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Every time I give my dog a regular flea medicine she has a few seizures. What other options do I have?

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  1. brit

    just get Kristen Leigh Bells book Holistic Aromatherapy for Animals and make a safe essential oil spray for dogs (do not put them on cats no matter what MLM companies are now saying). Since I changed my dogs diet to home made (either cooked or raw) haven’t seen a flea for over 10 years but I do make the sprays.

  2. sherry

    I feed my dog home made food. She never had fleas. I have made my own flea collar from essential oils that smells great too. Either way i dont think she even needs ir. Please dont pyt chemicals on your pets, your shortening their lives! I recommend checking them every day for ticks too.

  3. Gayle

    We use diatomaceous earth. It’s a natural, inexpensive powder that you can put on the the dog’s coat and even on your carpets. Your local food co-op may carry this as flea powder that has lavender scent also. We have three large dogs that live inside/outside and this works like a charm!

  4. oscar

    Whatever you do, do NOT buy those “natural flea” killers you see at Walmart or the petstore, those are just as bad because many times they put oils in there that harm smaller pets. My understanding, and this comes from a friend who works in the pest control industry, is to pay more for the expensive brands. Those are the ones that have been tested extensively, and are the safest, despite being ridden with chemicals. Brands like Hartz, that cost like 10 dollars, or less, are cheap for a reason. They are not tested, they essentially tested it on the fleas, and it killed them well, and didn’t really care if the animal died or lived.

    He tells me that they would never use something like Hartz, that’s asking for lawsuits. The pest control industry is so regulated, when it comes to houses, humans, etc. they can’t afford that. The same is not, because these poisons are regulated by the EPA, not FDA… they really do not care about well beings of animals.

    I feel like I am talking insanity, but my friend is an expert pest control professional or over 20 years, and has dealt with all manner of poisons and pets, I tend to believe him, and after going with his advice, have had no more fleas, and my cats are happy!

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