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Home cooked remedies

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  1. Cathy C.

    Dear Dr. Cathy Alinovi,
    I have an earlier version of Dinner PAWsible, but one of my two eleven year old Norwich Terriers has been diagnosed with renal disease. My Vet recommends Science Diet KD, but I believe that is Pet Feed, not Pet Food.
    I have prepared their food myself for several years, but need to know what to add/avoid now. Will the new Dinner PAWsible have a recipe that addresses this concern/condition? If not, do you have any recommendations?
    Thank you from a faithful follower of Truth about Pet Food for many years.
    Cathy with a ‘C’

    1. Dr Cathy

      Hi Cathy (great spelling !!)
      We have absolutely done what you are asking – there is a section specifically dedicated to health conditions in dogs and cats and how to prepare which recipes. In many cases, the recipes are exactly what will help the health condition, in a few cases small modifications are needed. We also discuss a bit about the controversy over how to feed for kidney disease.
      Hope the recipes help your kids!!
      Dr Cathy

      1. Cathy C.

        Thanks so much Dr. Cathy! I have already pre-ordered the new book on Amazon. I should receive it by Monday, May 11th. You can be sure I’ll be using your recipe to cook for my furry boys that very day! Mason & Dixon send puppy kisses!!

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