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Wellness Old Mother Hubbard Pet Food law suit announced

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  1. Ryan

    This lawsuit was dismissed by the judge. I’m not sure what the reason behind the dismissal was, but I’m relieved to hear it. Chicken meal is a good thing to see in a pet food. Raw chicken contains a large percentage of water, and therefore less nutrients per ounce. Making chicken meal cooks the chicken, and removes much of the moisture therein. This significantly increases the amount of nutrients in the food, making it more “nutrient-dense.” By definition, chicken meal is NOT supposed to include the heads, feet, feathers, by-products, or entrails of the chicken. If those things were included in the chicken meal, that is a problem. Otherwise, chicken meal, or any other meat meal, is a good thing to see in a food, as it is packed with more protein and other nutrients than it would otherwise.

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