Is the practice of feeding animals dirty waste products the potential cause of millions of pig deaths in the United States? Some chilling clues.

In recent months, millions of baby pigs have died from Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea virus (PEDv) in the United States. The head of the World Organization for Animal Health told Fox News: (bold added)

“the spread of the virus was likely mainly due to a lack of hygienic precautions, notably disinfecting trucks entering and leaving farms, but was also potentially linked to feed.”

“The European Union approved new rules this month aimed at limiting the spread of the virus, notably for pig blood products imported into the 28-member bloc, highlighting the risk of animal feed products as a potential transmission agent.”

“There are high suspicions about these blood products which have been incorporated in feed and this is why Europe took it into account in its precaution measures,” Vallat said.

Pig blood products are dehydrated and mixed with grain into feed, which is then given to piglets, he said, but added he was surprised the dehydration process did not kill the virus.”

How many animals need to die before someone of regulatory authority realizes that pigs shouldn’t be fed pig blood, cattle shouldn’t be fed chicken @$%#, and pets shouldn’t be fed diseased or euthanized animal waste?

I vividly remember my first AAFCO meeting when the discussion was what to name a new ingredient “that the public will buy” made of expired Walmart Hot Pockets. I kid you not. And that is a piece of cake compared to feeding baby pigs pig blood and chicken @#$% wrapped up into cattle feed. Can no regulatory authority see the future of this?

We might be seeing the future of feeding animals waste right now in pigs.



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