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Who’s Next?

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  1. Andrew


    Kroger has pulled nearly half of all treats off the shelves and red “PRODUCT RECALLED” labels now greet the pet parents.

    This time, the issue will not blow by like the major players hope. I’m sure there are a lot of sleepless nights right now…

  2. Storm

    Purina is continuing to sell in Canada because we don’t have regulations to stop them. A WT Canada csr told me last week that treats are “not feed or food so they fall into a grey area” that allows them to keep selling here. So they may be patting themselves on the back for voluntarily recalling in the US because they “care deeply”, but they don’t seem to care about Canadian dogs at all.

  3. Annette

    Can we put pressure on these companies to acknowledge country of origin for chicken in pet foods???

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      Actually regulations don’t allow country of origin of ingredient information on labels. They could provide that information on websites – but most don’t. And to me, the concern is not just chicken – it is any food ingredient (including supplements) sourced from China.

      1. Lori Jablon

        Here’s what Sergeant’s Pet Care Products emailed me today:

        US law requires the country of origin of the product to be clearly displayed on the product, or on the product’s container if it is enclosed if it is not made in the US.

        1. Susan Thixton Author

          That could be in reference to non food related products. For pet foods and treats, there is no regulation that requires manufacturers to state COO. I’ve asked AAFCO and FDA for this (regulation), but they have told me it would be too difficult to fit on the label (with all of the ingredients used in a pet food).

  4. Debbie Daniel

    I am hearing from Purina that have plans of these going back on the shelves ASAP. Which bothers me even more. any confirmation on that?

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      Purina told you this? No – I’ve heard just the opposite. That the treats from China are probably gone for good (or a good long time). That is unless Purina begins to source the chicken from another country – that could bring them back.

      1. Susan Thixton Author

        Plus it’s strange the Waggin Train has completely taken down their old website…everything.

        1. Debbie Daniel

          WT are still on Facebook.
          This is a post from their page:

          Waggin’ Train Dog Treats

          We know dogs love these treats, and we are currently assessing options to get back on shelf in the future. Thanks again!

        2. Annie

          Hmmm… Strange indeed.

          Then again, perhaps THEY got hacked into as well.
          That old “karma” magic…

  5. Shirley

    I will keep on making homemade food and treats for my four legend family of 4
    I know what is in it. the cost to make it is only about 1/3 of store bought items
    ( i would not serve them any store bought food )

    It really dose not take that much time. To make a batch of food if you love your pet don’t you want the best for them.

  6. Anniw

    Thank you Susan! And all who are calling, writing, and trying to make our pets safe.

  7. Peter

    Stop N’ Shop in the Northeast has pulled their private label “Companion” brand of chicken treats. They have pulled the entire line of Waggin’ Train (not just the chicken). Their own labels that they have attached to the shelves state that there is no safety risk to pets (that seems an unnecessary, presumptuous and unreasonable addition, to me).

  8. Reader

    Belated victories are at least that. Sadly after too much heartbreak. The issue is 5 years in the making. The last 2 of which were an intense multi pronged campaign. Inexperienced consumers and cynics, please take note, of the greediness of the pet food industry. How the welfare of pets is compromised. How the feelings of pet owners are ignored. Honor the incredible effort of “amateurs” who pushed for a discovery process. Not that they didn’t understand what was already going on. But because independent evidence was required. A subject the FDA was reluctant to deal with in favor of politics. Yes, it’s easy to blame the source, especially on a simple phrase “Made in China.” Except the real problem are the “decision makers” who favor profit at the expense of caution! More than “pet products” are at issue, because the mentality is defective. Meaning how many more 2007’s, years of manufacturing mistakes, defective products, and carcinogenic ingredients does it take to convince people to change? The answer is, that it depends on how the consumer chooses to spend money, and chooses to vote, and remains convinced about speaking up!

  9. Annie

    Who’s next???

    Who knows.
    Ask him.
    (Who is on first).

  10. Sebs

    I guess at least hartz finally pulled some poison from the shelves; check out

  11. in the business

    There could be many more to come. Purina, Del Monte, Menu Foods etc…etc…etc…. sell private label products to stores all of the time. So the same treats that they make are simply packaged in the stores packaging (i.e., the dog biscuits sold under the Purina label could also be the exact same dog biscuits under Kroger, Stop-N-Shop, Safeway’s etc… label). Unfortunately, it won’t surprise me a bit to see many more grocery and pet stores pulling their own labels off the shelf with regards to this issue.

  12. Phyllis

    What about chicken jerky from Thailand? Are they safe, Petsmart puts out chicken jerky under Authority name brand & it is from Thailand?

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