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Darwin’s Dog Food Recall

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  1. Chris

    Don’t they do the tests prior to shipping instead of catching this when customers have the product?

    1. Jeri

      Darwin’s uses Bacteriophages. Not sure how this potential contamination was caught, but kudos to them for being proactive. Potential doesn’t mean it is contaminated, but they are being cautious.

      1. Chris

        Thanks Jeri. I’m not familiar with that but how long do those take to show positive so it could be used before customers have already fed their dogs the product in question?

          1. Chris

            I browsed that article, interesting comparisons between this method and HPP, also checking the comments. I guess where I’m a bit lost is the company does the method but then catches a potential for salmonella after it’s in customers’ hands. Why can’t each production batch be held until testing for salmonella or potential of it is completed and then if all is good ship the product but not before?

      2. Jane Democracy

        Hmmm very interesting… I’m curious to know how they are using Bacteriophages? Are they using them as a way of controlling the bacterial load in their raw food?

        1. Jeri

          See above posted link.

          1. Jane Democracy

            Sorry, I realized that later. My bad…
            Chris – I’m thinking they release the product based on the historical data they have for effectiveness of a certain quantity of the Bacteriophage spray (over a certain amount of time) in reducing bacterial population of each type of raw product they produce. This would not always be foolproof but allows them to ship instead of holding on to product which would limit production capabilities. They still test but the result may not be available until the product has shipped.
            I wonder how long the bacteriophage takes to reduce the population to undetectable levelsl since the bacterial load of incoming raw meat would be variable.

  2. Mary Vedder

    Where are these products sold and distributed? Trying to determine if I need to alert folks in Nebraska …

    1. Chris

      Ships to customer address under subscription plan

  3. Fran

    My dog died almost 2 years ago from their food. He had cancer, doing well until I feed him their food for liver cancer. Took him right out!!! They fought and deny it all! It finally caught up with them! Bad company, shouldn’t be in the raw food business and selling raw food for sick dogs. Heartbreaking! They were warn and didn’t care, greed! A lot of bad write ups with Darwin, they try to have it blocked on certain websites, people were trying to tell other people what happen to their dogs. So very sad and heartbreaking a lot of dogs suffered or died.

    1. Chris

      I’m sorry to hear about your dog. Did you do a report to FDA at the time and keep some of the food in your freezer for testing?

    2. Jeri

      I am so sorry to hear about your dog. However, I’m a bit surprised that your vet put your dog on a liver diet rather than a ketogenic diet. I know that Dr. Barbara Royal has done the Rx diets and that she can be trusted. I was unaware that the liver diet would really be a benefit for cancer dogs since the liver diet, which my own dog was on up until he passed of unrelated issues, is primarily for liver issues. (other than cancer, as I understand it). Cancer is an entirely different and more difficult disease than one specific organ. It’s VERY important to eliminate carbs from the diet and the second ingredient on the liver diet is white potato….so again, very surprised that a vet would put a dog on the liver diet for liver cancer. I know of no bad write ups but I do understand how hard it is to lose a pet, having just lost one myself. It’s quite a jump, though, to determine that the diet or the company was to blame. I have had nothing but compassion from them, so I certainly would not agree with your assessment. Sometimes we look for someone to blame when really circumstances just lined up in such a way to take our pets from us and no one is truly to blame. Again, I sympathize with your loss.

      1. Barb Reynolds

        Jeri, Fran has no mention of Liver diet in her post. Maybe read the post again. she mentions Liver cancer.

        1. Jeri

          There is a Rx diet for liver disease. I read her post. I would presume this is what she gave since she said it was “for liver cancer”. That would be the most obvious link….which is why I said what I did. Quote:”…until I fed him their food for liver cancer.” What other diet would she be feeding that would have anything to do with the liver? Why would Darwin’s be necessary to feed unless the vet assigned it for the liver Rx diet?? She can correct me if I’m wrong.

        2. Fran

          Because It’s obvious she works for them! All you get from this bad company is smoke & mirrors, and way too much BS. Money is their bottom line, not dogs! Stay far away from them, very far away!!!

          1. Fran

            Wanted to reply to Barb Reynolds, not Jeri

  4. Terri

    My Dogs have been on Darwin’s for almost a year and I have never had an issue., Where can I find complaints? I only purchase the beef and chicken. I honestly need to start making it myself considering the price I pay for their beef.

  5. Marie

    My friend’s dog got sick on this. They did not take the tests info given or take it seriously..then this came out. Poor dog suffered because of the salmonella poisoning. It was pretty bad. They way they did not take her seriously was terrible.

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