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Could this be Why FDA Ignores Investigations and Enforcement?

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  1. Susanna Askins

    I can’t think of anything more vile than knowingly poisoning other beings for profit and power. How can we bring the FDA and the monster, Dr. Hamburg, to justice?

    1. Dianne

      And yet it happens all the time. It still boggles my mind that the tobacco industry exists at all. Almost all of our industries cause damage and yet ignore it for the sake of profit and power. I am thinking of fracking, mining, trawling, etc. etc.

  2. Brenda

    I guess with that kind of money, one doesn’t have to pay attention to a moral conscious. At what price are people bought ?

  3. Susan Deleon

    Isn’t there any way to determine if FDA board members and Officials own stock in these pet food and related industries/companies?

  4. Dianne

    I was wondering, but now I am not. There shouldn’t even be the whiff of suspicion attached to something as important as what the FDA is supposed to be doing.

  5. Julie

    Ummm…I did a little research and Hamburg was appointed by Obama. This is deep. Why are pets sickened and killed by feed, treats, etc…and those who are paid to protect them turn a blind eye? THE MONEY. Everyone is in bed with everybody.
    Susan, thank you (doesn’t really articulate the gratitude) for your bravery. For doing the right thing. Please take steps and measures to stay safe.

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      In the lawsuit, it alleges Hamburg ‘bought’ her position at FDA through several defendants multiple year donations to Obama and Hillary Clinton.

  6. Ian

    OMG Wow ! This is so scary if true. Thank you Susan for reporting on this. Sounds like a story for 60 minutes !!!!

    1. Anthony Hepton

      Ian, You are right to think that this would be a story for any investigative team, I have been in touch with both CBS and ABC, neither have moved forward even when their reporters showed interest, perhaps the advertising dollars of Nestle and it’s holding play a more important role in deciding just what gets air time!

      1. Cheryl Mallon-Bond

        I.have mentioned in previous posts that Susan should contact Bill Maher, who is a big animal advocate. He is also executive producer of the show VICE, which is also on Halo. The show does investigative reporting on many “heavy hitting & controversial topics”. Maybe they would be interested in taking this issue on. If you have already contacted other networks already, maybe you the leg-work & get the ball started for Susan. I really wish we could get several celebrity’s involved that are big animal advocates. This would help build momentum, & potentially could attract more celebrities on board. I say this because it will help force the subject matter into a more “mainstream awareness”. Betty White is one of the the first people that comes to mind. At her age, I am sure she is fed up & fearless!

      2. Cheryl Mallon-Bond

        NOT on Halo….on HBO.

    2. Pat P.

      Not 60 minutes! At one time, maybe, but not so certain, anymore. They have been guilty of inaccurate reporting for a long time now. The president of CBS even admitted that he kept covering Donald Trump, although it wasn’t good for the country, because it gave his station good ratings and lots of money. All MSM is owned by 6 major conservative corporations. I wouldn’t expect honest, integrity or objective reporting there.

      Although still better than the most broadcast TV media, sadly, I would no longer even trust PBS, after their 1/16 Frontline Report bashing supplements. Not only was it very biased and inaccurate, but it involved pharmaceutical industry connections/conflicts of interest, which they denied existed. Besides this offense, the corrupt anti-science Koch brothers have been sponsors of the science program, Nova, major donors and may still be on their board of directors!

      Maybe John Oliver. He loves injustices, like this, and is one of the most thorough honest objective reporters (although through comedy) on TV. His program may not get the exposure that CBS does, but I would trust their report more and believe there would be a better chance in having it covered.

      Unfortunately, I believe there is way more gov’t corruption that most citizens realize. The FDA has been mistrusted for many years now, especially their relationship with the pharmaceutical industry, that with their expensive patents, practically, supports this agency. It has, also, been very obvious that the pet food industry has wielded considerable unnatural influence over them.

      My intent was not a lengthy reply, but you struck a nerve!

      1. Donna

        In a Forbes article from 2013 entitled, “Is The FDA Being Compromised By Pharma Payments?” (just search this title on, by John LaMattina, he quotes Donald W. Light of the School of Public Health, University of Medicine & Dentistry of NJ, and then paraphrases:

        “This is a pretty damning comment. Basically, Light is saying that pharma paid congressmen to sponsor legislation that results in the FDA being beholden to pharma for funding for its work. Implicit in this is that, as a result of these large “contributions”, the grateful FDA is rapidly approving medicines that are harmful.”

        The blatant conflict of interest is mind-boggling! How could they not be in bed with Big Pharma? No doubt they’re similarly in bed with other large industries.

  7. Anthony Hepton

    Without linking any FDA official with any political entity, we still must ask’ Why do FDA officials continue to refuse to enforce their own regulations’. These regulations were put in place to protect the consumers and their pets, they were never meant to be circumvented for the profits of either the rendering industry or the pet food manufacturers.
    There has been a clear and willful disregard for these regulations with not a single hint of responsibility to meet the needs of the public and their pets. Dr Daniel McChesney and his staff have shown total disregard for the very principles he stated In his public report “Food Waste to Animal Feed” where he stated “General recognition cannot be based on absence of studies that demonstrate a substance is unsafe; there must be studies or other information to establish that the substance is safe” he followed that with case law to make his point, but when confronted with his own writing, declined to comment. Something stinks at FDA/CVM.

  8. alphadog

    I’m telling you, it is not just It’s the whole government. Including human food.

    1. Nancy

      My thoughts are running so dark right now I’d be put in jail if I ever said them out loud!

  9. Dianne

    Does anyone know how a twitter bomb works? A tweet such as #FDA refuses to enforce #regulations for #pet #food. No one wants to investigate. #why? sent as a bomb would be hard to ignore.

    1. Trouble

      I like that idea a lot. I’m not sure how many people I know that use Twitter, either casually, or regularly… But I’m sure we could spread the word, and get that tweet out there. 🙂 Maybe if anyone also knows any other websites that are pro-truth, or are in general, against the crap the FDA is trying to pull, along with the crap that the pet food companies are trying to pull…and put in our pet’s foods. I’m sure there’s other organizations out there that would be interested in going along with this…maybe? Maybe that’s just wishful thinking on my part. Lol.

  10. Dianne & pets

    First I am changing my name so I am not confused trying to decide if I wrote a comment or if another Dianne did. 🙂 If I can’t even tell,…

    If someone could do a draft message of what it is we want, maybe, just maybe, if enough people contact them as well, they might pay more attention.

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