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AAFCO January 2017 Meeting Notes

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  1. Holly Rist

    Susan, you must be one very patient person. Just reading this gets me so frustrated. I can’t imagine being there and having to listen to their nonsense. Thanks…

  2. landsharkinnc

    absurd that not all states are required to embrace changes made to AFFCO nutrient recommendations … why have a oversite body at all if no one has to comply with it?

    1. Cara

      Buying bigger name foods that cross state lines, and therefor are more likely to face some regulation, can eliminate some concern.

      1. Susan Thixton Author

        Hi Cara – pet food is rarely regulated, crossing state line or not. And actually – smaller brands are more likely to be tested (raw) and scrutinized by regulatory than larger manufacturers. FDA and each of the 50 states openly allows all brands to violate federal laws. Unfortunately buying bigger name foods does not eliminate concern.

  3. Batzion

    It seems as though they have been in stasis about definitions for aeons. Maybe it’s the only thing in their pitiful lives that makes them feel their existence is justified and important. I don’t know how you do it, Susan. I really don’t. As I wrote once before, there’s a special place in heaven for you. There’s also a special place in hell for those who harm God’s creatures. Great photo. Glad you’re back safe and sound.

  4. Batzion

    Just received this and am posting it FYI because you have to wonder how much of this nightmare winds up in pet food and treats coming out of China – “A Woman Just Died From an Infection No U.S. Antibiotics Could Beat:”

    1. T Allen

      She actually contracted it in India. It’s transmitted by cough, sneeze and contact with contaminated surfaces. I’d be much more concerned about our homegrown diseases, and chemical contaminants!

      1. Reader

        How you stated your comment doesn’t make any sense. Any infection of that proportion, no matter the origin, being so easily transmitted, is an issue. Like maybe through air travel? If I should be “more” concerned about what just seems familiar to us… not likely. Absent of personal hygiene and other quality assurances, imported food ingredients aren’t safe. And what Batzion has pointed out, is yet another complication.

  5. Reader

    “The definition presented was: ‘The term pet food means any commercial feed prepared and distributed for pets.’ It is significant for consumers to know that pet food – as a whole – is not food…it is feed. Feed is not regulated in the same manner as food, feed falls under a completely different set of regulations – all of which are not public information (they are owned by AAFCO) and they vary from state to state. The only exception of pet feed would be a human grade pet food (manufactured in a human food facility, made with human grade ingredients and supplements). All other pet foods…are not food’

    Dumb question. But if pet food IS pet feed, why doesn’t AAFCO just deal with it that way. Wouldn’t it be to their advantage, even though of greater disadvantage to us.

    It just doesn’t make any sense. If it’s not food, and it ISN’T, because a human can’t eat it, then how can they call it food at all??

    Your head must be splitting from all the hypocrisy.

  6. T Allen

    Thank you Susan. You are truly heroic for going through this for all of us!

  7. Thank you Susan: You are extremly Heroic. Watch your back. You are exposing a lot of information that the Slaughter Chemical Drug Industry does not want exposed. Please be as careful as you can be when you are up against a very powerful industry that thinks very much about money and very little about Human or Non Human Life

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