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FDA Says Sorry – we don’t have the budget to enforce law

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  1. radbola

    They are too busy trying to shut down authentic medicine and push vaccines as well as deny people health food. Thier LOADS of conflict cash are all they are about. More than “pushing” bad drugs, FORCING them. They are truly the adversary of the human and animal population for cash.

  2. Batzion

    The FDA also rakes in enough revenue fast-tracking medications and vaccines to make King Solomon blush:

    But the FDA says, Sorry if your pets die, but it’s a budgetary matter? Sure it is. A fatal pox on the house of every FDA and HHS person responsible, and a special place in hell just for them.

  3. Dianne & Pets

    I am suggesting this, along with the cardiomyopathy issue, pentobarbital and dead carcasses issue to Canada’s CBC marketplace. Perhaps others could do so as well. I have to wonder if it is even legal to import this stuff into Canada.

    1. Jane Democracy

      Good idea to send it to CBC Marketplace. There are no regulations here in Canada so I hope they dig around and see what’s getting into our dog food made here. I doubt there are very many differences. The only issue the import laws would have is if the food being brought in could be harbouring pests or pathogens that would be a risk to our agriculture or wild plant and animal life.

    2. Tammy Bailey

      US horses, mostly from the horse racing industry, as ushered through Canada’s borders daily to be slaughtered for not only pet food, but human consumption as well. Anyone who knows much about the horse racing industry is aware that those horses are full of drugs.

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