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The most recent FDA Betrayal

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  1. Sharon Orchekowsky

    I just sent my email – and had a very difficult time not changing ALL the language in the suggested email

  2. David Johnson

    Is there some way to get this pdf? I’d like to,show,it to my vet who insists my dog’s grain free hydrolized soy diet is fine b/c it’s supplemented with taurine.

  3. landsharkinnc

    Should we really have expected anything else … typical governmental subterfuge ….

    1. Kimberly Gorman

      exactly…same applies to so many things…

  4. Amee Rech

    I had to laugh. This FDA. What a piece of work. I love how they “are investigating” and “communicating to PFI” at this time, but at the same time, already “know” the “majority of the findings were related to small manufacturers” and they “intend to contact them”. Well, shoot me runnin’, don’t rush into anything smart there, FDA. I’m pretty terrible at order of operations, but,..FDA sounds worse.

    1. Debi

      FDA……………Fraudulent Dept. of Assholes

  5. Regina

    Wow. Did anyone else not see this coming? I had someone ask me about the “breaking news” about grain-free foods being bad for dogs. I told the person that I rarely hit the panic button when first hearing about something like this. I look at who is raising the red flag, and what they stand to gain from it. I mentioned that this is the same FDA that is in bed with “big pet feed” – the makers of Hills Science Diet, Royal Canin, Purina, etc. Those are the brands that use the most grains of all, so of course they don’t want people to think grains are bad (along with using by-products and other questionable ingredients).

    Now, I am in NO way advocating for or against grain-free foods, I still think meat is the most important ingredient, and the best source of protein. But, I guess I was right about FDA caring more about the makers of crap pet feeds than they are about our pets’ health.

    And also, Susan, you mentioned that Smuckers-owned Natural Balance makes grain-free food. They also make a vegetarian food, which, in my mind, is so much worse! (unless your pet has major food sensitivity issues and can’t digest animal proteins)

    And, I was walking a dog around a Petco recently (too hot to walk outside!!!) and saw signs on the floor about how Petco believes in “Science” of pet nutrition. These signs were in the aisles of, and mentioned these three brands: Hills Science Diet, Royal Canin, and Purina Pro-Plan. So, I guess Petco is trying to steer customers against all those “natural” brands that contain more meat and less crap. I didn’t see that they were praising Instinct Raw in the freezer, so, what’s a gullible customer to think?

  6. Jeanette Owen

    My male cat was eating a kibble with a lot of peas, – peas, pea protein, pea this, pea that & he got so sick & had crystals & blockage & peeing little streams with blood in it and I think it was from too much ash (peas, calc & phos) and az has hard water. I changed his kibble & added water to other kibble (he licked all liquid) & canned food (he would not eat – lol). I also researched & put him on distilled (acidic water, versus alk – water with minerals) & after 4 days – he started improving & after a few weeks – he was peeing big normal pee in his grass litter. You can really see what’s going on in grass kitty litter. His fur is back to normal as it was sticking up & he had a lot of dandruff. He looks so good & is doing great! I read water wants minerals in it & it will pull minerals out of bones, muscles etc. Well it worked! It dissolved his crystals & save an expensive vet visit etc. He now loves Farmina Kibble – & they claim it is low in ash etc & 70 % ANIMAL Protein. He still is on distilled, or RO or purified water – for life. I’m kinda surprised vets have not figured this water “treatment” out – for cats with blockages.

    1. Toby

      Thank you so much for your post. My 9 year old male cat has been on a wet food, limited ingredient, grain free diet filled with pea this and that since December. He has Never had any health issues and suffered from the exact same thing less than 2 weeks ago. Well no more!! Today he is going back on an animal protein diet and I am going to try the distilled water.

    2. Wen

      Hi. I just dropped my 10 yr old cat at the vet today for what appears to be a urinary blockage. They are still running tests and giving him fluids. I started googling and found this page. We updated our home’s water filtration system a year ago and have been giving our cat the reverse osmosis water instead of tap. I thought this would be good because our local tap is extremely hard. Do you know if it’s ok to give cats this kind of filtered water or do I still need to buy purely distilled water? I just want to do what’s best for him. Thank you for any input you have.


    I am constantly doing research on pup food. I make homemade food for my pups and I try to supplement them as balanced as possible..I rather spend a ton of money and time to feed my babies REAL home food than any of the ‘dog food’ out there.

    Currently, I’m reading on the company ‘VetriScience’ for a source of Taurine, L-Carnitine and Glucosamine. But I need to read up more on this company as well, because I simply do not trust any of the products out there anymore!!

  8. ef

    Why don’t you use freedom of information act to get the missing information from them?

    1. samiswan

      To ef ~

      FOIA only applies to certain aspects of public information. Private corporations don’t have to respond to FOIA, or any other similar requests. {That’s why some politicians are so keen on privatizing elements of our government – they won’t have to answer for the actions on those newly- privatized segments anymore.) Say it with me: “Why, those sneaky bastards!”

      Even good people can be tempted, which is how corruption slips into various levels and offices of government. Once an appointed/elected official is compromised, any sense of duty to honor an FOIA request, to share information the public is entitled to, etc., just slithers right out the door.

      Submitting FOIA requests to government can either be disappointing or rewarding. Think of it as an adventure! The FOIA was created to open a curtain of secrecy for the public, but a lot depends on who is in office and how difficult or dishonest said person has decided to be.

      My comments are in no way intended to denigrate the many governmental employees who work far too hard for very little money, really. I know some truly fine people who work in government, and I admire their dedication.

      Please forgive me for blithering on. I worked in corporate law for 17+ years before I got sick, and I’m still trying to shake it out of my little brain.

      P.S. Thanks to Susan for bringing us the stories that never show up anywhere else!

  9. Theresa

    But it’s not just the big pet food companies, it’s also the boutique brands. They all have the suspected ingredients. Even some whole grain recipes have the suspected ingredients. And I contacted The Honest Kitchen and they are not changing their recipes. They said this does not affect them yet chickpeas is the third ingredient in the food I’m feeding?

  10. Gary

    If this is a problem with the pet foods themselves, shouldn’t the companies making the pet foods be taking the lead in this issue? FDA or any agency takes way to long, and they will just farm it out to a university. Most of the pet foods that are reporting the problems are smaller boutique brands that do not conduct any research. They just follow consumer trends. That’s how grain-free got started. It’s not a science-based trend.

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      What do you mean by “smaller boutique brands”? You sound just like Dr. Lisa Freeman (but she couldn’t define boutique brands either). I’m actually insulted by your comment Gary. All the the BIG brands are not food – they are feed. If you are comfortable providing your pet recycled garbage, Big Pet Feed is perfect for you. But there are a growing number of consumers that do not want to feed their pets out of an industrial garbage can. So they turn to small pet foods that are utilizing 100% human edible ingredients. With certainty I can say that many small brands know more about proper nutrition for pets than the Big Box brands.

  11. Tanner

    This is very true. Most dog foods, including the brands considered high quality such as The Honest Kitchen, Just Food for Dogs, Orijen, etc…, have potatoes and legumes included in their foods. For those that want to avoid feeding potatoes and legumes the challenge can be finding a grain free diet that does not include the two suspected ingredients. As a raw feeder I do not face this challenge but, when I was looking at options when moving from kibble, I noticed how many diets included potatoes and legumes.

  12. Elena

    This is all very confusing for a pet owner. Anytime I walk into a pet store, all I see is grain free food. I have to special order a grain inclusive formula of the two brands I use (the grain free formulas always seem to have such high protein). I was in a Petco recently to buy a leash, (I prefer to shop st small independent pet stores, but my usual one did not have a good selection of leashes). Again, the grain free and raw foods were front and center. Before all of this started, I was beginning to feel guilty for feeding my dogs very reputable grain inclusive kibbles so I began feeding them a highly rated wet, grain free food as a topper which is on the Truth About Dog Foods 2018 list. I was finally feeling confident that I had found the best of both worlds. Now I am hesitant to feed them this wonderful wet food because it had chick peas and peas listed right after the meat. My head is spinning. How do you find a grain free formula without peas, legumes or potatoes/sweet potatoes but now I am questioning grains also.

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