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Your Consumer Association Needs You

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  1. SS

    I’m in. Sorry it’s not much, but if everyone on this list makes a donation, it will add up. You do great work for our four legged family members, Susan.

  2. Mark

    Come on people pony up! Susan does sterling work on your behalf. She is not charity and needs your support.

  3. Martha Jones


  4. c h

    Have sent one year membership by snail mail.

    Do not feed dog food and have not since the seventies, only whole foods for generations of dogs. However for people who can not or do not want to bother with whole foods for their pets, Susans website is the only place to go and I forwarded it many times to people feeding packaged foods. I find it just amazing how one person made/makes a difference and they need our support.

    People on the whole do not know what is in their pets food, this includes live stock. Stopped feeding stock feed when I learned that most of it was peanut and soy hulls, thats right, hulls and GMO corn, soy, etc. At 6-7 bucks a 50# bag a person does not question who, where, what and why. However through the past fifteen years the health of my cattle and goats have very slowly deteriorated. They just were not doing well and not keeping weight on. Went GMO free and then to organic . (at 35 bucks a bag!!) My old cows 10 to 20 old are fat and slick and the bull has dapples on his rump for the first time. Calves come out exploring and bunching up at a week old together, to explore and play. We ARE what we eat and humans as well as our pets are in jeopardy. We can only boycott and refuse to buy those foods that are harmful to all of us. By boycotting we can and have made a difference.

    1. Pacific Sun

      To “c h”:
      Your comment is an incredible testimony to correct livestock feeding using such care and concern! Bravo! Most of us here are focused on companion pets. But you’ve confirmed what all of us know. That “feed” no matter what … must be wholesome… and totally matters!!

      Due to Susan Thixton’s fledgling efforts back in 2008, and local innovative holistic PF suppliers in my locale, I began feeding my older (of 2) dogs very consciously all through his life! Back then there was little to choose from. But I picked the original formula of Orijen (70/30) and rotated with other novel diets and independent manufacturer brands! Because of a fish diet, we learned to stay away from Ethoxyquin early on (also an unpublished risk) which NB finally quit after public complaints. Fish & Sweet Potato (simplistic) ingredients helped keep my dog lean but energetic. The dog’s lineage was prone to extensive seizures and fortunately mine escaped that fate. I’m convinced it was a combination of diet and ceasing vaccinations early on! Even so, figured he was good for about 14 yrs, (which was the expiration point of his 6 littermates) and expected the typical downward spiral thereafter, including the eventual Big “C”.

      But for the 2 most recent years, have really stepped up his diet, to only whole home cooked food alternated with raw. The scare tactic is … oh don’t feed “people” food …. because you’ll miss the right (so-called) canine supplements! Nonsense. At 16.5 yrs. he just needs the most nutritious, risk free food possible! (And yes I do have available whole food supplements). At one point, during a heat spell, I did think he was a gone-er at 16 yrs. when he began to fatigue. And the Vet even wrote him off with a file notation “poor prognosis.”

      But once we determined he didn’t have a fatal condition or progressive organ failure, I then specialized his diet to minimally cooked red meat (alternating with Salmon) plus a base carb (as a binder & for energy) adding a little cottage cheese or greek yogurt for easy-to-digest protein (because he could always handle dairy). That dog at 16.5 yrs. now SWIMS twice a week for 30 min. sessions! And comes out of that pool absolutely pumped!! He’s gained a healthy 2.5 lbs. weight, muscled out, increased balance and core stability, so no more fatigue episodes. His coat improved, thickened, darkened, and his mouth health is awesome! He looks about 12 yrs. and we discovered that Accupuncture also helps relieve joint aches and relaxes his spine, thanks to a holistic Vet.

      I write this to say never, ever give up on an “old” dog. And learn to be critically diligent about the best diet possible ESPECIALLY the older the dog becomes! You can totally increase quality of life!!

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