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Wellness Cat Food Recall

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  1. Pacific Sun

    Thank you, Susan! You get this information out there even before the USDA Recall notices!!

    So they must be using the same co-packer as Grreat Choice, interesting! But honest.

    1. Peter

      Except that the Grreat Choice and Companion products are “economy” brands whereas Wellness is positioned as “super premium.” All made in the same (lousy) place. As consumers we are so ingorant of this issue. Wonder how far this will go? It is just a manifestation of scaled-manufacturing processes, and makes one remember how far the sticking pedal issue became for Toyota: because so many products (cars) had been designed to share certain part platforms, as a means to consolidate and reduce costs. Instead of one or two cars, it went well across their line.

  2. Teresa

    Are they talking about the Evangers’ problem with pentobarbitol? Don’t know where Wellness Pet food is packed.

    1. Trynedge

      No, this is a completely separate issue. And it’s a voluntary withdrawal, not a recall. It helps to actually read the article. You can always contact the company, too.

      1. Teresa

        You don’t have to be so rude. Some people might have thought that and I was just clarifying it. Applaude Wellness for stepping in and being transparent.

        1. Pet Owner

          Nobody is intentionally rude on this site. And I’ve noticed a particular emphasis (especially among cat food users) to be supportive and informative. From the FDA website, here’s their definition: “Recalls – of which there are three types – are actions taken by a firm to remove a product from the market. Recalls may be conducted on a firm’s own initiative, by FDA request, or by FDA order under statutory authority.” “When a company announces a recall, market withdrawal, or safety alert, the FDA posts the company’s announcement as a public service. FDA does not endorse either the product or the company.” (Nor does the TAPF).

          The Wellness’ announcement isn’t on the USDA website, yet. So we should appreciate when a company communicates directly with the TAPF to get the word out quickly! The announcement is specific by Best Buy date, the Recipe, and Can Size. “Carly” the Wellness Rep, also reached out directly (throughout the comments section) at least 3 times with an 800 number, and weekend availability! The TAPF’s intention is to help as many people as possible! A tremendous amount of work is involved (behind the scenes) to present what is always in the best interests of every pet owner! Thank you, Susan.

        2. Peter

          I’ve had direct experience with Wellness. My cat nearly died after eating Wellness canned food. I was/am able to completely eliminate consideration of any other cause. They will endeavor to deflect criticism and won’t take responsibility, unless you can produce a necropsy or statement from a veterinary professional in explicit terms of “As the vet, I was standing in the room at this person’s home and this cat ate only Wellness food and I will confirm that that is the singular/only/exclusive” cause of illness… ” etc. Think I am exaggerating? Ask around. I have personal friends who have had similar and even worse experience.

          Let’s be frank. It is good food and I have bought it in the past because of that and because of the company’s reputation. But it is made for them through a contract arrangement. The company that makes their food is responsible for recalls. This is not some sort of heroic move by Wellpet. Their food is made in the same factory and on the same lines as “economy” store brands. Consumers don’t understand that reality.

          1. Cheryl Mallon-Bond

            So sorry to hear about your poor cat dying! How awful! 😢

            I was wondering if you had been feeding the Wellness regularly for a while w/ no issue, and then all of a sudden had a problem w/ the food (like a “lot” of the food possibly had contamination?) I was just wondering what you surmised the issue to be.

            I didn’t know that information about them using the same facilities that low-grade commercial pet food is processed at? Wondering if the equipment is thoroughly cleaned & sanitized before their food is processed. If not, then that might be how your cat got sick & died! Had you found out any information about other reports of illness or death reported to the FDA? I am wondering how Wellness responded to you reporting what happened to your cat?

            The other question I wanted to know about about, was if your cat had had any vaccination’s around that time period? It wouldn’t necessarily have had to have been exactly that same time, as vaccination reactions can happen right away, but are not exclusively reactive immediately. Reactive issues have also been known to happen w/ topical flea treatments as well.

            You of course, might know about some, or all of those things, being a part of this site, but Incase you didn’t know, I figured I would just mention it.

            Again, so very sorry for the loss of your beloved cat.

          2. Reader

            I know it’s far from convenient for cat owners to have to fiddle around with feline diets. (I have a dog). But from all the conversations here, I get that fact.

            I do think it’s time for PF consumers in general to stop giving a “pass” to any company failing quality control. Quit figuring out which ‘can” or “batch” or “Lot No.” is “still” okay to buy amongst a company recall. Or how to get your money back from “Chewy’s” instead of sending that can of suspicious PF (having made your pet seriously ill) to the FDA or a testing facility! Think of the power that action would generate, if more pet owners did the same.

            Keep the receipt of any PF you purchase, Take a photo of unopened product, and from your complaint demand a refund from the retailer or company. They don’t “need” the physical product to do that. Trust me. So DON’T return the physical evidence to them.

            When there’s a problem, let that company they’ve failed. Period! Particularly given the FDA’s results on Evanger’s. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. That’s just what they discovered on one particular visit to the plant. And in fact, it was BOTH plants. So consider what’s going on everywhere else, when a company isn’t on the radar.

            It’s time for PF consumers to speak up once and for all. Your dollar and your pet are worth far more than what they offer. Let them know, you’ve chosen another alternative.

          3. Peter

            Telling the company that they have “failed” simply isn’t enough. And “the company” will too often simply deflect the problem so that it is not “public.” As we know, when pet foods are made through contract arrangements, the “manufacturer” is not the company on the can, as consumers think, and that “manufacturer” has little to no information about the daily goings-on where “their” product is actually made. And I’d suggest, with strong commitment, that they often don’t really “care,” anyway. As consumers, we must judge by action. And because too often, these companies don’t act professionally, I am fairly condemning of many of them. A so-called “voluntary” recall is not a heroic move by a vendor.

            Not only myself, but many I know, have had endless issues with so-called “premium” and “super premium” pet foods. The parent company will simply deflect criticism: “sounds like the end of a run” when you complain that the cans are filled with water, or short weighted over and over and over, across lots and “recipes/flavors” (yes: that is from Wellness/Wellpet), cans that “look wrong” or inconsistent from what you KNOW it should look like, etc. Or when a cat simply won’t go near these “super premium” foods and you get confirmation from himself that the ingredients are “off.” The list is endless.

            And yes, I have taken photographs of these issues, and still have them. Wellpet, as other “high end” brands I can mention, WILL call you. They will never WRITE you, since that is putting it, well, “in writing.” And then Wellpet will simply drop the issue and “close the case” and one wonders… do they chalk that up as a win? As a satisfied customer? As a problem with their manufacturing that, by not being resolved, doesn’t really “exist”?

            Wellpet is really no different than other companies: they have protocols in place for dealing with complaints and you have to ask why that is. What you will get are calls where they will not assume responsibility or “blow off” these shocking manufacturing problems as “isolated” or “end of run” issues. As if that makes it OK? Why is it, that manufacture of pet foods is different from other products, or human foods? Why is it that cans that don’t meet guidelines for what the recipe is supposed to be are put on the shelf and the consumer is just supposed to accept it as an “end of run” can when that 5oz. can costs nearly $2 or more? If this happened in human foods… if you bought a bag of potato chips that was half full… the scandal would be swift and far-reaching.

            The societal phenomena wherein pet food consumers accept these failings needs to be examined.

          4. Cheryl Mallon-Bond

            Amen! to that! They are getting away with so much bullshit! it’s REDICULOUS!

  3. Cheryl Mallon-Bond

    Although they said their food wasn’t tainted, I applaud them for taking the extra caution. However, I wonder exactly what the “foreign material” exactly is. Also, how many issue’s has this manufacturing plant had in past history?

    I am annoyed that Wellness, as well as the large majority of canned cat food brands (even higher quality, & pricey brands) continues to have CARRAGEENAN as an added thickener. When people are going the extra mile to try to do right by their pet, and maybe doesn’t know about the health issue’s related to carrageenan, they are being duped!

    It’s pretty hard to help eve that these companies do not know this information even though several years have passed since the Cornucopia Institute published their findings about carrageenan.

    It’s par for the course of low-end, low quality brands to still do so, I mean these use 3-D meat-by-products, so to them, carrageenan is benign. It’s another thing for “higher quality” brands to continue doing so. How they all could be blind about the knowledge out there about carrageenan is totally beyond my comprehension.

    I wish I had the time to write all these manufacturer’s but I don’t. Too busy w/ a house full of cats, & caretaking many feral cat colonies.

    1. Toby

      I was excited to learn that Wellness is in the process of removing it from their products, check out their website for an update. In light of this recall I will continue to supplement my home cooked food with Holistic Select.

    2. Peter

      … metal fragments. As a layperson, that would make me theorize issues with the manufacturing equipment. And also, that the equipment isn’t properly services or cleaned between batches or when switching from manufacture of one product to the next.

    3. Carly

      Hi Cheryl, I’m reaching out from Wellness Natural Pet Food because I wanted to help answer your questions.Our Quality team was notified that a small amount of metal was found in non-WellPet products made in the same facility. There were no injuries. We’d like the chance to talk with you more to explain our Quality Assurance procedures so that you can feel confident feeding our food. We’ll be open throughout the weekend and you can reach us tomorrow starting at 9am eastern at 877-227-9587. Also, please know that we’ve taken the step of removing carrageenan from all of our wet cat recipes. Starting soon, Wellness cat cans will have a new look and will be 100% carrageenan free. You can see an overview of the changes here: Thanks.

      1. Choral Eddie

        Wish I had known sooner about carrageenan as I’ve just bought 8 cases of the 12.5 cans. At least none have the 8/19 best by date stamp.

        1. Cheryl Mallon-Bond

          You can return the food. Any retailer will be willing to take it back, in order to keep their customer’s happy.

      2. Cheryl Mallon-Bond

        This is very good news! I hope more manufacturer’s will follow!

  4. Peaches and Paprika

    This is ONLY for the 12.5? What about the 3 oz which I just ordered? Thank you.

    1. Carly

      Hi, I’m reaching out from Wellness Natural Pet Food. We can assure you with full confidence that only the 12.5 oz can of certain recipes, with a small amount of best by dates were involved. We’d be happy to answer any other questions you have and will be open through the weekend. We can be reached 877-227-9587. Thanks.

      1. Sara

        Carly: I just wanted to thank you for responding to a couple posts; it shows your company does care about its consumers and the pet food produced.

  5. Monica Yang

    I am down to my last can with this best by the foreign material metal? I mixed my wellness with liquid so I hope if is foreign object I would have found it. now I am concern about my cat since he has gone through 11 cans already.

    1. Pet Owner

      Per Carly: “Hi, I’m reaching out from Wellness Natural Pet Food. We can assure you with full confidence that only the 12.5 oz can of certain recipes, with a small amount of best by dates were involved. We’d be happy to answer any other questions you have and will be open through the weekend. We can be reached 877-227-9587. Thanks.”

      1. Susan Macke

        very good comments until this one. She has cans with the affected best-by date. Advise her to return them. Clearly.

        1. Pet Owner

          NOT TO THE MANUFACTURER OR THE RETAILER! Make a report to the FDA. Who knows what else is wrong.

  6. Marsha Roskopf

    I have one of the Wellness cat food recall for a possible foreign body contaminate. I sent them an e-mail to confirm that I have one of the batches. And literally, they phone me within 60 seconds of the sent e-mail. They are sending me coupons to replace the case that I have. That was so impressive that Wellness responded so quickly. And contaminates haven’t even been found in their cans yet; its another company that uses the same facility for their pet food production that the foreign material was found in. KUDOS to WELLNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Susan Macke

    Stuff happens. I do appreciate the quick and full response from Wellness. Take good care, everyone.

  8. Jessica

    My kitty got very sick and I put him to sleep a couple weeks ago. He was dying, he had jaundice. The vet couldn’t figure out what it was and offered to put him on a feeding tube. I just didn’t want him to suffer anymore. I thought maybe he had intestinal cancer because he had IBD his whole life. He exclusively ate Wellness canned food. Could this be the cause?

    1. Jessica

      This is Jessica again. My cat exclusively ate Wellness chicken canned cat food, so obviously I am wondering if it was the food. I had no idea it could be the food – I thought Wellness was the best. It was the only food he did well on. He had been eating it for years. I do not want to point fingers, but I am very disappointed by this news.

      I truly hope that this was not the cause of my kitty’s sickness.

      I miss him dearly. : (

      I would like for Wellness to reach out to me if they see this.

      1. Cheryl Mallon-Bond

        To all who have had their fur-babies injured or have died,
        So sorry for the loss of your beloved babies! 😭

        As another commenter said, if you have any of that lot# of food, the FDA need to test it.

        I wish that necropsy could have been done on any cats/dogs that died, that would help tremendously w/getting to the bottom of this ordeal.

        Question–Had any of you had your pets recent vaccinations? because the is issues w/ those too!
        When I mean recent not necessarily like in the past couple of weeks it could have been months ago and still got in the reaction recently.

        My heart breaks for every single animal that suffers because of toxic food and toxic vaccinations it’s incredibly sad for them and for their pet parents. I pray somehow that they can get to the bottom of all of this illness and death.

    2. Sara T.

      Jessica: I just wanted to say how sorry I am your cat became ill…poor thing 🙁 And, I’m sorry you lost him. Think it was brave of you to consider his need not to suffer anymore and let him go…know how incredibly difficult it is to watch your cat become ill and make the decision to end his/her suffering as I’ve gone through it twice now 🙁

      Best of luck to you.

  9. Elizabetcetera

    My cats have been eating the canned chicken Wellness for many many months now. We have those August 3rd 2019 best by cans. We mix 2 other foods into the mix so they aren’t getting 100% of any one kind of cat food. My cats are playful, eating and pooping great with shiny thick coats and bright eyes … Haven’t noticed any I’ll health and haven’t noticed anything physically obvious toy human eyes and nose about Wellness that seems off. Just would like to know if it’s a bacterial issue or not enough of a nutrient/ vitamin or metal fragments or what. The mystery is what has me concerned. In the meantime, my cats seem to be great.

  10. Brenda

    My cats have become seriously ill after eating the chicken wellness. One is pooping blood and projectile vomiting. One is throwing up and diarehha and one is extremly lethargic with vomiting. All have been taken to the vet and given fluids. They may need to be hospitalized. I’m sick with worry and will never buy this product again. Blue Buffalo also has a recall for the same problem.

    1. Reader

      And you’ve reported this to the FDA? Maybe supplied them with an unopened can for sample testing? Consumers need to know WHAT’s inside the food that’s making these pets so seriously sick.

      My sympathy for what you’re going through and for your pet’s illness. So difficult a time, and so expensive. Am hoping for their best recovery.

      Thank you for sharing.

    2. Gabe

      Hi Brenda. Is the chicken in the tall yellow/gold cans? I just bought a huge amount of the wellness ckicken for cats. Do you have a date on the cans that you can share?

    3. Sara T.

      Brenda: I’m sorry your cats have become so ill. I hope they recover soon…must be very difficult for you, too.

  11. Maria G

    I wanted to calrify the best by dates in the recall, as they’re not listed in the same format as they appear on the cans. For example the cans will show 03 AUG 2019. Are these dates day/month/year or month/day/year?

    1. Reader

      Am not sure how the date can be read in any other way than the third day of august in the year 2019.

  12. Mike Robinson

    My cats eat Wellness Canned Turkey Cat Food. It’s the only one I found they tolerate because of IBS. After the February
    recall, I couldn’t get it , of course. When it came back on the shelves at Petco and Petsmart at the end of March, I started
    buying it again. Today, I noticed both stores were completely out of Turkey Formula in the 12oz cans. Do I need to be worried.
    I still have about 50 cans.

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