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‘They’ Don’t Understand there is a lot of ‘Us’

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  1. Sherrie Ashenbremer

    Be careful, so glad you will be home soon. I think that is terrible the way you were treated. WOW—–the whole pet food thing is awful, just awful on every level.

  2. moviezombie

    don’t let your guard down at home…..I hate to be paranoid but there is truth in “just because your paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get you”.

    glad you found safe place and found a confederate in the bartender.

    1. Batzion

      Susan, moviezombie is right. Don’t let your guard down at home, and when you return home, DO NOT enter your house alone. Make sure someone is with you, preferably the police.

      1. Adam

        Sounds more like a

  3. Anne Holliday

    I can’t thank you enough for all you do to keep our fur babies safe and keep us informed as consumers. That you have experienced these threat etc. is appalling.

  4. Hannie

    I just love the bartender & her “blueberry” note. I get so angry when I think about the money these jokers are making at the expense of our beloved fur kids. I cook for my dog……does anyone wonder why?????? I just wish I could tell the world about these commercial pet foods…….but you’re doing a pretty good job!!!!! Thank you for that.

    1. Jane Eagle

      I tell everyone I meet,and post to my facebook page (I somehow have a couple hundred followers) plus I share most posts with several dog pages I am part of. I feel it is crucial for pet owners to be aware of the evil garbage we are being sold (well: people who buy it…I also cook my own dog food). Susan, you are one of the finest and bravest people I know.

  5. Eve

    Dearest Susan and Friends, like the shut down after 147 years of animal cruelty the infamous Ringling Bros eith domino affect leading the way for others to follow so too I believe disgraceful pet food companies will too end their unwanted services and to outreach to other sources seeking to help ethically and truthfully helping rather than hindering. Susan you have become and are the face if justice and revolutionary freedim for animal rights. Yes numerous more others are behind you al the way. Eve X

  6. SK

    Not to be over the top cuckoo paranoid but how can you be certain they haven’t bugged your home when you’re away at these meetings? Terrifying… 🙁

  7. Sharon Sherwood

    Yes… they have NO idea how many of “us” there are. We need a way to let them know “just how many” we are!!!

    Thankfull you are there and I am always impressed with your devotion on all our behalf. A huge thank you!

  8. Suzanne Clothier

    Thank you for what you do! Thank goodness for blueberries. They are very good for you… and thank goodness for that bartender. Stay safe.

  9. Reader

    What a clever illustration of the simple power of truth! So satisfying to connect with a real person (not even ingrained with as much information as all the rest of us have) who already sympathizes with the issue! Sort of a bonus too, that the Bartender just happened to be a woman!! Power forward!

  10. Cheryl Mallon-Bond


    So glad you found a friend in the owner/bartender. That was smart of you to ask her to let you know when someone came in other than a local. Glad to hear she was a nice person & open-minded to what’s going on with Pet food. I hope she becomes a member of T.A.P.F, so she can now know what’s really going on & get her cat off of crap-ola food.

    I had to laugh! hearing the A-HOLE tell the bartender that you are “EVIL”! Such bizarre terminology for him to use. I seriously cannot comprehend some people’s thought processes! SERIOUSLY! Ok, sure, a person who dedicates her entire life to helping pet parents/guardians uncover foods that could harm or kill their pets is…”EVIL”? Alrighty then! WTH?! He’s obviously projecting what HIS deal is!

    I agree w/ what someone mentioned here about your home & possibly even your car being bugged! I hate to be paranoid too! But, based on past behavior by these psycho’s, ya just can’t put ANYTHING past them at this point!

    I was just so ANGRY! when you informed us all in a previous post, that you were, & another insider, was threatened! My protective nature comes out big time! I just can’t stand threatening bullies!

    I’m glad you at least weren’t there alone, & that you’ll be home soon, safely. Glad at least some decent people at the meetings had enough human decency to care about your being threatened!

    I’m looking forward to hearing all about the minutes of the meeting as soon as your able to get to write up some new posts.

    P.S.–Hope your doggie is continuing doing well! & Hope to hear an update soon!

    Take care,

  11. Julian

    Many thanks for your tremendous dedication. From one of your many friends in the UK

  12. Cynthia Rutledge

    Thank you for all y’all do,

  13. Holly Rist

    Makings of a great movie. Look forward to hearing how the meetings went, and if anything ( in your opinion) got accomplished

  14. landsharkinnc

    Prayers for your safety — and so glad you enjoyed Mobile — just another example of our Southern Hospitality – sorry you had your evening interrupted by those jerks. — Every time I read the ‘comments’ I recognize at least one, if not more, of the names of your entourage – you have an impressive list of advocates on our side!

  15. Cindy Huot

    Glad that you are ok!! You are right “we” are EVERYWHERE & “we” have your back!!

  16. Donna

    Thank you Susan! You are the Brave One..Now that “they” know “we” are many hopefully the threats will stop.
    Thank you for loving our pets as much as we do. WE ARE FAMILY.

  17. Marie

    How I love this post!! Apparently, “they” do not have a clue of what and who they’re up against. We are many and we are NOT BACKING DOWN! WAY TO GO SUSAN! I guess as truth tellers who adore our beloved animal families, we must be “evil” too. LOL!!! That just cracks me up. “They” are ridiculous. Our numbers are too large now, and growing exponentially, such that no one can ever shut us up. We’ve got you Susan! Backing you all the way, relentlessly, passionately, and with a determination to bring out the truth that no one can stop. We’re all so proud of you! You have nothing to fear, but “they” do! I delight in the thought of the corporate suicide “they’re” committing against themselves! Then there’s prosecution – oh joy at that day that soon is coming, thanks to you and ALL of us who back you! And God bless too the compassionate people at AAFCO. We would love to have more of that!

  18. Karyn Zoldan

    You are the Karen Silkwood of the pet food industry. Watch your back and thanks for all you do.

  19. Regina

    I was going to suggest you let folks know the name and location of this establishment, so that if any of “us” is in the area, we could patronize the establishment. But, then, I don’t know if we want to “sic” the bastards onto the place, since we know they are paying attention to everything you say (well, as much as they are able)!!!!!

    Stay safe, and enjoy blueberries!

  20. Karrie Kamke

    Wow, that’s an interesting story! Thank you again, Susan, and please stay safe. I/we are with you and look forward to hearing more.

  21. Adriana Rojas

    If one didn’t know these were real live events, one would think they were reading an X-Files episode…hard to imagine the energy spent on making you uncomfortable during these proceedings. I wonder if they’re starting to feel emboldened by the possibility of an anti-regulation era just around the corner?

  22. thewholisticvet

    Get us that bartender’s contact info so we can send her a thank you! Maybe some blueberry pie?

  23. Liliana van Lawick

    It is simply mind boggling to realize the breadth and depth of corruption in the pet food industry. I would have never thought that the pet ‘food’ corporations would stoop so low; put so much effort into concealing their devilry. Sadly, they are following those doing the same in the human ‘foods’ arena. Susan please take every precaution about yourself. I ask everyone to pray or intend you safety as you continue this vitally important work.

  24. Terri Christenson Janson

    Bless you Susan!!!

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