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Which Pet Foods have BPA free cans?

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  1. jack stewart

    Keeko, my cat, loves Trader Joe’s canned cat food. It comes only in small cans. Are they BPA free?

    Sincerely, Jack Stewart

    1. NN


  2. Calvin

    NATURAL VALUE 5.5 OZ. Canned cat foods are labled BPA FREE

  3. Alice T

    I think you can tell if a can has BPA by the lining. If it has a white lining it probably contains BPA. I do know that Merrick and Weruva cans do not have the lining, and Weruva says “BPA free” on the lining. Merrick cans are also sturdier than some other brands, so what they say sounds right. Natural Balance has the white lining, which they admit contains BPA. Lotus, which is not on the list, also has the white lining, so I assume that it too has BPA. Sometimes companies will say the can does not contain BPA, which is literally true: it is the can lining, not the can itself that contains BPA.

    1. Jeff

      Merrick canned food HAS BPA, see the email I just received from them:

      Hello Geoffrey,
      Thank you for taking the time to contact us. All of our “big” cans (13oz +) have a vertical weld joining the metal, and usually have another weld at the top or bottom There is no BPA-free large can available nor a coating that prevents contact with BPA surfaces (welds). All large pet food cans from all manufacturers have BPA in the liner. We use an aluminized enamel coating, called aluminum organisol. This will be the same for all of our cans. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and if you need further assistance, please let us know. Have a wonderful day!


      Stephanie Dehay
      Pet Parent Relations, Merrick Pet Care, Inc.
      Tel: 1-800-664-7387

    2. BILLIE

      I called Merrick today and they admitted that their large cans contain the BPA lining and that the food is cooked in that can. Taking mine back to petco.

    3. ChrisC

      Weruva cans don’t say BPA free. Where did you get that info from?

  4. Richard

    I bought the grain free canned chicken one time for my rescued cat. It had a strange odor and appearance. I also noticed that it was labeled for dogs and cats? Not sure why it was labeled this because dogs and cats have different dietary needs. My cat ate it, but didn’t really like it. I wont buy anything from this company again.

    I did some of my own research online and found that the company has had a lot of problems.

    I’m now giving my cat Stella and Chewy’s freeze dried raw (he likes it dry, not hydrated) and Nature’s Variety canned food. He’s doing a lot better and is healthy and happy.

    1. Amy Rose Mendo

      Please don’t give freeze dried without moisture. This is awful for the kidneys!

  5. Michelle

    I am confused. I emailed Merrick yesterday asking about BPA in their dog food cans, and this is the response I got. Now I am very worried about weather or not we were lied to!

    Response By Email (Stephanie Dehay) (12/19/2014 03:52 PM)

    Hello Michelle,

    Thank you for your question today. Our 3 oz and 5.5 oz cans are not made with BPA lining.

    At this time, our larger cans are not available without a coating. BPA is the most reliable type of coating to protect the integrity of the food inside and to prevent rusting at the welds. Please let us know if you have further questions.

    Stephanie DeHay
    Pet Parent Relations, Merrick Pet Care, Inc. ; |

  6. Jo

    Here’s what Weruva’s website has to say regarding the issue:

    “Are Weruva’s Cans BPA-Free?

    Weruva has used the same raw materials in its cans today as we did in our first produced cans in 2006. Our manufacturing partner sources the raw materials to make the cans, and then they produce the cans on premises. They utilize a high quality raw material that is fit for use in products for people in the United States and the strict European Union. Upon inquiry in 2007, we were informed that our cans were free of bisphenol-A (BPA).

    In 2008, as BPA was becoming a more popular topic, we sought formal certification from our can supplier that the raw materials were BPA free. In early 2009, we received the following certification from our can supplier: “Materials containing BPA, BPF, BADGE, BFDGE or NOGE (epoxodized novolac resins) are not knowingly added to [the] lacquer, and therefore this can be considered as being epoxy (BPA, BPF, BADGE, BFDGE and NOGE) free.”

    While we have been informed that the above statement remains true as they pertain to our 3.0oz and 5.5oz cans, our manufacturing partner recently has informed us that the supplier of the cans will no longer certify that the cans are BPA free due to the fact that trace amounts of BPA may be present due to other items in the plant that contain BPA.

    In light of increasing awareness of BPA, we can understand the added caution used when making claims, and we accept the information provided by our manufacturer. Please be assured that we will continue to seek the best options for our pets. We hope that this new information helps you, our valued customers, to make accurate and informed decisions.”

  7. Julie

    This forum seems to be unaware that the alternatives that are being used in non-PBA products are proving to be just as bad for us. Ugh. Note the following statement from Merrick that was posted above.

    “Thanks for taking the time to e-mail us, none of our cans contain BPA (Bisphenol A). They are tin coated steel (inside and outside) with an organic coating over the tin on the inside of the can.”

    I like Merrick products because I think they are trying to do better, so this isn’t a jab at them, but they said their cans are “coated” with an organic coating. (What is in the organic coating?) We need to be mindful that marketers are confusing the public with words like organic and natural. Arsenic, mercury, feces and urine are all natural.

    1. Jessie

      Also important to remember that “organic” actually means a substance made of molecules containing carbon and hydrogen atoms bonded together. BPA is an organic molecule, being composed of C, H and O. The chemical industry: “Shoot first and ask questions later”…. Even the BPA substitutes are lab concoctions designed solely for a physical purpose (smoothness, viscosity, ease of hardness, whatever), and always UNTESTED with regard to human (and pet, and aquatic species, and anyone’s) health.

  8. Grace

    I just called EVO about their canned cat food and they said there 5.5oz cans are BPA free. They also said the larger ones were discontinued (they had BPA) in them, but there’s still some out there so don’t buy the larger EVO canned cat food because it has BPA in them and their discontinued.

    Another forum said that WILD CALLINGS 5.5oz canned cat food is BPA free. Someone on the forum emailed them, I did not personally.

  9. Mitch

    Good article, thanks… I wonder if some / most of these companies with BPA free cans are using BPS instead???

    For those that don’t know, you can google BPA versus BPS… It’s just a substitute, and just as bad or worse…

    ASK your favorite company if they use it…

    1. Caliko Kat

      i was thinking that too….I wouldnt be surprised if they have substititued one for the other in order to make the BPA free claim…BPS is just as bad

  10. Jessie

    I don’t think any cans are safe, because they’re all lined with something. Stainless steel is not an economic option. BPA substitutes are just as untested as BPA was when it was created by the chemical industry. Back to kibble, eggs and fish oil only? I don’t have time to make my three big dogs’ food! But kibble has all that starch!… Potatoes exacerbate arthritis, and rice has arsenic in it…. What a shame that we have to navigate around the chemical sh*t-storm we’ve created.


    Thank you so much for doing the research on this and sharing your findings!

    I have been so worried about this for so long but just don’t have the time to make my cat’s food from scratch.
    Do you know though if the linings with the cans have now been replaced with BPS?


  12. Linda

    time to use honest kitchen

  13. sophia

    Thankyou most kindly for your research will get on this and call and email all of these companies this week. my little girl just had breast cancer removal. she is on holistic protocol instead of chemo. there is nonsuch thing as organic cat food in boa can i cant find any I’m vegan . if i have to ill make her food I’m going to try Radcat first its organic raw. i have been feeding her merrick duck in small cans and some blue wilderness chicken and trout my othe r little one like th e purina beyond wild salmon. so I’m on this i will report back

    1. sophia

      im not really replying I’m asking another question. WHO HOLDS THESE COMPANIES RESPONSIBLE? WHO IS THE WATCHDOG? PLEASE answer if anyone knows

  14. ella seneres

    I came to this site as my beloved kitty was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and she will be getting the radioactive isotope, to kill the tumor, ironic I am bed ridden due to contamination with radiation from a test site. Nevertheless she is my sole comfort in my dark days which led me to research how this happened to her, and some people felt its due to PBA. Thank you for compiling this list. I will buy small cans from the companies who sound the most honest. hehehe, I am not much into trusting corporations because my father was a advertiser who served whole countries in Africa; so I am jaded with the crap they dish out and get away with it.


    Dry food leaves your cat & dog with Urinary stones & the large cans 12.5 oz gives them BPA lining which in hand gives them hyperthyroidism !!! The next step is radioactive isotope !!! We live in a screwed up world !!!


    My last pet ate Hills for years, CD dry recommended by my vet in Franklin , Va. & it had stones & crystals, cost over $6k in
    surgeries PU & scar tissue , Antibiotics & Sulfa drugs, then MRSA & finally had an embolism from IV fluids forced in too fast when he had his last UTI !!! Wellness gave him his last four years !!! I wanna sue somebody !!! Now I can’t find a healthy dental chew for my new cat & don’t think he will like brushing !!! Any suggestions I would greatly appreciate, he is
    on Wellness Canned Grain-Free Cat food now !!! Google rated best !!!

    1. Jill broussard

      My cat was just diagnosed with hyperthyroidism (needs the radioactive treatment) and I can only deduce it’s from feeding her canned food. This is about 5 years after switching her off of dry food (Wellness) which was giving her bladder crystals. I feel like I can’t win. I am heartbroken that we’ve created an industry where our animals aren’t safe. Now I have to put a radioactive cream on her ears and it makes her ears hot and makes them peel and it’s OUR FAULT. Heartbroken.

  17. Caliko Kat

    KOHA has BPA…I write to them…just in case anyone is wondering about this brand 🙁

    Quote Tetrasodium Pryophospate was in our old formulas but, not in our new ones. I have included a brochure with all of our new formulas.

    Our cans are not currently BPA free.

    Also, please let me know if we can add you to our email list for future coupons and offers.


  18. Amy Vanburen

    I contacted Purina recently to try and confirm that their 3 oz. cat food cans have BPA-free can linings. Their response (pasted below) was deceptively vague, so I can only assume they DO use BPA in their can linings, to the extent allowed by the FDA.

    “The FDA along with other food safety authorities around the world have said that current levels of BPA in packaging materials do not present a health risk to consumers or their pets. Nonetheless, we are responsive to consumer preferences and attitudes about the use of food contact packaging, including those containing BPA.

    At Purina, the safety and quality of all our pet food products, as well as our packaging, are our top priorities. We understand the concerns you may have regarding BPA and we can assure you that the linings of our 3 & 5 oz. aluminum cans meet all U.S. laws and regulations and safe for contact with food. Every supplier of packaging for Purina pet food must meet stringent standards for packaging. As part of our ongoing food safety program, we monitor our packaging to confirm that our packaging complies with US regulatory requirements.”

  19. ChrisC

    Lies. All lies. I’ve fed my cats food from Fancy Feast cans, Weruva cans, Instinct cans, Evangers cans, Nutro, Merrick & Nautral Balance cans for years. Three of my cats now suffer from severe cases of hyperthyroids and one suffers from Inflamatory Bowel Disease which is ten times worse than hyperthyroids. All of which has costed me thousands of dollars in vet bills. All pet food cans contain BPA regardless of what pet food makers say. And this is because the “can manufacturers” don’t want to spend a few more cents to line their cans with stainless steel which contains no harmful chemicals. It’s all about money people, them making it and us losing it.

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