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Three Year Anniversary

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  1. Jeanette Owen

    FDA is comparable to Syria heads of state….

  2. Pacific Sun

    I think our association should declare a national day (date) of Recognition to Honor and Promote the Advocacy of Safety in Pet Food! On that date, the above petition should be summarized into a series of easy to digest bullet points, with detailed copy attached. At least one person from every State should pledge to send a copy to 3 entities, including to a State Legislator, a copy to local media or network outlet, and a copy to the White House. Can you imagine if a minimum of 50 letters all within a few days flooded these contacts?
    -> Point One) FDA “Compliance Policy” acknowledges violations of the Act in pet food. This Citizen Petition (which has received no response during the past 3 years) requests the Commissioner to ENFORCE the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act as it is written with respect to pet foods and treats.
    -> Point Two) These Petitioner(s) as well, request the Commissioner to enforce all Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act regarding labeling laws for the safety and health of all pets. Further, FDA allows pet foods that contain illegal ingredients sourced from diseased animals or animals that have died otherwise than by slaughter (labeled by FDA as “suitable for use in animal feed”) to be marketed/sold to unknowing pet owning consumers as ‘premium’, ‘choice’, and a long list of pleasing terms. Pet foods and treats that include ingredients sourced from diseased animals or animals that have died other than by slaughter, unless labeled as such (which of course there is none) would be a violation of labeling laws.
    -> Point Three) The Act clearly deems a food to be adulterated and thus prohibited if it contains in whole or in part a diseased animal or an animal which has died other than by slaughter. FDA Compliance Policy states pet foods consisting of diseased animals or animals which have died other than by slaughter will not be actionable. This in itself is sufficient grounds to prove Federal laws are violated with some pet foods and treats.
    Further, FDA report ‘Risk of Pentobarbital in Dog Food’ confirms some pet foods violate Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act. FDA testing found pentobarbital in dog food purchased off store shelves. Pentobarbital is used to euthanize dogs, cats, horses, and rarely cows. FDA testing confirming a euthanizing drug in dog food would/should deem those products adulterated; a violation of the Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act.

  3. Judith O'Rourke

    Altho I’m living in Canada, the US FDA lack of action has a big impact here as well, as the pet food is the same…

    Maybe your President is interested in pet food now that they have 2 dogs…I wonder if he knows the pet food he is feeding them may contain diseased and euthanized pets ??? I doubt that he is aware the US FDA
    permits this to happen by not enforcing the existing legislation.

    It might help to try in some way to bring the issue to his attention. It reflects very badly on his administration when one of the important government agencies is not enforcing the law.

    I plan to try to bring the issue to the attention of our Prime Minister who also says he loves pets, his family has a couple of cats. I don’t have a lot of confidence that he will do anything, given our ( Canada’s) abysmal record on animal protection generally….but perhaps it is worth a try.


  4. Maxine

    I could be mistaken; however, I strongly doubt that Obama or Michelle are directly involved with the purchasing and/or feeding of their own animals.

  5. Peter

    Given the pace at which FDA has approached so many of the issues thrust upon the public in these last years (chicken jerky treats and aflatoxin contamination I would cite most commonly)… sadly, expecting acknowledgment… any sort of reaction by FDA… after only 3 years, seems premature. I would expect nothing less than… well, pretty much nothing from FDA.

  6. Tammy Baugh

    It’s all good, just wait until one of these really important people’s pet dies from these gross disgusting food ingredients. Remember, what comes around, goes around, so sooner or later it will happen to one or several of them. And they will have to put 2 and 2 together, just hope they all did well in Math in School!

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