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Blue Buffalo Company is voluntarily recalling one production lot of BLUE Wilderness Rocky Mountain Recipe Red Meat Dinner Wet Food for Adult Dogs

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  1. Susan Weyrauch

    More beef recalled. Was this from the same supplier as the Evanger’s beef?

  2. Caroline Snyder

    ALARM BELLS! This would have me very concerned as a pet owner… the fact that both Wellness AND Blue Buffalo have the exact same issue.. the raw “Beef” that they are using includes the exocrine glands such as the Thyroid? The food must be made at the same plant! I have avoided Blue Buffalo like the plague since Kurt Schmidt from Nestle Nutrition took over as CEO in November 2012 (very close ties with Chinese producers), and the product has gone downhill since that time.

    Does anyone have an up-to-date list of “Who Makes What and Where”??

    1. Katie K9

      I would be very interested in that list too…

    2. Christine

      Does this mean that Nestle owns the Blie Buffalo brand?

  3. Reader

    Would this be “code” for these companies just aren’t sure if they were delivered meat from the suspected supplier? And they’re not taking any chances. What’s in common is the whole beef factor.

  4. chuck linker

    Just be safe and do not buy any BLUE products. Be wise. Canines are not human. They know they must eat what we feed them for survival.
    Humans are not like that.

    Wean onto a human grade (few) or raw dehydrated, freeze dried diet.

    Avoid commercial food. Your animals will live longer if you care for them properly.

    Don’t make excuses about why you cannot feed your animals proper nutrition. Do some homework.

    Read Whole Dog Journal.or Your Dog from Tufts Univ.

    Our pets are not third world living things. Because your pets eat the food does not mean it is nutritious for them. They are another species.

  5. MK

    Choose Fromm as your next dog food and forget about ever having a recall. 5th generation family-owned company that prides themselves on NEVER cutting corners to put QUALITY at risk! All local ingredients from Wisconsin. Google them…

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