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What Law Requires

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  1. Ellie

    So some legislator thought to create legislation for this commission but didn’t bother to create the funding or staffing to actually make it happen? What a waste. Typical of the ineffective politics our system has created.

    1. Pet Owner

      Pertaining to this statement:

      [What if] there was a Food Safety Commission comprised of some of the brightest minds of unbiased food science. What if this Food Safety Commission put together Non-GMO proponents, humanely raised animal proponents, and organic food proponents into the commission along side of the standard industry representatives? And what if there would be the development of a separate Pet Food Safety Commission. A commission composed of pet food consumers, unbiased pet food scientists, the pet food industry (representing food grade ingredient pet foods and feed grade ingredient pet food), and practicing veterinarians. Imagine if this group was provided an honest opportunity – as the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act spells out – to make recommendations for pet food safety to regulatory authorities. Imagine if regulatory authorities (FDA and AAFCO) actually listened to the recommendations of the Pet Food Safety Commission and implemented their suggestions?

      Then –
      if it could be guaranteed the commission would act fairly, honestly and would have a measurement to demonstrate results, and be given the power to extend enforcement for compliance, then perhaps a designated tax could be placed on PF products to fund the effort.

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