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AAFCO Meeting July 2014 Day 1

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  1. Laura

    Well, look on the bright side. At least they weren’t trying to hush everyone up about discussing illegal ingredients, even if they did make a horrible “joke” about it.

  2. Kenneth Kalligher

    Susan, I came across this note about courage written by Captain Paul Watson of the Sea Shepherds. I admire Watson’s single-minded tenacity when it comes to animal causes, particularly wild ocean dwellers, but I found my mind drifting to what I have come to feel about your cause and just had to share it with you. You are the hope for our domestic pets; NEVER GIVE UP!
    Deny Not Courage
    Heed not the strength of those who oppose you
    The strength of any army is finite
    The powers of governments are finite
    Although the forces of justice are few
    Social movements have always started small
    Persistence, Patience, Purpose and Passion
    Consideration, Courage, Compassion,
    Cultivate these virtues and you stand tall
    And dare to go where none say you may not
    Speak, act and stand fast with courageous grace
    Your own conscience is always your best guide
    For we know despite what we have been taught
    Failure to intervene is a disgrace
    Courage can never ever be denied.

  3. Dana

    I think you are being accepted. That laughter was nervous laughter. Thank you for putting yourself out there. A lot of us appreciate it more than you’ll ever know. They are feeling the heat.

  4. Flick, Dot & Buzz

    thank you so much for all your hard work Susan… thanks very much for reporting on the meetings, and standing up for pet food consumers!

  5. Allison

    I’m glad you have some other pet food educated people to back you up this time! Again thanks so much for attending these meetings and being a voice for our pets <3

  6. Tim

    Right on, Susan. A lot of us really appreciate what you do. Thanks and keep it up; let them feel the heat!

  7. Susan

    Thank You!

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      Yes – I accidentally approved it before I had a chance to complete the post. I’ll try to get it done soon.

  8. Adrien

    Thank you for bringing the light of day onto a dark and dirty subject. Keep fighting the good fight. As I have evolved in my understanding of pet nutrition, I have drifted away from commercially produced food – kibble and most canned – and toward complete and balanced raw. I have even started making my own. I see the change in my cats for the better. I am more and more horrified by the things I read about the pet food industry ( and about human food production, too, but I will stick with pets given the subject here.) They don’t care one whit about the animals; only about profit and what kind of shenanigans they can pull to make even more money. Sickening. And the regulatory agencies are in bed with the business. Shameful.

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