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Duplicate Minerals in Pet Food

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  1. Jeanette Owen

    One man here I believe thinks after his dog/s died – that the food had WAY TOO MUCH

    1. Jeanette Owen

      The food had way too MUCH

      1. Jeanette Owen

        wAY too much Copper Sulfate & it killed his dogs. That’s why I feed Acana & Orijen – no vitamins.

  2. Dean

    Susan; this goes deeper than just copper in its various forms. What the pet food companies are not saying is that they are adding minerals to meet the standard regardless of physical uptake by the digestive system. In actuality its my opinion that the standard is NOT based on a balanced diet but rather an ensured uptake of of these nutrients, leaving the urinary tract to exhaust the excess.

    Calcium supplementation in its various forms is another mineral that is associated with ‘stones’ and makes me believe that same is true of this supplement. The reality is that by making these nutrients available in these forms ‘allows/forces’ excessive uptake into the blood stream with excesses to be excreted by the liver and kidneys. But what happens if there is not enough water to flush these excesses? The saturation point is met and they start to crystallize out.

    In my opinion this also leads to allergenic type symptoms that people are associating with particular proteins, when it is more likely the supplementation (or rather excessive supplementation).

    1. Jeanette Owen

      I like Vital Essential pet foods – there is NO SYNTHETIC VITAMINS! I thought Orijen & Acana was the same, but they are not – Orijen & Acana add these vitamins. I think the vitamins are probably way overboard, not correct or measured correctly & NOT GOOD. Too much.

  3. Anne

    “Zinc depletes Copper; so avoid excess Zinc; Copper is an essential mineral”~

    1. Elaine

      So what are we do do????

      1. Elaine

        What would all suggest??

      2. Helper

        The curiosity is that not all pet foods (PF) add copper, some add only one kind and others add both kinds. I haven’t had time yet, but my next task is to contact the PF Companies who don’t list copper in their ingredient list and ask how they account for the mineral necessity in their food (in other words, in what form is natural copper supplied). I believe of the two Copper forms, Proteinate is preferred and not all dogs will necessarily accumulate copper in their liver. I would look for a PF that supplies the mineral naturally (Nature’s Logic is one I believe which does) and is a brand that supposedly doesn’t include additives. In a whole food (home made) diet Copper is found in red meat, vegetables, nuts and seeds and dairy products.

    2. Lynn Utecht

      if fed a raw diet, copper does not need to be added at all- it’s in the natural meat. AAFCO guidelines on copper for dogs was sourced from a PIG study. I just don’t trust ANY kibble food…. kibble= dis-ease.

  4. Karen Mitchell

    The answer to this is simple. To give the consumer a false impression of the product.

  5. Irene

    Origen chicken no grains only has zinc proteinate, and is one of the last ingredients. Go Salmon receipe no grains has zinc methionine complex, zinc, iron, copper proteinate, zinc oxide and the sulphate so. Gather Free Acres chicken has the proteinate said as one of the last ingredients. My question is how much of those minerals are actually in the dog foods, and how harmful are they?

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      There is no duplicate minerals in the ingredient list of this pet food.

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