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Wellness Cat Food Recall

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  1. mary

    Thank you for voluntarily recalling the food. I had purchased a kitten who was 8 weeks old when brought her home. I had been feeding her Wellness since I had read that you don’t put grains and animal by-products in the food. My kitten was great for 3 weeks and then became throwing up violently, stopped eating for a week and lost so much weight. I couldn’t figure out what in the world had happened. Anyway, I took her in to my vet and she didn’t have any parasites. He gave her a shot and gave me some antibotics

  2. mary

    Oops, kitten stepped on computer. She is back to her silly self so I am thrilled. I didn’t realize it could have been the cat food. I have been using the Wellness again without any problems. I had purchased more this evening and went in to check the dates and they are fine. Who would have thought that a deficiency would do that. Can one purchase this supplement and can you give too much?

  3. donna morin

    I have a one year old Ragdoll. He is a male and his name is Pepper. I was giving him Purina Smart blend dry and 3oz wet. He is 13 pounds. Appears to be in good health. I did npotice he has an allergy to something we don’t know if its rice or wheat. Peppers Vet wants me to purchase a different food. I like Wellness cat food. Now my concern is Rags don’t fully mateur until 4 years old. so do I continue kitten or adult. What would be the best dry food for Pepper using the wellness dry food. you have many.

    thank you

  4. sally matthews

    wellness, purchased wellness for the 1st time& my cat will not eat it. Can I get a refund??? Petco is where I bought it. It is not cheap & that is why I”m asking for a refund or buy something else???

  5. Carma Manring

    I have been using wellness turkey and salmon for some time now my cats love it .
    I get it shipped to me as I have 5 cats. However the last shipment I got they have backed off from eating it. Also it has given them very loose watery stools. My last order was ( Best Buy: 09 Dec 19 7WTSS1
    I’ve never had this problem before? Do you have any idea why?

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