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Wish I Learned Sooner…

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  1. Sharon Norris

    Susan, I really enjoyed your talk at GIG. I don’t think I trust any pet food any more although I do use some kibble–my dogs (greyhounds and Italian greyhounds) are getting a lot of home cooked added to it and the cats are getting home cooked and raw. Even my vet is getting nervous over pet food. My friend whose daughter is a vet tech is still determined that dogs should get commercial food only. What a rock head she is being.
    Another friend with three Siamese recently had a bad round of illness with all three–you already heard from her–was feeding Evo.
    I am always worried–and always cooking–but thanks to you I do feel good about feeding my dogs people food. I don’t feed them anything that I wouldn’t eat–well, except liver and they get fresh eggs (cooked) from my own chickens that only eat freshly ground feed from the farm–not commercial.

  2. Donna

    Thank you Susan for coming to GIG. When I knew you were coming I started doing more research on pet food and am in the process of at least reducing significantly the kibble that my dogs get. My greyhound had lots of trouble with “the big D” and she’s already showing improvement with the transition to less kibble and more Thrive from the Honest Kitchen. I know that Royal Canin cat food nearly killed my Siamese cat-the amount of corn is just awful. He had horribly GI symptoms and lost 25% of his body weight. After getting him off of that awful stuff (they make you think you must have a breed specific food!) and about a year of medical therapy, he is healthy and has gained all the weight back that he had lost. Eventually I want to get him off the Prednisone which he only takes about every 3 to 4 days now.
    Thanks again for bringing attention to, and exposing the truth about the pet food industry.

  3. Carolyn

    I have an almost 14 year old Maine Coon kitty. (14 in June)
    She was the runt of the litter and not really very healthy looking, but she was the prettiest and I always go for the under dog/cat. The breeder even told me if she didn’t work out to bring her back and get a full refund. She is very small for a Coon.
    She has always eaten cooked chicken. When she is in the sunroom, I leave her a bowl of California Naturals Herring and Sweet Potato.
    Enter, Bella, Border Collie/Cattle Dog mix. She just showed up on our farm one day and stayed. Wow, what a great girl. She eats cooked chicken/sweet potato/green beans. She also gets a little of the same CA Naturals as the cat/only for dogs. Her Vet asked me who told me to feed her that! My Dad. He’s been gone for years, but always fed his hunting dogs home cooked food w/a small amount of kibble.

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