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What are the dangers of kibble?

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  1. Peter

    “The recall issued one week ago for Beneful” ??

    1. Susan Thixton

      Peter – good catch. That was supposed to be lawsuit – not recall. It’s been changed above. Thanks.

  2. jb

    Kibble? Really? Heated, dead, extruded unknown ingredients from 4-D animals, roadkill, euthanized pets/animals, rendering plant garbage, A DANGER?

    You BET! Would NEVER feed that crap to my companions.

  3. Anne

    “Adding water to Dry Kibble for Cats and Dogs greatly increases the nutritional value; as for Beneful this is caused by “refined corn causing Pellagra (deficiency Niacin Vitamin b3; Niacin Vitamin Be prevents “pellagra”!

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