not the food quality. Most vets don’t have a handle on good canine nutrition sources to begin with as their courses in Nutrition in school were put on by the food mfg supplying the hospital.

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      From my knowledge of FDA – the agency would still accept a consumer complaint regardless if all information was provided or not or a sample of the pet food was available. They base investigation on complete information and product to sample however. I do agree with you on the rest of your comment.

  8. Julie

    I read through this entire investigative report and understand it reflects the “shoddy” conduct at the FDA.Thank you Susan for the blood, sweat and tears you shed so we can be informed. I just wanted to share about Primal. I drive a “pack a lunch” distance for this raw food. My cat was in the beginning stages of renal failure before starting Primal. His BUN and creatinine are now within normal range after eating Primal for a year. I just thought with all this horror a positive testimony might help, a little. Isn’t it wonderful to experience a pet food linked with life instead of sickness and death?

  9. foodguy

    Why would a small raw pet food manufacturer be tested and inspected after only 1 consumer complaint, while the FDA ignores 100’s of tests and dead pets as the result of Beneful’s poor quality ingredients? One company spends millions, tens of millions, or hundreds of millions of dollars lobbying and advertising, while one is a small raw pet food manufacturer. One is a small raw pet food manufacturer while the other is owned by a company worth billions….One company is a small raw pet food manufacturer while the other is one of the largest multi-national companies in the world.

    I wonder if money can influence our government and the decisions it makes for it’s citizens?

    1. Ann*

      Why?, you ask…$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  10. Debi Cohen

    These freaks are waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too greedy to care about any of our dumb pets.

  11. Deb

    Why, may I ask, is the FDA or Dept of Ag not requiring a warning label on Beneful food? Many pet owners have both dogs and cats and free-feed. Beneful contains propylene glycol which has been banned in cat food. That ingredient can cause Heinz Anemia and kill a cat. Leaving Beneful available for cats to accidentally ingest could kill a cat.

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      That is an excellent point – and I will ask that of FDA. Thank you.

  12. cathy

    if my dog was sick, I would not necessarily connect the problem with the food….just like people don’t. and if I thought it was the food, how does one prove that? and the FDA is not who I would complain to. so, I think, all of these are the problem. the correlation between what we/they eat and our health is pretty vague, although it’s very important.

    1. Ann*

      So who would you complain to?

  13. cathy

    I send complaints to the corporation on the product label. the government is never my first “go to” group for ANYTHING.

  14. Tona Chancey

    I’ve had 2 dogs that were on Beneful. They started itching excessively and the they’re hair started falling out. They had sores where the hair was coming out. I didn’t know it was the dog food on the 1st dog. We put him thru all kinds of tests trying to figure out what was wrong with him. Now that I have another dog, I just changed her food 2 weeks ago to beneful and in a week and a half she started doing the same thing he did. They need to take this food off the shelves. I will never purchase anything from Purina again

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