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Will the Pet Food Coupon Cost You Later?

Chewie from Oregon

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  1. Peter

    Its likely a certainty that pet food manufacturers will adopt this policy. After all, it is a good policy, that will help protect them. And it will take so little to implement, cost nothing, and the consumer– the potential litigant– will “agree” to the condition generally unaware, simply by trolling the web, perhaps in an instance not even connected to eventual litigation. With pets legally defined as “property,” and regarded as virtually disposable by courts and legal teams (remember how Costco and Diamond Pet Foods identified the value of dogs in “fair market value” terms, that is, what the “owner” paid for them?), pet food manufacturers have and will continue to have a virtual license to steal, injure, sicken, and even kill our animals. WE may regard them as family… but courts don’t and pet food manufacturers happily don’t have to. Binding terms for using a website will likely become standard practice with pet food manufacturers and likely even vendors. Just give the issue a bit of time to settle in…

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