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‘They’ have been up to some VERY BAD THINGS

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  1. Lynn Kolkmeyer

    Grisham is my favorite novelist but it is supposed to be JUST A NOVEL, not real life!

    All I can say is stay safe.

    Lynn & Traveler

    1. Ro

      You should be buying burner phones Susan,, If you read Grisham novels, you should know that. How I admire you! Take care.

  2. Beth Knuth

    bless you and keep you safe, I hope someday we know which pet food company this is, this is terrible

  3. Zoe

    There are government agencies that recognize these Capitol Crimes of terrorism and will not tolerate them.
    I strongly urge you to make use of them if not done so. You are not a “Rosenberg or Snowden” and must keep
    your life and life’s work as stress free as possible to continue that which you do.

    1. Eleanor Snyder

      So nice you believe that about government agencies. The government agencies have, sadly, been co-opted by the corporations and we no longer can depend on them. Too bad.

      1. Maya

        Those that have not been co-opted and are sincere in their efforts are nearly powerless due to underfunding by a certain US Congress.

    2. Susan Mael

      State Attorney General Office should be made aware – then at least it is on record.

      1. Amy

        They don’t care and can be bought out – just as can judges. It has happened to TAPF friends very recently

    3. Cheryl Mallon-Bond

      I believe they are ALL corrupt! The FDA is “in bed” w/ ALL the major food manufacture’s, which include the petfood Co’s, whose parent Co’s, have major power & tight relationships w/ the FDA & probably every other major governmental agencies. It disgusting & dispicable that we, the “average Joe”, have no-one on our side to truly & fairly regulate ANYTHING to keep us safe! There MAY BE a handful that are straight shooter’s, but the bottom line is, the highest up in command are “bought & paid for”. It’s a sad sad state of affairs!!!!

      1. paponypal

        couldn’t have said it better myself! kudo’s to you Cheryl.

      2. Keller

        Trump is reaching the common man through his tweets, so maybe it’s time for us to do some of our own tweeting, but with more fore thought.

  4. Susan DeLeon

    It is so ridiculous that a company would be so afraid of your website and their billions of profits that they would have to stoop so low to these tactics!


    1. Cheryl Mallon-Bond

      It’s because of what she is trying to expose. How do you think people will respond if it’s exposed wide spread about dead, diseases & dying animals are used as proforma in the food they feed their pets, & that euthanized dogs & cats are ending up in that same by-product protien source? Yes, of course, that information IS out there, but the mainstream public is still ignorant to that info.

      These Petfood Co’s have a LOT to lose if this blows up, just like big tobacco, just like the vaccine scandal (soon to be blown open wide).

        1. Cheryl Mallon-Bond

          The vaccine scandal is human focused (You Tube: Vaxxed) Watch it when you can. But the same crap is going on w/ animal vaccinations as well. Join the yahoo group, (VAS) Vaccine Associated Sarcoma support group. It doesn’t matter if ur pet(s) aren’t afflicted, it’s a great knowlege base. I’ve learned a lot. Also, check out,, Dr.Karen Becker DVM, she writes for & formulated all the animal supplements on These are just a few of the resources out there to help educate you about vaccine risks.

          Besides cancer, MANY auto immune health issues are related to over vaccination, as well as kidney, liver issues. The rabies vaccine is one of the biggest offenders, because it is a killed vaccine, they add an adjuvant, to “stimulate” the immune system, but it causes systemic inflammation in the body, which can be a catalyst to a whole host of immune mediated disease conditions.

          If you watch “Vaxxed”, although focused on human issues related to vaccine’s, you will get a better understanding of what crap is in these vaccines that pets are subjected to as well. Add to the fact that they are smaller, have smaller organs etc. & How they would be effected by all these toxic contaminants in vaccines as well.

          1. paponypal

            hey thank you so much for the reply. I just finished watching vaxxed. I have a lot more to research. However I am not a yahoo group member ever since the site breech. but I will visit sites u mentioned.

          2. Cheryl Mallon-Bond

            Thanks for that info!

            Another thing that you probably already know, but I’m just saying it here, for anyone who doesn’t know, is that even though that huge amount of money has been paid out for vaccine injured persons, there are many many thousands if not millions of people, children and adults, who have had adverse vaccine reactions whom have not been able to receive any compensation under this compensation fund. Many have even been denied even though they know that their adverse reactions were caused from these vaccines.

            People also need to know that in order to get this compensation they must sign a legal paper that they are not allowed to publicly disclose any information about this compensation. The widespread damage from vaccines is highly under- represented. The truth of the matter is that damage from vaccines can happen immediately and it can also happen years down the road even decades. Because cellular damage many times that does not manifest right away.

            “They” are doing everything in their power to keep all of this information under lock and key. I wish more people would wake up and start realizing how they’re being lied to and manipulated. It’s mind-boggling what they’re getting away with!

          3. Dawn

            Cheryl Mallon-Bond. NOT detracting from any of your very important points in your post. Just adding that there are non-ajuvanted vaccines available. Ajuvanted vaccines are less expensive. You should always ask your vet which type they use and if they are using the less expensive ones, find another vet. It’s a statement on their cheapness. The only reason I advocate for rabies vx is bc its contagious and crosses species and is always deadly if not caught in time. Has anyone ever seen the YouTube videos of people dying of rabies in India? It’s more than horrific. Having said that, the should do not have to be given yearly. The. New protocols that have been scientifically recognized is rabies vx given @ 12-16 weeks. After that, the rabies vx is given tri yearly. The same with the distemper vx. Many vets are slow to change. Check what their protocols and be sure they are up to date.

          4. Cheryl Mallon-Bond

            I don’t continue vaccinating my cats, so I don’t have to worry. As far as a non-adjuvant vaccine, the feline FVRCP isn’t adjuvanted bc it is a modified-live virus, but as far as I know, all rabies vaccines are a killed virus, therefore they all have an adjuvant & they are most responsible for (VAS) vaccine associated sarcoma’s.

            I still do not believe that after the initial FVRCP vaccination, that any cat needs further vaccination, or further rabies vaccination. Many forward-thinking vets that I know and trust that are not in it just for the money agree with me about that. I use them because they’re not vaccine pushers. The ones that are in it for the money will tell you that you need to keep vaccinating. Besides the adjuvant, there are many other concerns with the toxins in vaccines.

            This could obviously be a very in-depth conversation, and too much to go into in this post. But it’s not just the vaccine-associated sarcoma that people need to be worried about, it is also the immune mediated problems like allergies, skin issues, kidney & liver deterioration, etc..Most people and even vets will not equate the vaccines with these symptoms. Vet’s are not taught about this nor are many human doctors either. There is a reason for this, because the pharmaceutical companies do not want to lose Revenue by people being on to this, and then deciding not to vaccinate. Pharmaceutical companies will lose millions of dollars and the Vets will lose their “Cash Cow”.

            I really wish that titers testing was more widespread so that all animals wouldn’t be routinely vaccinated the titers testing would show that they still have immunity. There is no science that proves that this ongoing vaccination is necessary. These Antiquated ways are debilitating our pets health and Longevity.

            People that are blindly vaccinating their pets ongoingly are putting their health at risk. Just like how long it’s taken for people to understand about how poor nutrition affects our pets so is the unfortunately lengthy time it takes for people to understand about how over vaccinating is also effecting them as well.

          5. Dawn

            You’re absolutely right about this being a very in depth conversation for a simple post but just an FYI, Merial makes a non-ajuvanted rabies vaccine. I also lost a cat to a vaccine related sarcoma. And it was from a vaccine that had been given at least 10 years earlier. I knew at the time that it was going to cause trouble sooner or later as he got a huge lump at the vaccine site. Devastating to say the least. I have a 5 yr old cat who has had an initial fvrcp as a kitten and nothing else. My dog has had 1 rabies vx in 7 years. And another cat who hasn’t been vx’d in 7 years. So I definitely get where you are coming from. And you are right about the plethora of post vaccine illnesses. Not vets who are pro vaccine are vx pushers for the $. The tough part is that many vets have been practicing for decades. It’s not easy for to change a mind set about something they’ve been taught for so long to be true and to be good medicine. It’s typically the younger vets who push for less vaccinating and the non-ajuvanted vaccines. But the AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Assoc.) has officially revised the vx protocols and now it’s written in stone. Ultimately, it’s all about education. And that’s what I try to do on a daily basis in my work. As do you Cheryl.

          6. Cheryl Mallon-Bond

            Hey Dawn, Thanks for the info on the non-adjuvant Rabies vaccine. I didn’t know they had one.

            The frustrating thing though, is that with all the cats that I TNR & the domestics cats & kittens I rescue, I usually have to get their vaccinations when I bring them to the clinic when I get them spay/neutered & it’s doubtful they are using the non-adjuvanted rabies vaccine 😧 It unfortunately is an issue financially. I spend thousands of $ throughout the year between feeding all my feral colonies, TNR-ing & feeding & caring for my big crew of cats here at my home, so I am always trying to makes “end’s meet”.

            I really wish they would just end the use of adjuvanted vaccines across the board. I have issues w/ vaccines, beyond just the adjuvants, but it’s hard for me as a rescuer to change potential adopters views & I often don’t have much of a choice. I do try to educate them as best as I can, but you only have their attention for so long before they “glaze over like a donut”. I try to get them to at least agree to NOT continue to further vaccinate them.

            Of course, now with all the information I now know about pet food, I try to educate them on that topic as well. There is just so much to be said on the topic & again only so much time you have their attention for!

            It blows my mind how many rescuer’s I know that still have such antiquated belief’s on vaccinations & pet food. I guess they believe the same things about the human equivalent too. Some people just aren’t “free thinker’s”, & ignorantly believe the “power’s that be” are looking out for our interests, N-O-T!!!!

  5. Vicky Deming

    I’ve got someone doing the exact same thing to me. It’s been going on for over a year now with this nut. Document everything and if and when you can, post it in a “Collection” on Google+ for everyone to see. I’ve done it with this woman that has been threatening, stalking and lying about me. It’s all on my Google+ page for my own protection. Most likely, you are not the only one targeted. Get it posted publicly. And if you want to, message me and I’ll give you the link to my posts about my crazy harasser

  6. Peter

    If you were ineffective, there would be no issue. Sadly… it is a form of flattery, really.

  7. Dianna

    Oh, Susan! I am SO sorry you’ve had to be subject to such terrorism! That’s exactly what it is. I hope you have excellent protection in place for your family and especially for you. You’ve done so much for us consumers and this one company, once the name can be divulged, will get its comeuppance. It is against the law to threaten anyone. What a COWARD this big bully company is! Rest assured that times are changing. These thugs can’t get away with a lot of the things they used to. There is a Light that’s encompassing the planet and the pendulum of darkness is being exposed.

    Let us know when the time is right, what we can do. You are our hero and our pets and we can’t thank you enough. This kind of terrorism will not be tolerated.

    Thank you for everything you do. You have a lot of love and support from all of us – which is much more than this evil, cowardly bully can say for themselves.

  8. Glenn & Pat Catania

    Stay safe and hopefully sooner better than later, they will be stopped.

  9. Keller

    Having been the brunt of a campaign of lies against me for creating a code of ethics dog club, my reputation was repeatedly questioned but I was never threatened. I knew those who were behind it. I stood strong, confronted and dealt with all of the lies, and continued to do the job I had started.

    I cannot imagine how desperate the dog food industry must be to quiet your truth. To be targeted by one dog food company that will stop at nothing to silence you and your friends must be very frightening. Stay strong and do everything you can to stay safe and keep your animals safe.


  10. Hope

    I’m frightened for you Susan. So glad you’re covering your rear, not to mention your all, but still worried. Thank you for informing us.

    1. don hughes

      yepper, she must be pushing the right buttons.

  11. tascha

    You are our Erin Brockovich! I only wish more celebrities would get involved, instead of making pet food with these companies, as they have such a big public platform to make a difference. By getting the information out there, to the media public, anyone willing to listen and take the challenge, it would benefit all the little people, our pets♡

  12. joan johnston

    I knew this nastiness would happen and I’ve been worrying about you. If there is anything I/we can do please let me/us know. I forward you on my FB every chance I get.

  13. Duncan Ness

    Not good! Making threats is criminal. I’d change that phone number. If you are getting this type of reaction, you must be doing something right. Keep safe.

    1. Vicky Deming

      Agreed. However, in NYS, threats, harassing phone calls, threatening phone calls, stalking, death threats and drive-by or sitting on the road harassing someone is NO LONGER ILLEGAL! The laws that protected people were dropped quietly in 2011. I found this out the hard way. The police cannot force anyone to stop calling someone, using fake mail accounts pretending to be someone else, sending electronic email death threats etc. Protect yourself! Because the police can’t and won’t.

  14. Donna Suleski

    Sounds like you need a Wikileaks person to help you, or someone that can perform expose like they did with other subjects. Hope a group can help back you up, what you’re doing is very important! Praying for you and your family!

    1. tascha

      I’m not saying it’s right, the Guardians of Peace seem to be pretty good at what they do! If the shoe’s on the other foot and the company was exposed, we may have a different outcome.

  15. Jane Democracy

    Keep on fighting Susan… So many of us have just given up on manufactured pet food, but you are fighting for all the people who don’t know any better, fighting so people can have faith that what they are feeding their pets is good for them and fighting for what is right because consumers have been in the dark too long about what happens to their pet’s food (and theirs too). We know the truth

  16. Dee Arnold

    You need to contact the local FBI. Theses outright intimidation and harassment.

  17. Sandra Short

    Wowee it’s obvious you are on to something here Susan. Remain strong & steady. We so appreciate what you are doing for all of us. So sick & tired of all the lies & deception that seems to be the norm these days… The truth does actually matter. Thank you. -Sandy

  18. Johanna

    Susan, please call the police! I’m sure they have ways of tracking this sort of thing, and if in any way you feel that you or anyone you know may be in danger, then at very least they will have all of this information on record. Perhaps you could start a gofundme page to hire a detective? Sounds kind of funny, but I know there are enough devoted tapf followers out there who would be willing to pool funds to get to the bottom of this. I’ve been through a few “interesting” situations myself where both I and my family have been threatened, and nobody deserves to live in fear. Please know we are all standing firmly behind you! God bless you & stay safe.

  19. LiindaR

    Thank you for all you’re doing to investigate and educate. Stay safe. When I clicked on your Facebok link, something seems “off”, maybe related to the hacking?A window popped up that wanted me to log into Facebook… even though I’m already currently logged in. I closed that window without login in since that message seemd “odd” given what’s going on. Take care.

  20. Regina

    This is scary. They need to realize that eventually, the truth will come out. They are only digging themselves in deeper by resorting to these tactics.

    I hope that nothing happens to you, but if it does, I hope they get caught in the biggest shit-storm of bad PR there ever was. I hope your plans include sending the truth to so many people that it becomes a bell that cannot be unrung.

    I am hating capitalism more and more every day. When profits are put ahead of all else, it becomes such an evil beast.

  21. Deb Binder

    Your safety is what is the most important. I hope that you have contacted police. I guess that when profit is at stake, values and ethics go out the door. Shameful. I hope they get caught and punished. Again, please be careful

  22. Donna Shuford

    Thank you for all you do. Some of the advise others have left you are worth looking into. I hope you stay safe and it “burns” the this “company”!

  23. Rose Studdard

    I have your back. Your tireless never give up attitude truly inspires. We who have had our eyes opened to the truth are eternally grateful. Please take care cause there is nothing more dangerous than a cornered wild animal.

  24. Imahsillygirl

    We believe you and are here for you, Susan. Thank you for the “reminder” to continue supporting your (clearly dangerous) work by renewing my Petsumer Reports subscription! <3 thank you for ALL that you do.

  25. Jeri

    What “they” need to understand unequivocably is that you are NOT alone. There are MILLIONS MORE JUST LIKE YOU who can and WILL take up the fight. There are far more of US than there are of THEM. “They” are awakening a sleeping giant. “THEY” need to beware. Stay Safe, Susan – and exercise all your options. Castle Laws exist in many states. Use what you need to protect your own. God bless and keep you in your endeavors.

  26. Liz Holovsky

    I am so sorry for this and thank you for your amazing efforts to hold pet food companies and their “overseers” to account. I always buy your annual list of acceptable pet foods as a token of support…I have not used “pet food” for many years after desperation made me brave enough to make food for our family pets. I understand that many pet owners need all the help they can get with food choices for their beloved animals.

  27. carole

    Ahhh,it’s the gov agencies behind the big companies. The Dr who was compaining against the harm vaccines caused and had the hard data and research behind him and was starting to gain momentum was found shot in the chest and floating in a nortth Carolina river . A week before that he had his research lab raided. They called it suicide. …..

    This is a real danger to Susan.

    1. Batzion

      There have been around a dozen doctors killed – all of them holistic. The doctor you’re referring to was Dr. James Jeffrey Bradstreet who, along with his colleagues discovered that the immune system is being compromised by “nagalase,” which they suspected was being introduced through vaccines. Nagalese interferes with the body’s ability to kill cancer cells.

      Dr. Bradstreet was also involved in research re GcMAF (Globulin component Macrophage Activating Factor), which is the GC protein after it combines with vitamin D in the body and has the potential to be a universal cure for cancer.

      Nagalese blocks the GC protein from attaching itself to vitamin D which locks down the immune system, therefore causing cancer and other serious diseases.

      And generating big bucks for BIG PHARMA and BIG CANCER.

      BIG PHARMA and BIG CANCER can’t have guys like Dr. Bradstreet getting people healthy and ruining their multi-billion dollar industries. They would rather kill people than lose profits. And from the looks of things, the same goes for BIG PET FOOD.

      So Susan, you need to stay safe and protect yourself. FYI, I have several angels of varying sizes, capacities and capabilities, and I never leave the house with my two favorites for everyday use. One’s name is Smith, and the other’s name is Wesson. Their calibre is .357. I suggest you do the same.

      1. Pet Owner

        (I think you meant to say, “without my two favorites”).

        Anyway, I respect what you’re saying. But let’s face it. If there was a direct cure for Cancer to be “manufactured” (as opposed to working towards avoidance) Big Pharma would jump all over that opportunity too! Do you realize how many people around the World need help? But the big “C” never will be out of our lives because of environmental, agricultural and genetic hazards.

        While all Industry is self-interested for obvious reasons, that excuse should NOT detract from what’s going on HERE, as Susan’s Post clearly explains.

        1. Dawn

          Pet Owner, I think you’re totally wrong about Big Pharma. They have no desire to cure cancer. Think of the billions and billions of $ they lose in treating the cancer patient, treating the side effects of the cancer treatment and the billions they would lose in research funding. Totally worth bumping off a few researchers who are truly looking for a cure.

          1. Cheryl Mallon-Bond

            You got that right! Anybody remember when the technology Thermography was invented & came on the market? This technology was/is revolutionary for ALL types of diseases, but specifically they were saying that for breast cancer in particular, they could get such an early detection for breast cancer BEFORE it even formed because it can detect the heat changes in the body indictating where new blood vessels were being formed, which is the life supply for any tumor’s to form.

            Well, a HUGE publicity campaign made sure this technology was not taken seriously or known by the masses, if they did, people would not stand for this technology to not be a part of standard diagnostics!

            Why so?, You ask? Because billions of $$$ have been invested in mammograms, that’s why! and Thermography makes mammograms seriously antiquated. Repeated radiation from mammograms can CAUSE breast cancer! ALL radiation is accumulative & does not leave the body & kills your cellular makeup/ DNA.

            Oh yeah, “they” will tell you all of their “research” says this is not so…Just like all their “research” on vaccines etc are legit.

            We are, & our pets are, basically “their” experiments. It’s BILLIONS of $$$$ for them to lose! Rich, greedy, & power hungry SOB’s won’t stand for that being taken away from them, & they are capable of ANYTHING! in order to protect their empires!

          2. Keller

            In response to you and Dawn: My highly educated adult daughter often tells me that the cure for cancer has been long found but to reveal it would cause Big Pharma to lose billions of dollars. After having mammograms for over 40 years, I now may have breast cancer – will find out after my biopsy next week. I’d be more surprised if I didn’t have breast cancer after all those X-rays over the years.

          3. Cheryl Mallon-Bond

            It has been said in the Natural Health Community that they have known the cure for cancer, so I do believe your Daughter. They probably make the cures happen for “their” family members, the elite, & that’s it. Many Natural Health Dr.’s know many of the cures too, yet Big Pharma calls them “quacks”, even has a quack-list online putting them down & chastising them!

            I hope your biopsy is negative, but if not, look up one of the Dr.’s on that list, they will be able to help you! I posted here, but maybe you didn’t see it, that there is a technology called Thermography that you can use instead of a mammogram. It is completely safe. It’s been a surprised technology, unfortunately. It can find things before an actual tumor happens, because it shows temperature changes in the body, highlighted by color changes. When new blood vessels grow to supply tumor’s, to be able to make them grow, Thermography will pick that up before an actual tumor grows. Unfortunately, your insurance will not cover it.

            Even if they tell you you have breast cancer it could really be a false positive, so research research research, before you do anything. Mammograms can & do cause cancer because the radiation is accumulative in the body & never goes away. “They’ll” tell you no, but don’t believe a damn word they say! Good luck!

          4. Keller

            I’m assuming you meant a suppressed technology, not a surprised technology. I’m having a stereotactic biopsy next week, as “the unexpected change” from 6 mos ago is consistent with a malignancy.

            We’ve had three dogs die from bone cancer, more than a few from the toll of old age, several from kidney failure, one from oral malignant melanoma who, in the end actually was euthanized from an extreme case of bloat, which my vet attributed to the spread of her cancer, and one who died a terrible death from an NSAID. We feed only Honest Kitchen now with our newest rescue. God only knows what may have been in our dogs’ food before that contributed to their demise. Thanks to Susan and her site, I’ve learned so much about the garbage that passes off for nutritional food that is sold for our beloved pets.

          5. Dawn

            Keller, good luck sister.

      2. JRM

        Find you a firing range with good instruction. Learn to be comfortable with a firearm. Those of us associated with the military and done this most of our lives, now, more than ever everyone needs to learn self protection. The police cannot get there most of the time in time to help. Stay safe and God Bless.

  28. Valerie Noyes

    There’s only one company I can think of that is big enough and evil enough to think they can get away with something as sick as this. Take care of yourself first, then TAKE THEM DOWN.

  29. Sharon Barnett

    Pet owners are with you Susan, your not alone. Please be very careful.

  30. cffellinger

    I’m glad you have a back up plan for this situation. I have worried about you all along and was afraid it would come to something like this…….bugger them all! Be safe my friend.

  31. Jane Eagle

    I hope to doG that you will be safe. Money hoarders can be vicious when you threaten their hoard 🙁

  32. Maya

    Sad that a mega-corporation resorts to such tactics. Heck, I thought they were too busy lobbying/buying Congress to dispense with regulation.

    Susan, please take the same types of precautions that are advised for State Department officials serving in nations known for terrorism. And if you are in Florida, the Castle Doctrine applies, so if you need to, you can defend yourself, your family and home.

    I think another commenter was spot-on: contact the FBI. The corporation is certainly national or international. The only issue is providing solid proof, and documentation is a good way to do this. Also, “hire” a friendly white-hat hacker to see who wrote this weird code that invaded your computer. Or if the FBI take you seriously they can investigate that.

    And yes, use “burner phones” for your family. Pay cash for them.

    Best of luck. Your logo signifies truth — you are brave and stand up to the bullies. Keep safe and keep truthin’.

  33. Ian

    Literally billions of dollars in profits are at stake here and knowing of the tactics they have used to sabotage you and your site in the past, I am not surprised to hear that it is ongoing. Please protect yourself and file a police report ! I wonder if that text message you received is related to them trying to “spoof” your phone number and show your caller ID fraudulently when they are impersonating you…..

  34. Janet Velenovsky

    You are our hero! Keep up the good work, but be careful. We need you! And we can’t wait to hear who the most egregious company is.

  35. Karrie Kamke

    Susan, I support you and I care – along with so many others, I’m sure. Is there anything we can do? I don’t know that it would be, but I would like to help and I would bet others would as well. I will hold out hope that the crooks get what is coming to them. Even more important, I hope you stay safe and well. We need you to be able to continue the battle in the interest of our precious pets. Thank you so much, and God bless you.

  36. Kent Petersime

    I’m so sorry that it had to come to this Susan. I had suspected that a defender of anything that bucks the system will fall prey to big money. You have been so brave and determined for the animals of the world It just burns me up.
    I’m a Vietnam Vet and If some of that Big money showed up at my door they would end up in a hearse and I’d be eating popcorn and watching football. I’m also a Christian but having said that I’m sure the Lord would forgive me for taking the correct action. Pets go to Heaven also.
    Thanks for all you do Susan. Sure sorry I missed you In Charleston in 2016. I’ll be praying for you and everyone else that is either working with you directly or indirectly to keep you protected while you prevail over this “EVIL” that you deal with on a daily basis.

    Your long distance Advocate

  37. Nancy

    Susan, I really appreciate all you have done for our dogs. You are a warrior and I believe there are laws that protect whistle blowers. I am heart broken that you have to go through this. Most importantly, your safety comes first. Protect yourself first. We (I) I will do the best research I can and I still prefer to make my own dog food. white rice, sweet potatoes, chicken. And what ever meat we have for dinner. Meanwhile my thoughts and prayers are with you. And thank you again.

  38. Kris

    Stay safe Susan. You are our champion. Please take care of yourself. Take all the above precautions to stay safe. You must have rattled their cage.Thank you for all you do. Sending guardian angels to watch over you. You are in my prayers for safety. God Bless. Kris

  39. PetLover4Life

    Wow, this is so disturbing! It’s pretty obvious who it is if you look at recent reports everyone…just sickening. I hope they choke on their greed and threats. Do whatever you need to do to stay safe, Susan, and I too am sorry you have to deal with this when you are not the villain in this story. If we could control karma, my wish for them is to be locked up in jail cells forced to eat nothing but their tainted pet food! If only…

    1. Regina

      Your idea of karma is brilliant!!!!! Make them eat their own concoctions!!!!

  40. Dianne Thornton

    I am so very sorry to hear that you and others are being tormented this way. I am praying for everyone’s safety and sure wish I could do something to help. You and your associates are the only hope for countless, defenseless animals who deserve the best food we can buy for them and lately, there are few foods I feel are “clean.” I plan to retire soon and have decided to make my own pet food with recipes acquired from reputable people. It is a sad world we live in today where money rules above all else. Keep us informed as you can and watch your back!

  41. kdexter101

    I am so sorry Susan ~~ so many huge corporations involved in so much dirt and death involving people AND our precious fur babies. Take care of yourself and your love ones ~~ you have a herd of passionate people flocking right behind you!!!

  42. kayliz

    Awful news. Susan, I have always admired how tirelessly you fight for safe pet food, and I’m gutted that you and others are being physically threatened because of it.

    Come on, pet food companies: don’t throw your lot in with sick-minded criminals. Out them, and do it fast, a big fat line has been crossed here.

  43. Marsha Hix

    Please be safe. this so sad to think that a company has to go this far to try to silence you and all pet parents who think more highly of their pets than the companies do. Keep up the good work.

  44. Susanna Askins

    The more people who know, the better. Even if you don’t get results, most comments and complaints become part of public record.

    I don’t believe there is any safe place anymore. Corporate is about greed for wealth and power and they are always fearful. Anyone or any company that endorses these methods is truly evil.

  45. Dawn

    I hope you have security w video installed at your home. Be safe. Be brave. Be strong. Keep fighting the good fight. Anyone who reads your site and doesn’t offer some support here suck just a little. For all you do and give, it’s the least one can do for you. Peace sister.

  46. barbara m

    Thanks for the update. I am partway through a John Grisham novel, The Appeal. Corporate crime and legal shenanigans. Sound familiar?

  47. Keller

    Susan, as I’ve informed people about your site and the information that you work hard to provide to us, I’ve found that even the most caring people don’t have any interest in providing better food for their dogs. This week I sent info to a vet about the lawsuit about the special veterinary diets that have price-fixed their products, as well as the food offering nothing special other than the increased cost of the vet food. Nothing changes. Nothing! I’m not pushy or rude, just informing what I have learned from this site, and my words have no impact. I cannot see that I’m doing anything wrong. It seems that people are loyal to the food they already feed their dogs and aren’t receptive to learning more. I’ll keep talking and emailing, though.

    1. Dawn

      Keller, I’ve been a veterinary technician for about 25+ years. The foods do have some benefit to the animals. They aren’t all bad. I’ve seen some animals quality of life improve immensely after being switched to them. Having said that, I wouldn’t feed them to my pet. I have too much knowledge about the pet food industry (thanks Susan!) I absolutely don’t believe quality ingredients are used. These diets are concocted from mediocre ingredients in order to get the target result. I also think at times the rx diets are fixing issues that are created by the store bought foods people feed them. .
      As part of an exam, we ask what their pet is being fed. It’s unbelievable how many people feed Beneful. The advertising and packaging have folks absolutely convinced they’re feeding a really good food and are shocked when I compare it to McDonald’s. (Has anyone ever poked their nose into a bag and taken a whiff? It’s enough to make one vomit). When they ask what I recommend instead, it’s a tough question as there are so many crap foods out there and not everyone can afford a better one or wants to cook.
      Any hoo, I have a small diabetic dog. (Adopted from an elderly client who could no longer care for her). She’d been on insulin but unregulated for 2 years, since her diagnosis. After I got her, I tried all the prescription brands of diabetes support foods. None of them helped one iota with her blood sugar. One day she would have a blood glucose reading of 65, the next day she would be 565. And all the diets made her Poop her little brains out. (They are all high in fiber). I was reading one day on how certain enzymes present in food help the pancreas to regulate insulin production and the light bulb came on. I switched her food to Fromm dry and Primal raw diet. And just like that folks, she is regulated. 1.5 units 2 times daily
      So the moral of the story is, IMHO, is that prescription diets have their place for some animals. Are there better ways to help w health issues other than these diets? ABSOLUTELY. But not for me. I won’t even begin addressing the companies and their pricing. That’s a topic for another day.

  48. emmmmmmmmm

    Hey Big Pet Food Companies! Instead of spending time and money on harrassing Consumer Advocates for safe pet food, why don’t you listen and change the crap and poison you sell and make good quality pet foods?

    1. Interested

      Well that’s part of the problem isn’t it? “Mars” might make it into the headlines. But people would think …. oh, the candy company, I love Mars Bars (implying how bad can a Candy Company be). In fact they are an evil conglomerate with no accountability for safety.

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