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Coincidence or Malicious Intent

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  1. Laurie

    email sent

  2. Debra

    Will send out email as I do NOT believe any of this is a coincidence!

  3. Terry L.

    “Could all of these things be related to Mars Petcare – or are all of these things just a coincidence?”

    Absolutely not! There are NO coincidences and you’re not being paranoid. The company (and the others involved) are obviously feeling quite threatened by your hard work and diligence exposing the truth. It is a sorry state of affairs when employees at Mars, an enormously powerful company, and whoever else is perpetrating these crimes, resorts to all the malicious behavior directed at you (and the other people involved in separating fact from fiction.)

    On one hand it’s incredibly juvenile how angry these people are and the lengths they are willing to go to for revenge. On the other hand, it’s frightening behavior when on the receiving end. IMHO I think the actions are perpetrated by a few individuals / employees acting of their own accord. Who knows, but they aren’t hacking geniuses. A computer forensic analyst could easily root out the guilty parties.

    I’m sorry you and the other people are going through this criminal harassment.

    I’ve copied and pasted the verbiage you provided and sent per your request. I’ve also forwarded it to all my friends on Facebook (my wife has as well) and thosé friends will disseminate it further.

    Best of luck, Susan. And thank you for being YOU. Your dedication is inspiring, my wife and I are very grateful for the the invaluable information you share.

  4. Debra

    I have also copied/pasted and forwarded to my friends and family asking them to do the same!

  5. Mary Sue

    I doubt the texts and phone calls are a coincidence. The credit card – maybe. I’ve sent an email.

  6. Pat scott

    Stay strong Susan! Your work on this matter is immeasurable! I will send an email. Stay safe!

  7. Pat Williams

    None of the texts you received and copied to your post are appearing in the link of the email from you…’wonder what the reason for that is! I’ve learned not to trust anyone and now am wondering if your email has been “hacked!” There’s just a large, blank space where the texts should be. Maybe I’m being paranoid, and it’s a problem with my AOL email, but your thoughts are all there – just none of the texts you received.

  8. Pat Williams

    Just returned to your email and guess what!!! the copies of the texts are miraculously there now!!!!

  9. landsharkinnc

    No such thing as a ‘co-incidence’ ! Be safe and know that you are appreciated!

  10. jodi cohen

    Email sent!!

  11. Mina Kirby

    Please note that Missouri’s attorney general is Josh Hawley. Also note that it will be better if you rewrite the content provided by Susan in your own words. Email sent.

  12. Nan MacArthur

    email sent.

  13. Sherrie Ashenbremer


  14. JRM

    Email sent.

  15. T Allen

    Will send tomorrow. Have you contacted the FBI? You have enough documentation to open a case!

    1. Regina

      T Allen makes a very good suggestion about contacting the FBI.Contact as many agencies as you can. I know from experience that SOMEONE somewhere will be willing to look into this. I’m not going to go into details, but, a friend got an email that frightened him, and he went to the officials, found out where the message came from . . . Please Susan, contact law enforcement, and tell them everything!!!

  16. DBL

    It is our responsibility to help however and whenever we can. Susan does this single-handedly for ALL of US and our precious pets! She is probably the ONLY person doing it and it has to be a lonely road, especially when her and her family and others are threatened. We are here for you Susan! Thanks for all you do!

  17. Lois

    Please stay safe Susan.

  18. mire

    this is so scary, but completely believable. Large corporations are now acting like the princes and lords of yesteryear. They have the politicians in their pockets, incredible wealth, and professionals helping them to deceive customers with false words and false images. I will be sending an email and spreading the word!

  19. Marilyn C. Klein

    I’ve sent the email and pray that you stay safe, Susan. You are such a great advocate for keeping animals food safe and telling the public what exactly is in their food. Most companies are only interested in how much money they can make and little on what should be going into the food we feed our companions. The things happening to you are definitely NOT a coincidence and you should be very careful. Isn’t it sad that a manufacturer can go to these lengths just because you’ve found out about this occurrence ? How much more is left to find out about? Probably MUCH more.

  20. AnAmericanGrl

    The scary thing is the more they go after you and people close to you probably means that they have A LOT of dirt they don’t want exposed which is all the more reason that we need to boycott not only their pet food but all of their products!

  21. Regina

    Remember Karen Silkwood. Corruption and greed makes people do very bad things.

  22. moviezombie

    e-mail sent.

  23. Elizabeth

    I sent an email, but would a petition be another good option? Thoughts?

  24. Steve in TN

    Email sent. Thank you Susan for all you do for us and our pets. Your fortitude and strength is commendable. Carry on!

  25. revbranwen

    Susan, I have written my own letter to Mr. Hawley and copy it here in case anyone else would like to use similar wording. I hope that you can afford excellent legal representation and are able to take appropriate safety measures. I think many of us would contribute to a financial campaign to assist you. Thank you for everything you do for us and our animals!

    Dear Mr. Hawley,
    You are probably well aware of the serious health problems and deaths caused by toxic ingredients in many brands of commercial pet foods, and the lawsuits related to the devastating consequences of lack of oversight by government agencies charged with protecting the public and the food supply. One current lawsuit is Boyd v. Mars Petcare.

    Depositions by whistleblowers in the Boyd v. Mars Petcare lawsuit are available to the public through (

    This website is run by Susan Thixton, a pet food consumer advocate who is being harassed by an unknown party or parties due to her advocacy for consumers and her publication of the depositions. Ms. Thixton is aware of other persons whose safety, and that of their families, has been threatened as a result of these depositions.

    I write to ask your office to investigate Mars Petcare, the Missouri Department of Agriculture, and Missouri’s OSHA in relation to these depositions, the threats made against individuals and their families, and the potential for serious harm.

    My hope is that your office will fully investigate this situation and take action against illegal activity.


    Barbara W. Baxter

  26. CK

    Done. Thanks for persevering!

  27. Linda

    email sent…be safe.

  28. Terri Christenson Janson

    email sent! Please be safe Susan. This proves they are worried as they SHOULD BE

  29. Reader

    Done, thank you for your bravery!

  30. Susan McMenamy


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