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Bacteria in Pet Foods: Acute & Chronic Health Concerns of Endotoxins

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  1. Dee

    is Fromm’s dry dog food effected

  2. Peter

    Dr. Fox delves into areas consumers generally don’t want to go. We must examine the societal phenomena wherein pet parents surrender common sense and impart trust to pet food manufacturers that is unearned. In the same way, we freely accept the “patriarchal mode” of veterinary medicine as we allow the vet to “lecture” us without asking any questions at $20 a minute. The reporter he mentions is generally employed by a parent company that has bought up all the (local) papers and is under such strict deadlines to produce a story that she could not spend any time thinking about the topic she was writing about. Thank God for this site… Dr. Fox describes the death of journalism…

    1. Cheryl Mallon-Bond

      Peter—Very well said. It unbelievable how many people do not have any clue whatsoever about how “bought” so called “experts” are, that in reality are shilling for the same big corporations that are the ones trying to make the consumer continue to believe their lies & distortions, while our pets health suffers, & we as their guardians/pet parents emotionally suffer at their senseless decline.

      The epitomy of total ignorance, is someone that, even with information right in front of their face, will refuse to even open up their minds & read for themselves about the truth about Petfood. People can & will, make up their minds for themselves, but to refuse to even read all the info to be able to make an informed decision, is just beyond ignorant.

      These 2 quotes sum it all up:

      “All truth passes through 3 stages:

      1–It’s ridiculed
      2–It’s violently opposed
      3–It’s accepted as self-evident” ……. (Arthur Schopenhaur)

      “It is easier to fool someone, than to convince them that they have been fooled!”……(Unknown)

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