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An Antibacterial Threat to Pets

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  1. Roxanne

    Omg, thank you once again for this info.

  2. Jan

    Can anyone explain why I am having trouble reading comments on these articles? I have to leave a comment before I can see the others. Help, please.

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      It might be a browser conflict or a setting within the browser you are using. I’d suggest trying to view articles in a different browser to see if that fixes the issue.

  3. Terry

    Another worry! Called Zymox/ oratene toothpaste to ask if liner has TCS.. Will send answer next week. CET toothpaste does NOT have TCS.
    It’s lined with aluminum!
    Hope others will post/share products found with tcs so we can be informed.

    1. Keller

      Aluminum carries its own risks. We should not be cooking with it. Dear God, what else???

    2. Keller

      I just posted a comment and can’t find it even in the pending area. Anyway, aluminum has been found to be dangerous to our health, as well. Dear God, what else???

  4. Pat Williams

    Does this mean the small plastic tubs of dog food (3.5 oz.) such as the ones from Merrick, Wellness, etc., have this dangerous chemical?

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      I don’t think the chemical is included in the plastic tubs – but…I say that with no certainty. I’d suggest asking each manufacturer.

  5. Amy

    It gets better and better! Yuck!!

  6. Audree

    I carry I toothpaste from fetch/Triple-pet called EZDog Vanilla Mint Flavored Pet Toothpaste. It doesn’t contain neither Triclosan (TCS) nor Aluminum. So the moral is to read the ingredients. There are products out there that are from responsible manufacturers. It just takes a lot of frog kissing to find the the prince.

  7. Marsha

    Can they find anything else to put in our pets’ products and/or foods. Can’t trust anyone any more.

  8. Carol Cassavaugh

    Everyone must take the time read the ingredients, make sure made U.S.A., And look at your packaging…….i know it sucks….hard to trust anyone….but there are some good ones out there and there is affordable ways to get them now.
    No matter what our furry family is worth it. Maybe we can reference what good products we each find that works for us and if someone is aware of taboos thru can feed back together we’ll find the good ones . Who knows better then us?
    We use earthbourne holistic ….and for bags you return they plant a tree. Made U.S.A. and we get it 17$ cheaper on chewy.
    Good luck to all.

  9. Terry

    Think we need to contact each company and ask if any antibacterial materials are in their packaging. I just left voicemail for ZiwiPeak and will report their response.
    I feed and I must say I’m confident that Answers Petfood and Small Batch Petfoods are without such chemicals that I did not contact them.
    My crew can’t eat kibbles but if I did I’d look at the companies who signed Susan’s pledge like Open Farm.

  10. Bonnie

    Has anyone found a plastic wrap that is TCS – free. Its found in human toothpaste too. Colgate has it in their produce line for a long time. Triclosan.

    1. Terry

      Yes, auromere toothpaste. I contacted them right after reading this post. Container is free of TCS…. It’s a natural toothpaste. Look at the ingredients. Works for sensitive teeth too. Sold at whole foods, swanson vitamins or vitacost on line. I’ve used it for years. Even my dentist is surprised how well it works for something “natural”.
      Some toothbrushes have TCS! Oral B was okay.

  11. Terry

    Oratene toothpaste by Zymox does NOT have any triclosan in the package or ingredients. Whew. Although there are some good options for dogs, this is one that can be used with cats and has six enzymes. I have a cat with dental issues. Has been the only product that’s helped. I tried most of the natural options.

  12. Merry

    I sent your article to my dogs and cats food manufacturer, inquiring if they used Triclosan in ANY part of the production or product, and received a positive reply. I have included it here to help anyone who may be looking for just such a product, and perhaps an alternative to the pet food already being used. Thank you for your dedication to the truth about pet food!
    Hi Mary!
    Thank you for your support and for reaching out to us here at Nulo! We’re happy to help with your question!
    As you may know, Nulo is a small, independent company based in Austin, TX that prides itself on our nutrition and quality control standards, and the safety of our products and the health of your pets is our top priority. We’re proud to let you know that Nulo’s bags (kibble, freeze-dried, treats, etc.) do NOT contain Triclosan as any part of the material! Additionally, all of Nulo’s products are formulated without the use of artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, etc. — this includes Triclosan, which is certainly not an ingredient used in our products for cats or dogs.
    I hope this has been helpful and has demonstrated our commitment to the safety and well-being of your pets! If there is anything else I can do to help, please let me know — I’m always happy to help a fellow pet parent!
    Ashlyn Brandenburg
    Nulo Customer Care Specialist
    512.476.6856 Ext. 130

    1. D.h.

      Thanks for sharing. I recently switched to Nulo.

  13. Terry

    Primal Petfood responded saying no triclosan in their packaging. Have there been any reports of triclosan in rawfood packages?

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