News from the pet food industry.

‘O’ No!

Oprah Winfrey's 'O' magazine, August 2016, told pet food consumers "to avoid anything with human grade on the label". 'O' no.

FDA Releases Concerning Information About Beneful

Released earlier this year, 2013 FDA testing of Beneful found above allowed levels of cyanuric acid and melamine, and ethoxyquin that was not listed on the pet food label. Purina Beneful refused to provide FDA documents, refused to provide FDA with testing methods, and in one instance Purina refused to provide FDA the actual content of ingredients in a suspect food.

Beneful Deaths Lawsuit Dismissed in Canada

The Canadian lawsuit attempting to hold Purina accountable for pet deaths and illness linked to Beneful Dog Food was dismissed. Interesting twist, Purina has removed the ingredient so many questioned from Beneful.

Purina v Blue Buffalo Lawsuit Update

Purina sues Blue Buffalo for using a by-product ingredient but recent court documents state Purina used the same ingredient from the same supplier. And a recent court decision dismisses misleading advertising claims; bad for consumers.

Tell The View to End Sponsorship with Illegal Pet Foods

It's time again for The View's Annual Mutt Show where mixed breed dogs are celebrated. The shows sponsor is Pedigree Dog Food, one of the many pet foods using ingredients that violate federal law. Tell The View to end the sponsorship deal with any pet food using illegal ingredients. #ViewtheRightThing

Lawyers, the new Pet Food Regulatory System

A new lawsuit has been filed in pet food…actually 6 new lawsuits. The reason for the lawsuits? Lack of enforcement of law. Lawyers have become the unofficial regulatory system of pet food.

Pet Food Consumer Alert

China - a major supplier of pet food ingredients and treats - is making a significant change. China is now manufacturing complete pet foods and will be exporting soon. Every pet food consumer needs to pay close attention to their pet food labels for the words Made in China.

Pet Food Animal Testing

Are you buying a pet food that is based on animal testing? Unknowingly consumers could be supporting companies that test on live animals in laboratory/kennel settings.

Changing My Attitude

I'm going to try to change my attitude...try to become more positive towards regulatory authorities.

9 Years Later FDA Gives Consumers Nothing

Nine years later, the FDA STILL can't give consumers a cause to why thousands of pets have been sickened or killed by Chinese imported jerky treats. And the update tells us FDA had 9 opportunities to recall Chinese jerky treats - but did nothing.