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They are Listening…to my phone conversations

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  1. Hope

    I can’t tell you how sad this makes me that this is happening to you, Susan. And I’m sure many join me. However, I applaud you being so upfront about the issue and so direct and to the point! Exactly what this issue requires. These practices are totally unacceptable however it points out the clear differences between the companies and their leaders who are in business to make money as their prime focus and the companies who are in business to do good for pets and make money along the way of doing so. Unfortunately, as we all know, the latter kind of companies can shift their focus at anytime and your vigilance helps us stay aware of these changes. Bravo Susan!

    1. Nancy

      This shouldn’t come as a surprise really~ I consider most of the dog FEED companies dirt bags.
      Not all. After my dog became deathly ill from the Blue Buffalo calamity (which isn’t even acknowled)
      I switched her to homemade. Recently adopted another who prefers the homemade also. She refused to eat her dry food which is a very good brand….To hell with these companies. I will never
      forgive them for what they did and hid!

    2. michele

      If the food industry would spend their money on producing healthier food for cats and dogs, everyone would be happier! Stop wasting your time & money harrassing Susan! She saves lives! Research the ingredients you put in food (carageenan, ethoxoquin, dyes, insects, clay, chemical preservatives, and rotten, poisoned meat and fish are DEADLY)! Stop making bad food and lying to everyone.

  2. John

    can you document the calls and upload it to youtube? this could be fun publicity.

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      We have some plans in place – don’t want to show ‘them’ my hand.

  3. Mary Ashman

    This is illegal to tap your phone for no reason. Hire a private investigator. How can you know they are tapping your phone and report them to phone company and FBI.

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      I’ve already been to the phone company (did that in April), they were not much help. My phone has been scanned (multiple times) – nothing solid yet.

      1. Kristi Johnson


        Switch cell phones regularly. Change passwords all the time and go through the two-check access confirmation. Just assume you are being targeted because of what you do.

        Whoever is doing this has 1. A ton of money and resources (Big Ag/Big Pet) or 2. A ton of resources (knowledge) and a personality disorder. (And is probably unemployed/unemployable so they have all the time in the world.)

        I’d say it is probably the first.


  4. Angel

    Just an FYI I get calls from my home phone to my home phone or my cell phone to my home phone (my cell phone is a prepaid and has no connections to me). I have other for instances like getting calls from numbers I know are disconnected and the friend has moved or so on. The spam callers are from over seas and use the numbers that are frequented on lines. So far they have been just testing calls (to make sure they can get through) I assume sine no one ever talks. ๐Ÿ™ˆ

    1. Angel

      Sorry typo- I assume *since no one ever talks.

    2. Pinky Collins

      Anyone with just a little expertise can mimic another’s phone number and use it so it will show up on a caller id that it’s your phone number when in fact it isnt. My son has done it to me as a joke, so it can be done easily.

      1. Angel

        ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป exactly

    3. Cora Vandekar

      I’m in Canada and get those too, where you are being called on your own phone number or even my sisters who lives close. usually a cc company scam..
      My cell phone does the same when \I’m on the phone I get a call from her while I’m on thephone with her!
      Its odd but happens quite often!

      1. Angel


  5. Alicia Burleson

    Keep you the great work you are doing! Don’t let them intimidate you!

  6. Kris

    You are definitely a hero! I am so sorry they are doing this to you. I hope you catch the creeps. Who are criminals. Please be careful; it is altogether possible that they might try to hurt you in even worse ways. I know that sounds dramatic, but you probably know that it’s happened in regard to GMO’s. People have been hurt terribly. Why wouldn’t these desperate criminals do the same. Thank you for all that you do. If the animals could know and could thank you, you would be showered with bushels of love every moment of your life. xox

  7. Sylvia

    High tech people can help, good to hear you have friends like these. Consider putting the word out for private detectives – they can offer lots & lots of good advice and services too. Best to you!

  8. Connie

    I am surprised the police aren’t helping you

  9. Sage

    Hi Susan
    I suspect that since your phone could not be confirmed as actually tapped, instead of listening to your conversations via a tap, they are instead impersonating you, including by using your caller ID. We get so many scam telemarketer calls here from fake numbers that I’ve researched and found it’s really easy for someone to use a fake number – or someone else’s number. Curious, I just now googled “Fake caller ID of my choosing” and at the top of the google listings was this website which sheds light on this disgusting practice: You can read it to learn more. This means anyone can use someone else’s caller ID – yours for example, as the ID that shows up when they make a call. Then of course when someone you know answers, assuming it is you, the criminal scammer proceeds to try to impersonate you which must be illegal. I hope your friends can tape some of these calls and save them for you as evidence. As you said, seems like these “industry” people would have much more productive things to do with their time.

  10. Caron

    I would file a formal complaint with your state’s attorney general.

    We support you and thank you.

  11. Jackie Bessette

    Wow. I so appreciate your diligence in researching and reporting what goes in pet food. You are doing good work. I’m sorry there are people resorting to such tactics. They must feel you will (or already have) blow(n) their nasty network of lies and decent wide open. Thank you for all you do for those that can’t speak for themselves.

  12. Grennie

    Seems someone has something to hide and you are scaring them – WAY TO GO! Cannot wait till you find out who this is – in the mean time, keep up the good work!

  13. Kristi Johnson

    Big pet food is Big Ag – and they are ruthless.

    Just a note from personal experience: In a past job my emails and cell phone were hacked and I was impersonated by the hacker. I did report it to the local police, the FBI did take it up – but the department that handles this kind of on-line crime also deals with catching pedophiles. Honestly, I know, catching pedophiles is more important than dealing with a nutty jackass (in my case) but I am sure computer and phone hackers trying to destroy credibility also know this.

  14. Jane

    Hi Susan, This possible phone tapping gets me PO’d. You probably know all this already, but maybe other people might be interested in info I found repeated about phone and computer tapping. (This is a silly saying I like to use, LOL: Remember…just because you are paranoid, doesn’t mean that someone is not out to get you.)

    It is a federal crime to wiretap without court approval. Your phone company is supposed to help you by checking if your line is tapped and alerting you if it is ILLEGALLY tapped. Then they are supposed to alert authorities and remove the tap. You should also alert authorities yourself at this point. If the phone company doesn’t alert you after you have made this request or gives you a hard time, it is possible they have found a LEGAL, court approved, wire tap. You might want to contact the phone company again to see what they say. After a LEGAL phone tap is removed, the court is supposed to notify you of the tap, typically within 90 days of removal.

    Electronic voice communications, i.e. cordless phone, cell phone, VOIP, transmissions can be picked up with monitoring equipment as simple as a baby monitor. People with monitoring equipment are often nearby. Have you seen any different activity in your neighborhood like utility trucks, vehicles with tinted windows that you don’t recognize, repair trucks…(gosh, I really do sound paranoid myself, lol). Your computer and cell phone can be hacked somewhat easily and infected with spyware, even giving access to other parties to use your webcam or cell phone camera to look at you and your surroundings or being used as a sound transmitter to listen even when your phone is off. A way to stop mobile phone spying is to remove the battery, but that is not practical. I’m sure you know Email is very poorly protected.

    The “over the counter” phone line scanning devices and cell phone scanners are not reliable. The best way to check your cell is to take it to your your carrier’s store or at least to a professional with better equipment. Can you check how often your voice mail is accessed and try to track your minutes of voice and data used? There are signs that your cell *might* have spyware, or maybe it is just picking up electronic interference. Is your cell phone battery draining quicker than usual? Is your phone acting weird, like turning itself on and off, self loading apps, beeping a lot for no reason.

    If you have enough evidence the police *might* help you since they have the equipment to test the phone lines. Or maybe they will think you are crazy when you tell them the pet food industry is spying on you.

  15. Bonnie Wagner-Westbrook

    As usual, instead of righting a wrong, “they” go after those who have the courage to out them. I wish “they” would do a cost-benefit analysis of what it would take to fix/prevent their messes versus pay for legal suits when the truth becomes known. “They” might just figure out it is far less costly to do the right thing. I’m sorry Susan – i’ll choose to keep fighting too.

  16. Adrienne

    Hi Susan,

    If you havenโ€™t contacted anyone yet, please respond to this comment. I am a subscriber โ€“ and a registered PI (The PI company is licensed in Florida). I have been involved in cases where big companies plant โ€œmolesโ€ with animal rights organizations โ€“ so Iโ€™m not surprised that youโ€™ve been targeted. If itโ€™s any consolation, the only reason they would be watching/listening to you is because they are worried about your work.

  17. William F. Hoover

    The description supplied by Ms Thixton is very true to the way automated digital spying and physical “by a person” can be described. It is then probable that these claims are in fact very true. Another gauge of truism is things like the recent a 32 Million Dollar judgement against a very large and prominent pet food company. Finally, any common sense person who, as a consumer deals with these huge pet food companies already knows that the second you supply information about yourself to a web page “for consumers” has put yourself under the shadow of some form of spying. That, even if only the fact that you know about their products is enough to have them “watching you” through legal and illegal electronic means. Be aware of this and protect yourself the best you can. Here also is a reason to be a supporter of the cause, the Advocates, staff, and volunteers who place themselves in range of consumer protection at any level.

  18. Jude

    I apologize for responding before reading the posts here, but this kind of thing is very scary and very evil. Those who are willing to do such things as invading your privacy are capable of doing whatever it takes to protect their reputations and their ill-gotten, fat cat salaries. One must be careful, very careful, when exposing what is essentially criminal behavior, both in the products they sell and in the false advertising they engage in, and invasion of privacy. Big money will protect their incomes any way that they can.

    We all need to stand with Susan and her fellow advocates and present a united front that is large enough to make big waves and to let the big pet companies that are in violation of the law know that we mean business.

  19. cb

    Susan, thank you for everything you do for us and our pets.

  20. Debbie Daniel

    spoofing. its called spoofing. someone using your number to call someone. VERY common these days on cell phones.

  21. Kim

    Nothing is fun when it disrupts your rhythm, but having the knowledge that they are so afraid of you that they resort to spying can give you some solace that you are indeed making the impact you seek. I think it is time you put one of your own on the inside… lets worry them a bit. What goes around, comes around.

    They should be concerned about all your supporters, because every chance we get we educate owners on the real world of Big Pet Food. As a trainer I change the view of several hundred owners a year. I start with 100 or so of my personal clients, and they teach another 100, and they teach another 100. We may lose some along the way for their own reasons, but I love it when I get emails from my client’s who have thanked me for helping to save their dog and that they just helped another family do the same.

    Your work is far reaching and they know it… but they should remember that YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

  22. Peter

    Only federal law enforcement officials can legally eavesdrop/wiretap phone conversations/phone lines. If those that are curious about who you talk to are doing so from out of state, it is not a matter for local authorities, but for the FBI.

  23. Batzion

    Sue, I have been thinking about this all day. It is very troubling, and this is an example of why:

    These people are all dead because they told the truth, and the “investigations” seem to have faded away.

    These people are psychopaths meaning they have no conscience and don’t consider consequences.

    Screw these blights on humanity. If you don’t know how to shoot, learn. If you don’t have firepower, get it, and if you have to use it, do it.

  24. Lynn Whinery

    Have you gone to the various websites for opting out of spam? You might need to do that. There are a LOT of companies that use made up phone numbers to call people. It sounds like it could be them that are calling. Before getting too paranoid I would look in to that angle. ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. Lynn Whinery

    Do some research on spoofing, it’s what telemarketers do to get people to answer their phones. Look into as a way to force the phone to show the real phone number.

  26. Mary Sue

    Maybe a nice $10,000 fine will get them to stop these infantile antics.

    FCC rules on caller ID spoofing

    “Under the Truth in Caller ID Act, FCC rules:

    “Prohibit any person or entity from transmitting misleading or inaccurate caller ID information with the intent to defraud, cause harm, or wrongfully obtain anything of value.

    Subject violators to a penalty of up to $10,000 for each violation of the rules.”

  27. Michele Little

    Telecom retiree says get a Blackberry cell phone. In the security mode it encrypts everything.

  28. Terri Janson

    Well if anything…it proves “they” are worried and “they” should be! I’m so sorry this is happening to you Susan. ๐Ÿ™

  29. Janie Lerner

    This is under federal law, but states vary with regard to the legalities of this type of activity. For example, there are some states in which you are allowed to tape a conversation if one party is aware that the conversation is being recorded. For example, a person wishes to record a conversation that he/she is having with another person without that second party knowing. In some states (to my understanding) that is fine. If a third party is recording the conversation and the two people talking are both unaware, that is illegal. With a phone call, I think the law depends upon the party of the destination of the call. I think in California, both parties need to be aware. If you are calling from New York, regardless of the laws in New York, one must adhere to the laws in California regardless of the law in New York. I am not positive about this – I am not an attorney. Maybe someone else is well-versed. Here is a link that is specific:
    The tricky part is finding out the regulations of your state and whom is recording you. This is so creepy.

  30. Swan Thompson

    Susan ~ I have nothing but praise for the work you do. I live on a fixed income, & I’m currently trying to reshuffle my budget in order to subscribe to your newsletter, because I think it’s damned important! I’m sincere in writing this comment of encouragement, but I know you need financial support. Since I haven’t won the lottery yet, I’ll find a way to subscribe. Every little bit helps, I know. I don’t get on Facebook very often, but when I do, I’ll be glad to post the url to encourage my animal-loving friends (because we’re all rescuers, you know) to click over to your website. My profile is private, so it won’t expose you to anyone who doesn’t love animals.

    Also, don’t depend on the phone company for much help in this matter, despite what they say. After all, AT&T freely gave a tremendous amount of private information about its customers to the federal government – without permission or just cause – and never notified anyone of its actions. It only came out afterward. Verizon did the same thing. Sadly, American corporations today have no loyalty to customers and see them only as commodities.

    Others who have commented above were correct when they stated that the actions being taken against you – listening to your phone conversations, interfering with your calls, etc. – are clear violations of Federal law. Now, who believes they’re above the law in this country? My answer – based on past actions – would be large corporations.

    What you’re doing is vitally important work and you’re incredibly brave to do this. Please remember that you do have a lot of people who believe in you and who are willing to raise a big stink on your behalf.

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