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A Story of Determination

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  1. Christine Sauer

    Wow, thanks so much for posting this! Shocking and disheartening what these dogs and this researcher went through. So impressed that the researcher persevered through all of it.

  2. Verena

    Wow, this ist encouraging! Wonderful, that these vets did not stop, despite of all the obstacles. Thanks for sharing!

  3. landsharkinnc

    if you have a way of contacting her, please convey my thanks for her strength and perseverance against the ‘Powers that Be’ !! Having worked with a family that had a Golden Retriever with MED I can appreciate what those owners were facing!

  4. Mary Sue

    Wow! She’s got amazing persistence and values.

  5. Nancy C Rodgers

    Thanks for sharing! Hoping that in the near future some responsible agency will take over the pet food industry and make the necessary changes to guarantee a wholesome, healthy and strictly regulated product which actually is beneficial to our pets! Can’t thank those like you enough for all you do to raise awareness of the critical issues that are a part of the pet food scam that presently dominates the industry. I refuse to feed my fur kids anything that doesn’t make your annual list!!

  6. Jane Eagle

    Why was urea in a pet food? Because it analyzes as protein and because regulatory authorities allow it.
    Holy Cr_p!

  7. Batzion

    An incredible inspiration. She is a warrior just like you, Susan. Thank you so much for sharing this info with us..

  8. Peg

    Please convey my thanks as well
    Urea is a component if melamine if I’m not mistaken

  9. Patricia Gierut

    I loved that video, it shows that there are still people with hearts (like you Susan). It bought me to tears to see how much it meant to her.
    Politics and Poison should NOT be in our dog food,

  10. T Allen

    Same as melamine and old shoe leather, and chicken feathers (but chicken feathers don’t kill animals like the previous two). 🙁

  11. Marisa Siconolfi

    Her determination reminds me of You Susan. We are lucky to have people like you.

  12. Diane H

    I am constantly amazed –and grateful for– the depth of your understanding and knowledge of the chemistry of food and feed. “Because it analyzes as protein…” –how did you know that?!?

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      I looked up the legal definition of the ingredient in the AAFCO OP – definition includes this: “It must contain not less that 45% nitrogen (equivalent to 281.25% crude protein).”

  13. Gdoggie

    Outstanding and thank you. Now we need your help in America

  14. Jacque Hoftyzer

    Hello! I am watching pet fooled right now on Netflix and came to your site as a result. For some reason, the list for 2017 isn’t working. Is there a new list instead? My dog jack, whom i love more than i can say, is the reason i watched this film. Iv’e done research on what is the best food to feed, and came away shocked at what iv’e found! I am happily going to begin the raw food diet, using meat from a large cattle outfit in Colorado that prepares ‘ground beef’ just for dogs, with all the proper amounts of bones, organs, fat, etc for very affordable prices. In the end, i’m more than happy to make more trips to the meat store, if it means i’m doing the very best i possibly can to ensure jack is getting the correct balance, nutritional and textural, that his species requires. NOT the ‘dry’ disgusting food that i ‘thought’ i should be giving him! I’m rather *heated* that in the ‘industries’ eyes, our BE-loved pets mean ZERO to the ‘powers-that-be’ (Oh how i hate that term!) and that ALL have their chubby fingers in the TREAT JAR! A word to the wise for these vile, ahem, ‘humans’? Remember the food bars in the movie…’Soylent green’? Chew on that awhile…..;)

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