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Does my new puppy need antibiotics and dewormer sent from the breeder?

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  1. carole henry

    Wow a veterinarian with common sense!!! Great answer Dr. Cathy

    I would be very suspicious of a breeder who sends home antibiotics and wormer. I wonder what will happen when the new owner stops the medications.

    The buyer should have been asking questions about this before they even took the pup home. Like who prescribed the meds, why and when did the pup have what ever it was they had and when was it first treated.

  2. Mike Cavanaugh

    At my store, Mike’s Natural Pet Market in Colorado Springs, I recommend Colloidal Silver or Oxy E-100 Drops when dealing with puppy diarrhea. Both products are effective for fighting off Viruses, Mold, Single celled organisms, Parvo (If Parvo has been diagnosed, specifically we have another protocol we follow.) and Water Borne Parasites. Antibiotics, used indiscriminately can weaken the young one’s system.
    For worms, get a complete fecal check for worm parasites and all other parasites. We recommend Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth. Check out my website: and call the store for further discussion.
    All the above mentioned approaches are far safer and far more effective than Veterinary chemicals, which can actually weaken the system.

  3. Charli Hightower

    I’ve been feeding the small cans of Beneful and mixing it with Wellness Simple kibble. Should I be concerned about the Beneful? I don’t buy anything connected to China but how can you be sure now. I read and saw a video that a customer found live maggots in the Beneful dry dog food she bought. I think it might be time to change food again even though I don’t feed them dry Beneful. How do I choose is my question. I don’t trust anyone anymore.

  4. Dr Cathy

    I would ask myself “If a company makes one product that is not safe/has inferior quality ingredients, what about the rest of their products?” I imagine the reason you’ve used the wet food is to make the dry food taste better. If you own a crock pot, you could easily make your own stew – it will have fewer ingredients, taste better and cost you less money. Then you have a quick top dressing to convince your pup dinner is tasty.
    I agree with you that any food or treat made for pets should have the highest quality, which is why our society is shunning pet foods from China (remember, Americans went to the Chinese and asked for the cheapest junk they could get). Simply being made in the US doesn’t make pet food high quality, it only means there’s no melamine in there. Hope that helps.

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