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We’ve Made History

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  1. Lilly

    Congratulations Susan!! Way to go!!
    One question…Will the laboratory facility where the foods are tested be made public information as well?
    Thanks for all you are doing to keep our pets safe and educate consumers.

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      Yes – everything will be made public after. I’m hesitant on releasing any of that information before – but after I’ll publish everything including results, labs, and a full accounting of every dime earned/spent.

  2. cherie holverson

    Thank you for all you do for our wonderful pets!

  3. Cheryl

    You are an amazing human being!
    All of us and our fur-kids are very lucky to have an advocate such as yourself in our corner.
    Please don’t stop the wonderful work you do.

  4. Wolf

    so very thrilled to see this happening. So happy to see these very important independent tests being done, backed up, verified, documented, and released so that the findings can not be disputed. This is going to be such a huge huge help to every single pet owner, across the nation. The long term effects will be felt throughout the industry, and forcing accountability by circumventing agencies and organizations under the influence of BPF is just groundbreaking.

    This is what we’ve needed, Susan. Thank you for spearheading this effort. You know you have a wide following, who will help you in whatever way we can…just call on us.

  5. Sally Roberts

    Thank you for all you do for these babies !!!

  6. Tracey

    This is exactly what we’ve been needing for so long! It’s been so frustrating trying to find a decent dog and cat food. I can’t afford to totally make my own so the cat gets homemade and the dog gets 3/4 dry and 1/4 homemade (55# dogs eat a lot). I am hoping the Victor dog food is a little better than the rest but won’t know for sure until tests are done. Can we request testing of certain brands? I know there are a lot!

  7. Jo

    What Wolf said! We got your back, Susan! Whatever help you need, you got it. (And feel better soon!)

    Am so proud of everyone who donated. Please please…let’s keep this fundraising going! Tell everyone you know! $10, $5, $1…no amount is too small–or large! The more $ is donated, the better the chance that the food YOU are feeding your pets will be included! And as Susan indicated, the more money received, the more contaminants we can test for…and with lots more money, we could even include that ever-so-special DNA testing that Susan addressed on the pet food testing campaign page!

    If we can dream it, we can do it!…for the animals!!!

  8. Christine

    Wow Susan – that’s amazing! Hope you might have a lawyer friend that can advise you as you go as to every bit of language used in reporting findings – some of these companies have such deep pockets. I have a kernel of dread in my stomach, worrying they’ll do everything they can to try and suppress your findings. You’d think there’d be no legal recourse as far as defamation if you’re just reporting data found, but they’re not going to like it. We are all so interested and excited for this to proceed! Hope you’re feeling better very soon. Thank you so much for coordinating this, and thank you to all of you who donated. It’s a wonderful opportunity to create positive change.

  9. Stephen


    You are Our & our Animal’s Hero

  10. Laura

    I think it would be good to include a big link/banner to the campaign on the front page, and to state near/on it that even though the initial goal has been met, there’s still more funds that can be raised. Now that the article linking to the site is off the front page first-time visitors are less apt to see it, and by specifically pointing out before they even visit the site that more money can be used beyond the initial, minimum goal, they’ll be more likely to stick around and read the info on the page and possibly donate instead of seeing that the goal has been met and leaving.

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      Thanks Laura – I’ll try to get that done.

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