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Winner 2012 Stupidest Act in Pet Food

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  1. Carolyn

    Our son and dil lost two dogs and one cat to Nutro before it was outed. So, when Bella (border collie/cattle dog) came to live with us, I started her on Calif. Naturals (I was already feeding that to our Maine Coon). Then had an epiphany – my dad always fed his hunting dogs food my mom cooked for them. So, Bella and Sche get home cooked chicken. Bella also gets green beans and sweet potatoes with sweet potato fries (baked) and green beans for snacks. She is doing great!

  2. Carol Anne Rayson

    Indeed the only way to ensure good health for your pets outside of the genetic roulette of modern breeding is to feed the best species appropriate whole foods which you prepare yourself – good health is not found in a bag or can – for any species….

  3. Pet Food Labels

    Well, this is really sad on the part of authorities. Understanding pet food label help us know what food is healthy and what food is bad for our pet. We are constantly advised to read and understand the pet food label so that we can meet his nutritional needs. This will help our pet live a long and healthy life. But if this careless attitude continues in this regard, it will certainly affect the health of our pets.

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