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What did it cost taxpayers for FDA to test raw pet food?

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  1. foodguy

    Very interesting to see them so upfront about their expense report. To follow up with your point about equal testings- did they say how much they have spent year to date to test dry or canned pet foods?

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      I only sent questions on the raw food testing project. Nothing else.

  2. Marie

    Well said!! And yes, I continue to be suspicious of FDA motives. Their approval/disapproval bears zero weight with me.

  3. Kathryn

    It was never of a concern to me; I will continue to purchase prepared raw foods as well as feed raw foods directly from the grocery store. It was a ‘witch hunt’ as far as I’m concerned. Most persons who do feed a commercial raw product will not change their minds – any more than persons who feed a grain based, cooked ‘kibble’ product will pay any attention to ‘voluntary’ recalls for Salmonella or E-coli. Common sense in handling any food product, regardless or source will suffice. It’ s simply a matter of basic cleanliness.

  4. Casey

    Because the big PFCs see raw starting to make a dent in their take of the market. So they pressure the FDA and the witch hunt begins.

    That money could have been MUCH better spent seeing if dry foods (or even canned) meet manufacturer’s claims for nutrient levels and ingredients. You know, REGULATION OF THE INDUSTRY. But hey, wouldn’t want to do that, now, would we? Better to go after the little guys because they can’t fight back and they hold no political sway.

    Now the FDA can walk around with their chests all puffed up and slap each other on the back for what a good job they’re doing “protecting” the consumer public. Protecting big PFC’s interests is more like it.

    1. Laurie Matson

      Exactly Casey!! The money spent was a total waste, nothing learned, nothing gained. Done totally just to protect the interests of Big Pet Feed. It’s always about the money these days!!

  5. Jennifer Garcia

    I think this was a total waste! They should focus efforts on dry dog food. This seems like a ploy by the “club” to try to focus people on other feeding and make it out to be evil when it is the club who is evil

  6. Barbara Fellnermayr

    Wow, that’s $7580 per sample. What were they testing for? $217000 to pick up 100 samples? Was someone writing off their very expensive vacation as part of the sample pickup process? This really is a load of kibble poop! It stinks to high heaven!

  7. Tracy Dion

    Actually, the number of confirmed kibble-related human illnesses is higher than that. I counted 128 Salmonella cases alone between Jan 2006 and September 2012, and there have been more since!

  8. Matthew O'Leary

    I spoke with the owner of the store in MD where the Stella & Chewy’s stop sale issued by the FDA occurred. To date, the FDA refuses showing documentation regarding the listeria contamination to the owner of the store, or to Stella & Chewy’s.

    Funny how the top raw producers just happened to have contaminated raw, huh? K9 Kravings also tested positive last month as contaminated – they voluntarily recalled thousands of pounds, no dog or human ever got sick.

    I work at an all-natural pet store, and found it amusing to see them literally go down each brand of raw with their recalls, while metal hairs are being pulled out of pedigree food and no one at the FDA notices. Our pets are perfectly fine, don’t you worry!

    1. Cheryl Mallon-Bond

      “I spoke with the owner of the store in MD where the Stella & Chewy’s stop sale issued by the FDA occurred. To date, the FDA refuses showing documentation regarding the listeria contamination to the owner of the store, or to Stella & Chewy’s.”

      Shouldn’t it be the law that if the FDA recalls a companies product, that the company has the legal right to see the PROOF of the test results resulting in the pet food recall?! That’s just mind-blowing that they can get away with whatever the hell they damn well please! Not only should results be given to these companies, but full & transparent disclosure of step-by-step procedure used, starting with collection of samples, all the way through the testing protocol should be disclosed to the manufacturer under investigation for their raw pet food.

      It is unbelievable to me that the FDA can waste that HUGE amount of money, our tax dollars on rediculous testing on raw foods, & for No apparent reason! If people were making a lot of complaints that animals & people became ill, then ok, I would understand, but that was not the case. Meanwhile, like Susan said, a HUGE amount of dry food was responsible for wide spread illness/death from mycotoxins, yet The FDA did not react appropriately investigating & recalling all those foods. What makes me so angry is the arrogant mindset of the FDA, the blatant siding with industry; infact, it is obvious to all of us here at TAPF, that they are “in-bed” with all these big companies & obviously are doing the bidding of their interests & NOT the public, for whom they are supposed to be a regulatory agency to protect our needs & best interests!

      Do they seriously think we are so stupid to not see through them, or like I stated, are so arrogant & believe they are so untouchable, that they can just do whatever it is that they damn well please?! It is so damn infuriating!, & I know all of you concerned with this issue feel the same.

  9. Janet Velenovsky

    IF (a big IF) the results — which clearly proved no greater risk to human health from raw foods, as well as not revealing any significant threat to the pet population — were shared with media and shouted with enthusiasm, I would consider it money well spent. Since the outcome of this study did not make the Big Pet Food companies happy, I am quite sure it was downplayed, if not squelched.

  10. Terri Janson

    All it takes is common sense. Just wash your hands when handling raw meat…..we do it when we make “our” meat foods. It’s no different at ALL. Geeezzzzz…..BTW I homecook and this time I used raw ground beef and my dogs loved it and even my picky kitties did too! I was amazed. The FDA cannot stop us from feeding a raw diet unless they stop the grocery store from selling it! 🙂

    I just wish instead of the witch hunt for raw food that they would test the dry kibbles…Why do they have to be so against it. Hummmmmm….I think we already know the answer to that.

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