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We’re going to ‘The Hill’

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  1. Jeroice

    thanks for all you do. I hope y’all stick the screws to them to a point they have no choice but to cave in and hold savages accountable intentionally poisoning pets for sake for profit.

  2. TJF

    Bless you for all you do, Susan! Looking forward to hearing the updates! May good karma be yours forever, for giving a voice to those who cannot speak and for helping us out here who would otherwise be very mis-informed about an issue that is critical to all of us.

  3. Jan

    That is magnificent!!! I am thrilled to hear this news and know that you will be in my prayers as you meet with representatives. They are there to represent the ‘will’ of the people. Let’s hope that they hold to that and not cave to the bigwigs. I deeply appreciate all that you do for us and all our pets. God speed!

  4. Jeri

    Covering you all in prayer as you go fight this fight. Godspeed.

  5. LilnAme

    God Speed Susan!!! We are all with you in spirit. I know you will prevail on behalf of all pet food consumers and their animal companions.

  6. Carmelita

    Thank you all for all you do in behalf of our furry babies! I am sending positive energy your way to keep you safe and hope you are successful.

  7. Lisa Marie

    Throwing roses your way, thank you for all you do, your tireless efforts and dedication. 🙂

  8. Darlene

    Susan, as much as I love ya, I really wish you didn’t post anything till after your meeting. Nothing to gain by posting before, so why let big pet food in on what you are planning? With the connections they have they can probably figure out who you are scheduled to see and sabotage everything. Hope that doesn’t happen but our government is corrupt .

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      I wanted consumers to know. I was excited about it and felt everyone else would be too. I always report bad news, felt it was good to share some good news for a change. I do understand your concerns however, I have them too. But…regardless of their connections, we are still going and still pressing on.

  9. T Allen

    I hope you can get some media coverage! That would be “priceless!” Be careful and good luck!

  10. Eileen Crosby

    Susan you are truly amazing!!! Thank you for doing this. How can we help you? If there is anything we can do, or you need, please do not hesitate to ask.

  11. Sharon Orchekowsky

    “True courage is like a kite; a contrary wind raises it higher.” John Petit-Senn Stay safe and strong – the winds of money are gale force.

  12. Sandra Short

    Thank you so much Susan for fighting this fight for all of us!! The truth must win. God bless you and our prayers are with you!

  13. Michelle

    Thank you!

  14. Lauren Thibodeau

    Thank you Susan for the stand you take, it is so much appreciated to have you as our warrior that fights for all our precious animals health regarding pet food. Prayers for all of you while your in DC fighting the good fight! Bless you 🙂

  15. Leanne

    Turn up the political heat! Wish you could find a high profile celebrity to work with on this. Can you imagine if you could come up with some sort of ice bucket challenge that would take social media by storm and increase awareness and pressure. Something people could do with their furry one.

  16. Cynthia

    Thank you and good luck!

  17. Pacific Sun

    Another milestone, Susan! Just when I’d guess you can’t take anymore (frustration, threats, lying) you go and achieve the next step! Amazing. Just to have the Cap Hill audience. To know, that what you’re going to be saying, is now going into the “record.” ‘Bout time!

    Glad you’ll be supported by the others too (as witnesses)
    Thank you for all that you do!!

  18. Anthony Hepton.

    Susan, As you are well aware, all communications with FDA and CVM that are of significance appear to be quickly shared with the manufacturer or manufacturers directly or indirectly involved with the issues being raised. This is very troubling as it undermines the independence both of the consumer advocates, but also of the agency involved. This concern needs to be on the various agendas and recognizes as an issue.

    1. Pacific Sun

      I’ve ALWAYS respected your comments! How do they go about protecting themselves? And how do they get to the heart of the matter without being compromised. The heart of the matter is illegal activity. Who then, has the accountability to take proper action.

      They need to know in advance.

      1. Anthony Hepton.

        FDA and CMV give a heads -up to the pet food manufacturers whenever a consumer, or consumer group raises an issue that can compromise a manufacturer. We have been advised to report all product concerns to FDA and other appropriate agencies such as CVM. When the concern involves questionable practices by a manufacturer but the manufacturer in question has already been alerted by the Federal agency in charge of oversight, where are we going to turn to get appropriate corrective action?

        1. Pacific Sun

          Not in disagreement, but to expand the discussion. By the reasoning here, by default, the manufacturers have representation because preference is given to their side. Look how difficult it is to ever prove a case against them. FDA, CMV are funded, therefore they’re accountable to their resources. Technically (and I think we’ve read here) each State’s Department of Agriculture is actually more responsible for regulation and enforcement. However, again, it is a branch of government.

          The problem is, there is no formal customer advocacy group (as Ralph Nader existed in his day). He received relative publicity, and consumers appreciated his intervention. Susan is doing this job regarding PF and consumers, but she is totally under-funded, for the scope of the intervention that is actually required. It has taken 10 years to get to a point where agencies have figured out she isn’t going away.

          The only recourse is putting forth lawsuits. Which because of the way the legal system works, puts the onus of proof of violation on the consumer. And if their proof is insufficient or inadequate (legally speaking) then the suit is immediately dismissed. Rather than the burden of defense being on placed on the manufacturer to disprove the allegation. As in having to proved their integrity and compliance to the consumer. There is no chain link between accusation, remedy and improvement (or safeguard).

  19. Duncan Ness

    Have a safe and productive trip! Thank you for doing all this! Thank you for the furry ones who die so that someone else can make a profit–and thank you for we who care for them as best we can.

  20. gail

    We all owe so much gratitude to you. Our voice, our leader. Big Pet Food , and the FDA, had better start listening. The “good old boys” club is being shut down. There’s a woman in charge now. (with a whole mess of helpers and backers).
    Don’t they realize that the first one to make the change is going to get the most marbles? Because, like it or not there is a movement going on that is NOT going to stop. We will be heard…..thanks to you.

  21. Linda Kelly

    Hey Susan as a concerned pet owner who purchases pet food in good faith from a pet food company and expects government regulations are being upheld I would like to donate $25.00 to this group so that these funds can be applied to the groups travel costs. Is there anyone that wants to do the same and where do I send my check? It’s not much but many donating would make a difference. It’s time to make government accountable….

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      Your thoughtfulness is much appreciated – but don’t worry. Consumers support me year round with The List and Petsumer Report, I got this covered.

  22. Regina

    Good Luck, Susan. May you have a safe and productive trip!!!

    I do hope that you actually talk to someone (as many as possible) who can give this some traction. So many times, constituents only get to meet “staffers” and not their actual elected representative. Big Conglomerate money has so much influence in DC, I do hope that your optimism is not deflated once you get there.

  23. Debi


  24. Sherrie Ashenbremer

    awesome news

  25. Mary Sue

    Thanks Susan, Karen, et al.

  26. Teresa

    Thank you Susan. As I was reading this, got tears on my eyes because You work so tirelessly and Am praying that you all will be met with open mindedness and things will finally change. I’m another one who feeds Gerald. Just today I received a case of cat food with one can that had exploded in the case with no other markings on the can. I cannot feed them any of this food and have to throw the entire case away for fear it could kill them. At least is amazing and is sensing me a total replacement with no questions asked. But now I’m scared that something is wrong with their recent batches and will be comtacting the company to make sure it is safe.
    You are in my prayers. Please be safe. Thank you for your tireless work. YOU DO MAKE A DIFFERENCE no matter what happens!💟

  27. suzanne

    Thank you Thank you Thank you! God bless you and everyone going with you and behalf of all of us pet lovers. Stay safe!

  28. Dianna

    You go, girl! I am so amazed by and grateful to you for all your efforts on our babies’ behalf’s. Know that when you go, we are with you in spirit. Thank you SO much. You and your team are a force to be reckoned with! =)

  29. cathy

    thank you for what you are doing on behalf of our pets. I keep our rep in Florida informed so I hope Vern Buchanan will meet with you and take this problem seriously.

  30. Terri Christenson Janson

    This makes me so happy I have happy tears in my eyes! Thank you Susan for all you do for us. Bless you with all my heart! 🙂

  31. Reverend Jane Eagle

    You have probably saved more animals lives than any org. Years ago, before I found you, I read a terrific long article on the Born Free website, called “What’s really in pet food?” …So I was with you before I read you.

    Due to the dangers of unregulated pet “food” I refuse to buy any of that garbage in a bag: I make my own, I share my recipes with everyone, and I tirelessly advocate for safe, homemade HUMAN GRADE food for all animals. This movement is spreading; tell the FDA that! You can also point out that many poor people eat canned pet food; when it says “human grade” on the label, that should mean it is safe for humans to eat.

    1. Sherrie Ashenbremer

      Would you share your receipes with me? I have 5 dogs, (3 Shih Tzu, around 10 pounds each, 1 Pekegense about 12 pounds and one Jack Russell/Beagle mix at 22 pounds) it is costly to feed them, I buy Honest Kitchen and Zignature and mix them. Sometimes I add some chicken or beef or veggies. I would love some help. Email me at thank you

  32. Dengland

    Go get’m ! Thank you for leading this important charge.

  33. Eve

    This is FANTASTIC NEWS Susan. You have found your true path calling in life and honoring it and with this you are now receiving profound support by experts and pet consumers to back you up all the way. Even though I myself would ‘never’ advocate ‘any commercial pet feed – I stand by Susan. Eve X

  34. J

    Keep on fighting for us Susan Thixton!

  35. M Patterson

    Dear Susan I am compiling an AAFCO doc could please contact me to discuss.

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