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ELM Pet Foods Recall of Dry Dog Food Due to Elevated Levels of Vitamin D

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  1. Karen

    Seems like there is a bigger issue here, this is now the 3rd company to issue a recall for the same problem? Sounds like a supplier to all of these companies may be the real problem.

    1. Jane Democracy

      I’m betting these foods are all made at the same private label/ co-packer. Somebody set the micros wrong when batching and all of these formulas are run back to back.

      1. Cannoliamo

        From “Dogs and cats cannot synthesize vitamin D-3; in the wild they would obtain it by eating prey so it is added to commercial pet foods.”

        Vitamin D poisoning, or Cholecalciferol poisoning, in cats occurs due to a calcium overload of the liver and kidneys. When large amounts of vitamin D are absorbed, the body produces too much phosphorous and calcium (hyperphosphatemia and hypercalcemia), resulting in kidney failure as well as cardiac abnormalities”

        I believe it’s also toxic in dogs.

        I’m not sure why the FDA isn’t all over this issue since it is the same active ingredient used in many rat poisons.

        “Cholecalciferol, or activated vitamin D3, causes a life-threateningly high calcium and phosphorus level in the body, resulting in severe, acute kidney failure. This can progress to chronic kidney failure and have long-term repercussions.”

  2. Cannoliamo


    I recently ran a Google search on FDA pet food recalls and discovered the following website …..

    that I narrowed using the term “pet food.” I noticed there are far fewer FDA recalls than voluntary company recalls since the voluntary recalls aren’t listed. Does the FDA publish the full list of pet food recalls? If they don’t, shouldn’t it be in their regulatory purview since they’re notified by the companies and a recall is a recall.

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