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South Kingstown, RI

Psychic Kitty
593 Kingstown Road
South Kingstown, RI 02893
401 284-0660
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Psychic Kitty’s mission is to help pet owners improve the health and wellbeing of their dogs and cats and to enable their pets to live life to the fullest.  We select the best in organic, grain-free and low-grain foods and snacks including frozen raw diets, dehydrated, canned and dry foods and offer clients feeding recommendations customized to their pets’ individual needs.  Our commitment to local and family-owned businesses, and focus on US-made foods and products enables Psychic Kitty to offer truly top of the line foods, toys and pet supplies. And along the way…celebrate our relationships with the pet lovers in our lives by offering a wide selection of distinctive gifts for the pet lover in all of us.