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When Should I Seek a Second Opinion For my Pet?

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  1. Lynne Fowler

    Always seek a second opinion, AFTER listening to your gut. If it doesn’t sound right, Seek another Vet!

  2. Wolf

    Many people tell us they have been going through a particular situation with their dog for months or years – skin issues, ear infections, even diarrhea, and have been to their vet many times without relief. Courses of antibiotics, steroids, or both have been done, with small temporary or no effect. This is definitely a time to seek a second opinion. There ARE answers.

  3. Linda Leonard Hughes

    What if you were on your fifth vet and a specialist! Still have problems! Our pets are still contagious and are on Revolution twice a month! We are beside ourselves and you would think a Dermatologist Vet would be able to help with this problem? Can’t figure out if they have Sarcoptic Mites or maybe something else? We are all doctored out!!!
    Now we are showing some signs and went to doctor ourselves! We are doing better! Our pups are looking and acting well but every time I groom them now I have to ware gloves and our doctor says not to touch them without gloves! This is a nightmare! Any Ideas What To Do Next??? Could it be what no one wants to talk about???? I pray it is not! Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  4. Celine

    When my dog had a growth growing back on her front paw after a first surgery a year prior. I took her back to the vet clinic. She was seen by a different vet who after barely looking at her (5 seconds top and just held her paw while looking from a distance). She told me the first biopsy (non-cancerous) was most likely wrong and she needed to have her toes amputated. I was in shock, asked several questions, to which she replied with eye roll and kept saying that amputation was the only way…
    I took my dog and went to another vet…no amputation needed, they just lasered out the growth and removed another one. 2 stitches, $200 less than the amputation quote and she kept her toes. My baby is doing just fine and the second biopsy said it was NOT cancer at all, just a very common growth in Bully breed.
    So yes, please do seek another opinion when something doesn’t sound/feel right or seems a bit drastic.

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