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What are the ingredients of vaccines?

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    1. Windbourne

      Thank you.

          1. windbourne

            really? And what work have you done there? Have you been to Atlanta, or say Ft. Collins?
            And who is the CEO of this business?

        1. AL Whitney

          Most employees of CDC are under “perception management”. They have to be to do the horrific things they do. They are told they are preventing disease when they are doing the opposite. But don’t take my word for it. Get the book Science for Sale by former CDC employee Dr. David Lewis. He spent many years observing and taking notes. When he retired he wrote his book. He also investigated what really happened to Dr. Andrew Wakefield. Wakefield was the victim of a well orchestrated attack. He accidentally came across proof regarding the MMR vaccine.and autism. The vaccine pushers had to discredit him in any way they could. The only former CDC employees who seemed to have escaped CDC brainwashing to my knowledge are Dr. Wm Thompson and Dr. David Lewis.

      1. Sukijopa

        Yes, and as pointed out by Robert F. Kennedy Jr., they own more than 50 vaccine patents. That would be, at the very least, a giant conflict of interest.

  1. Cris

    So if I want to ask my vet for the least harmful rabies vaccine which one do I request?

    1. Sandra Murphey

      Cris, Even if you ask your vet about this, chances are they won’t actually know, or will take a guess or use their “opinion”.

    2. windbourne

      You have your animal, kids, or self use whichever vaccine they are carrying. The simple fact is, that NONE of these vaccines are particularly harmful compared to getting the disease.

      Look, decades ago, I used to work at CDC. We had access to a number of vaccines that are NOT available to the general public. Why was that? Because we were working with some nasty bugs, for which we were at risk of catching.. These vaccines carried REAL risks in taking them. As such, they were NOT offered to the general public because they were not considered safe enough. One of the attenuated vaccines DID put me in a hospital, but I did not die (which was ALSO a risk).

      Now, I am immune to these various bugs.

      If you have seen ppl die of various diseases, you would understand that probably the WORST form of a publicly offered vaccine, are those that are not taken. That includes rabies for your pets.

        1. windbourne

          In general, Allergies. In particular, this is VERY true for Infleunza vaccines which are done with chicken eggs. This is why when you get a shot, you remain there for 5 minutes or so. If any REAL issue is going to show up, it will show up in the first 5 minutes.
          Of course, the other one, is with attenuated vaccines.
          For example, the CDC’s vaccine for Dengue is an attenuated bug. In some ppl, it reverts and then puts them in the hospital. It can also kill, just like the bug. This is why it is not offered to the General public but only to those that were in very high risk.

          BTW, Attenuated is why Small Pox vaccines were stopped and why we need to get Somalia and Pakistan to finish polio. The most effective Polio vaccine, is the attenuated one. BUT, there are risks with it.

    3. Emma's Mom

      There is no safe vaccine or harmless vaccine; there’s not even 1 study proving safety. It isn’t natural or “good” to inject chemicals, toxins, diseases, cells or blood of other species directly in to blood stream. There is no health or wellness in a body after it’s been vaccinated – animal and people. ALL vaccination causes brain inflammation (Dr. Russell Blaylock, neurosurgeon and many other doctors and experts) and immune system suppression or confusion. Learn the facts and you may choose to join those of us who never vaccinate or re-vaccinate. Check with natural rearing breeders to learn what amazing results it’s given to their animals in as little as 3 generations. I know too many people who’ve had animals die after a vaccine, even the puppy or kitten ones. Often, you’ll see the vaccine damage 4 weeks after the injection – seizures, allergies, IBD, repeat ear infections, etc. Forced vaccination is a wrong law. It’s against the laws of God, the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights. We exercise civil disobedience by refusing to obey it. Distemper, parvovirus and rabies have all been prevented and cured naturally along with all the other animal diseases; read the books by Juliette de Bairacli Levy for proof. There’s no money for big pharma in that so they brainwash people into believing vaccination is the only way and then use the governments to insist on it.

  2. guest

    All vaccines contain live cancer cells. Canine vaccines contain canine cancer cells, feline vaccines typically contain feline kidney cancer cells that is why so many cats have failing kidneys. Human vaccines contain cancer cells from aborted babies with cancer.
    Not to mention the heavy metals and dangerous chemicals.
    Safer alternative to vaccines are nosodes.
    There are rabies nosodes that prevents rabies way better then any rabies vaccine.
    Parvo nosodes prevent parvo better then any parvo vaccines
    Distempber nosodes prevent distemper.
    Lyme tick nosodes prevent lyme disease
    Ehrlichia Tick nosodes prevents Ehrlichia
    There are nosodes available for most disease prevention.
    There are many combo nosodes too.
    Nosodes do not have the bad side effects like vaccines.
    Vaccines damage the immune system, so your pet will get allergies, uncontrollable itching, aggression towards other dogs and or humans, disease, illness and cancer
    Are vaccines worth it for all these dangerous side effects when there are safer alternatives that work better than vaccines?
    Search for a real holistic veterinarian?
    Real holistic veterinarians use nosodes.
    If not, then search and buy nosodes and read the instructions and learn more online
    or learn at holistic websites like

  3. Christina

    I am in the same boat as Windbourne.

    I am an industrial scientist (petrochem and agrochem) and know the difference between ETHYL mercury (Used in vaccines and in cancer drugsand in deep-sea or oceanic fish) and Methyl Mercury (the type used in thermometers and by hatters).
    Ethyl mercury, while toxic in large amounts, is not bioaccumulate, therefore not building up in the body like mm does (leaving the body in approx 18 days). This eliminates the possibility of causing mad-hatter’s syndrome.
    If you’re worried about mercury after that, then you also have to stop feeding animals (human, canine and feline) tuna, salmon and most fish-oil tablets.

    Also you mentioned Formaldehyde: The amount of formaldehyde left in vaccines after processing (even if above the QC limit) is ppm less than what an animal produces in digestion of food themselves.

    …..AND don’t get me started on Wakefield and Hooker. They have set the world back from the eradication of polio, whooping cough and measles back by many decades.

    1. Meghan

      Christine, there is a major difference between ingesting a little Mercury, where it has a chance to be filtered out via filtering organs vs injecting it directly into the bloodstream. Also, I don’t know where you’ve been but whooping cough is far from eradicated. In fact, next to the flu vaccine, it’s has the lowest efficacy rate. Hence why the major outbreaks have been among the vaccinated. Wakefield and Hooker have nothing to do with that. Those are just two points to consider.

    2. Jane Jones

      Sounds like you and Windbourne may be cashing the same checks from pharma for trolling! Brubacjher’s study proved mercury is not exiting the body after being injected into a closed system but is crossing the blood brain barrier and infecting the brain! You need to read and research or stay off post with your BS Your replies prove you know nothing!

  4. Lynn

    Even if a vaccine company doesn’t specifically add Thimerisol, they can buy products that already have Thimerisol in it. That way they can say THEY didn’t add Thimerisol. So thimerisol free vaccines aren’t necessarily free of it.

  5. guest

    The reason nosodes are not used is because they are not profitable like the proprietary recipes of vaccines
    Vaccines are very profitable and the diseases they cause, especially cancer are the most profitable for the cancer industry & the medical industry.
    The fda use to be called the chemical association and their job is to protect and help chemical companies like big pharma to profit greatly.
    Vaccine researchers do not vaccinate themselves or their families because they know these dangerous chemicals cause cancer, disease, illness, etc.
    Big pharma is the most profitable industry in America, and they pay off the gov, the fda and anyone to protect their profits. Big Pharma execustives make millions per year, plus amazine benefits and all kind of perks.
    Big pharma needs lots of customers in order to live these luxury lifestyles.
    Big pharma must sell massive amounts of vaccines and chemical prescription drugs, etc thru their white coasted sales agents, doctors and veterinarians.
    Big pharma has reward programs for both doctors and veterinarians. The more they sell to the customers, the greater the rewards of cash, shopping sprees, gift cards, trips, expensive restaurant gift cards, cruises, sport tickets, and more…
    Doctors and veterinarians, want to sell you, the customer, as much as they can, as they will benefit in rewards, same as kickbacks, but they call it rewards, because it sounds like a contest prize, instead of calling it what it really is, a kickback.
    Take your health and your pets health into your own hands.
    Stop the vaccines and use alternative nosodes.
    Great if you can find a real holistic vet, if not, research and buy nosodes online and take care of your own pets.
    Nosodes do not create the bad side effects that vaccines cause, so nosodes will save you a lot in both money and pain.
    Nosodes are a great money saver for the long term health of your pets.
    But remember you must also feed some raw food as all pets need fresh alive enzymes from real food which is not present in commercial kibble or over cooked canned food. Add a organic whole raw egg to your dog’s meal daily, is an easy way to start with raw and crush up the shell for natural calcium.
    You only need a vet for emergencies or for blood work, then from the blood work, if your dog is positive say for lyme disease, then buy the lyme nosodes online or buy from your local real holistic vet to treat the lyme. Nosodes are used in much higher dosage and for a longer period of time to get rid of a disease.
    Antibiotics do not work well for tick diseases. Antibiotics temporarily mask the symtoms but the tick disease will return stronger when the antibiotics stop, so go with the nosodes that actually strengthen the immune system to get rid of the tick disease.
    There is also the Dr Rife machine for killing parasite diseases in dogs and people too.
    Look for safer alternatives for many diagnoses.
    Learn more also at
    Hope this helps.
    I wish someone had told me all these things for my first dog. Unfortunately my dog suffereed dearly from vaccines and the vets made a lot of money from my dog suffering from the vaccines so thats why the vets lie about the danger of vaccines and the danger of chemical medicine.
    I have spent many many hours researching to find alternatives so we don’t have to go thru the agony and pain again.
    Remember stand up for your pets against the Dr White Coat Salesman and Saleswomen.
    Say NO and do your research and don’t be fooled by the many misguided websites lying to you so you will buy chemical medicines and chemical vaccines.

  6. guest

    Christina please read the real TRUTH history on the polio and the polio vaccine. What really happened with polio.
    And it s not on any mainstream media. Dont get me started on the truth.
    Obviously you make a very good income working as a scientist as most scientists are paid very well to go along with the program, regardless of health, for extreme profits, not truth, not health, as money is king in the USA.

    1. windbourne

      Money is NOT kind with vaccines. In fact, very little money is made on it. The real money is not on prevention, but on treating symptoms. Vaccines, esp. with the large number of fools that make up garbage about them, combined with those that sue for no reasons, make it a berak-even most of the time.

  7. Natalie

    Neglibile formaldehyde = filling a syringe with formaldehyde, push it back out then draw up 1cc of sterile water and inject it into your arm.

    1. windbourne

      far far less than that.
      However, you should be aware that our bodies, including babies have far more *aldehydes in our body than all of the vaccines put together will add.
      If worried about *alderhydes, then never smoke; never drink; never go into a room with a prepared corpse; etc. All of these will introduce you to more *alderhydes than does all of the vaccines COMBINED.

  8. GloriaJH

    I understand the PureVax is a better vaccine – no mention of it here?

  9. Dr Cathy

    Gloria – PureVax is specifically mentioned – please see the first paragraph after the table

  10. GloriaJH

    Dr. Cathy – rats! Sorry, I was looking at the table, and just scanned over the following paragraph, and missing it, ugh! Thank you for taking the time to help me focus. 😀

    My regular vet uses the PureVax – however, I stay away from vaccines as a rule.

    I have 4 feral-born that I captured (a momma and her 3), and took to another vet with a feral-TNR program. They didn’t seem to know what kind of rabies vaccine they were using, so I opted out of giving any vaccines. The family now resides inside with the others I’ve rescued. I currently care for 17 – all but 4 were feral-born, and we’ve managed to bring inside 13 of those 17 – I wished I was able to get them all inside, but … .
    Thanks, again!

  11. Lori

    Anti-vaxxers will be the death of the food safety movement. This is a dangerous trend to get aligned with. You will lose all credibility with those who want to focus on the *science* of food safety. I wish you would separate your extremely important food safety work from this discredited, anti-science fad.

    1. Emma's Mom

      The evidence of vaccine damage shows the “science” of it is either erroneous or an outright lie. Billions of damaged and dead humans/animals tell the truth about vaccination; this is evidence/proof. Prove vaccines are 100% safe and then you can ASK people to inject them. It’s still an issue of freedom vs. government force. They cannot be made safe and therefore shouldn’t be used. Health can never come from an injection of diseases, chemicals, toxins, etc; it only comes from good healthy living – eating organic, nutritious foods and having zero to few toxins in every form. Strengthening the immune system enables it to either fight off the “bad guy” or to not get it at all. You’re either uninformed or misinformed on the facts of vaccination or you’re a pharma troll. Intelligent people aren’t upset over discussions of important issues. It’s important for the facts to get out there. Facts, not pharma or government propaganda.

    2. Jane Jones

      More and more truths are coming out every day about the inefficiency and dangers of vaccines! More Drs. and nurses and researchers are speaking out! We need these BRAVE heroes! Vaccines are neither safe nor effective, Do some real research! Vaccine damage is Real! Learn the Real Risks!

  12. Louise

    I would, of course, rather do nosodes but might have to do rabies vaccine (at least once) just to protect my dog in case there were a situation where I needed proof that she had something . . . am still undecided . . .

    What is the safest rabies vaccine to give is a person has to give it?

  13. Dr Cathy

    If you vaccinate only once, the first one is supposed to be a one-year vaccine in most states. Select a thimerosal-free vaccine (ask your vet), knowing that it may not truly be thimerosal-free, as discussed above.

    1. windbourne

      Doc, while I appreciate the effort that you have put in for obtaining your DVm, it bothers me that you would follow along with the likes of wakefield and hooker. Both of those were quakes in this, and absolutely caused more harm than they helped due to their lies.

      thimerosal IS mercury, but is NOT taken up by the body. In addition, the amount of it that is in vaccines is minimal. I got more mercury from playing with rolley-polley balls of thermometer mercury (which WAS dangerous), then I got out of all of the vaccines, including small pox and polio, added up.

      1. Jane Jones

        You are so wrong! Wakefield and Hooker are heroes! They are exposing the corruption in the CDC and they have the evidence to back it up! And your info about thimerosal is also completely wrong—Brubacher’s study and others show it ends up in the BRAIN. There has been no safety study done showing mercury in any amount is safe to inject.

  14. Bill B

    What surprises me is that most Dog owners are still vaccinating there pets. This is very harmful for the pet, once you have the initial vaccinations thats all you need. If you continue repeating this every year all you are doing is confusing the dogs immune system, and the there antibodies go out of whack.
    Just have blood work checked every year to 18 months that will tell you if your pets have a problem. Which I don’t believe they will have

  15. Denise M Moitoza

    One of my 4 dogs has a reaction each time he has a rabies vaccination. And his do get worse with each vaccination. Finally he is almost 12 and the vet has just now decided he shouldn’t have the vaccination any longer. It is law in my state so he had to have the shot. Each time his shot came due I went to the vet with pictures of all previous vaccination disasters. They insisted it was not the vaccine… they are offering to write a letter instead of giving him the shot. 12 YEARS LATER!

    1. Jane Jones

      Your vet was negligent and did a great disservice to you and your pet! I wouldn’t go back-I’d fire him and tell him EXACTLY why!

  16. Johanna

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for this article! I have been trying to find out the ingredients in pet vaccines for a while now, but have been almost entirely unable to find any info at all. I was especially floored to find out that companies are allowed to put “trade secret” as their adjuvant. As far as the mercury and aluminum go, from what I’ve read, they are especially bad together, as the aluminum hinders your body’s ability to get rid of the mercury.

    I believe very strongly that my dog’s aggression and fear issues are the direct result of vaccinosis, though of course I have no way to prove it. We got her first shots at five months, when she was a happy-go-lucky puppy and very sociable. She used to play with neighbor’s dogs and get pet by children in the neighborhood. Then at five months we got her spayed and her shots done- I didn’t realize at the time how many the vet intended to give her as he didn’t even really say. She got a total of SEVEN all at once, DHLPPC + rabies, at the same time as a surgery, which of course taxes your immune system as well as the vaccines. Immediately after this we noticed behavioral changes, lots of fear, hackles up, and barking at anything “new”. At 6 years old now, she is extremely reactive to people coming to the house, people on walks (she needs to be muzzled for vet visits), novel situations/objects/sounds, and especially other dogs. We’re making huge strides with positive-reinforcement training and nutritional changes, and have especially noticed drastic improvements since switching to reverse-osmosis (RO) water and giving her digestive enzymes in her food. But the more I learn, the more I kick myself for blindly allowing the vet free rein with her vaccines, and I know she would be a different dog if we hadn’t gotten them done. If I had it to do all over again, I would go 100% vaccine-free.

    I apologize for the lengthy comment, but I really appreciate you writing on this subject as it’s something I’m very passionate about and think every owner needs to be aware of. Thank you for sharing, especially the ingredient info! I will be sharing this post with everyone I can!

  17. Teresa

    Years ago, I had a semi-feral colony of cats I had rescued. At one time we had 21. I had them all spayed/neutered and they only let my husband and myself handle them. I was a vet tech and under the influence of “must be vaccinated” so every year, I vaccinated them. After losing 3 to vaccine related deaths, I did my research and quit vaccinating. The rest lived to ripe old ages with no health problems. And I have not vaccinated any of my cats since with no problems. My cats now live indoors since we are no longer in the country so they are not exposed to anything therefore their risk is minimal. But I am amazed at how the vets still push vaccines on indoor only cats who have more risk of getting harmed by the vacs.

    1. GloriaJH

      Teresa – your feral collection story is so similar to mine, fortunately, I didn’t have the influences you had in your early years. :), I’ve had a 6-th sense about vaccines – for human’s too – I’m a senior, and still refuse the annual “Flu Vaccine” propaganda.

      The only concern I might have about indoor cats not getting some vaccines have to do with the possibility of someone/visitor bringing a virus inside that might infect one of the cats. (?)

      With Rabies – unless you have bats flying into your house, or the cat escapes, it’s much less likely that an inside cat would ever need to be protected.

      Most of the feral-born I trapped were exposed to the one-year rabies vaccine only. It was the last 4 that haven’t had the rabies vaccine.

      I do regret having one feral-born re-vaccinated just this past May – she fell off the roof and because she was convulsing I was able to capture her to have her checked out. I guess she bit a tech, who then went to the urgent care, who then had to report to Animal Control. I don’t know, but I guess I stayed out of trouble because she had be given the rabies vaccine ??? – (another story!!). So, I’ll pray that she hasn’t been harmed – it was a PureVax vaccine. She is now inside and seems to be doing really well.

      We can only do the best we know how – I’ll continue to follow my instincts until proof otherwise. 🙂

  18. Peter

    Consumers mistakenly interpret that “inactive” (“inactive” vs. the “active” ingredient) means benign. It does not. In some veterinary medicines, the inactive ingredients (example: excipients) can comprise 90% or more of the total product (example: flea and tick treatments).

    In the end, the fact that the majority of ingredients in veterinary medicines are undisclosed industry secrets means that neither the vet or the consumer has means to find out what they are. There is no way to gauge whether the dog or cat might be sensitive to any of these undisclosed ingredients, whether singularly, or acting in synergy, or, acting as a cross trigger to another toxin, allergen, or medication the animal may be taking or exposed to. Within that framework, the vet can only offer generalized advice, such as describing that s/he has had or never had etc. reactions with the firm’s specific clients.

  19. Marisa

    Vaccines/pharma is a multi-billion dollar industry. It’s in business to make – huge – profits vs. preventing disease and promoting/maintaining health. Pharma is a powerful conglomerate. They financially “reward” government entities (e.g., FDA), medical/veterinary associations, public health authorities, MDs, veterinarians, medica/veterinary schools, academia, media, health insurance companies, among others, to push, force and mandate the vaccine regime.

    Contrary to what pharma and the industrial medical complex wants us to believe, injecting chemicals (formaldehyde mercury, aluminum), live viruses, animal matter or toxins do NOT promote health or prevent disease. Vaccines carry the risk of injury or death. They’re not holistic practices. Health is achieved/maintained with good sanitation, refrigeration, healthy, wholesome foods, exercise, removing/reducing toxins/contaminants, proper supplementation and sleep. The propaganda spread by the industrial medical complex is that vaccines saved us from infectious diseases (e.g., polio, smallpox, ) in the 20th century. Interestingly, vaccines were not yet invented when that occurred. The credit goes to good sanitation and nutrition, clean water, refrigeration, indoor plumbing. No magic injection, pill or drug will fortify the immune system or prevent disease. Your first line of defense is your innate immunity.

    The vaccine industry is fear-based, not science-based. The message is everyone will be exposed; if you are exposed, you will get sick; unless you’re vaccinated, you’re going to get sick. They have never done vaccinated-unvaccinated studies. Vaccines have yet to be proven safe and effective. In the U.S., the industry has total liability protection (can’t sue them for damages), so do health practitioners administering vaccines and the government authorities requiring them. Therefore, they have no accountability for negligence or faulty products/practices.

    The U.S. administers more vaccines than any other nation. It’s also the nation with the sickest population, and the nation that spends most on health care. Their vaccine regime starts at 12 hours after birth! By the age of 18, 69 doses of 16 vaccines will have been given. The CDC recommends 49 doses of those vaccines be given before the age of 6. In the 70s and early 80s, children in the U.S. were given 23 doses of 7 vaccines. As the number of vaccine doses tripled, so was the increase in chronic brain and immune dysfunction.

    For more info on the topic, check these sites:,,

    You need to be your own advocate for your health and that of your companion animals. Public “health” entities, MDs, veterinarians, CDC (a for-profit corporation), FDA, among others, might have self-serving interests in mind. Blindly trusting the “experts” could jeopardize your health and that of your beloved animals. It’s in your best interest to do your own research and then you can make informed decisions. Information and awareness is power.

  20. Dianne & Pets

    My one dog is required to get a rabies vaccine this year. I see the recommended is the Imrab TF. But what is the difference between inactivate and killed in terms of safety?

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