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We can ask a Pet Food Question in the Next Debate

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  1. Pacific Sun

    I voted, 8:00am Friday!!

  2. Sage

    Hi Susan – Just voted!

  3. Gary Hollis

    I voted just now..

  4. Joan Johnston

    Wonderful question!!!!!

  5. Deniese

    What exactly is the FDA Cosmetic Act with pet food? The word cosmetic is sorta throwing me off. Never heard that one before.

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      The federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act are federal laws that FDA is charged with enforcing. The Act defines food as what humans and animals consume, the Act defines an adulterated (illegal) food if it is sourced from a diseased or non-slaughtered animal. But FDA – through Compliance Policies – ignores the law with pet food and openly allows pet food to be sourced from diseased or non slaughtered animals.

  6. Terri Janson

    I voted!!! I pray this question will be asked…!

  7. Pat Lee Carignan

    I VOTED 12:32 PM

  8. Desiree


  9. Terri H.

    I voted and shared.

  10. NM


  11. Lori S.

    Voted! Coincidentally, I just got an email from the Humane Society Legislative Fund, and here is one quote: “Trump himself has even called for the Food and Drug Administration to stop regulating pet food—not long after thousands of dogs and cats were sickened or died from consuming contaminated pet food and treats.” So this really is an important issue!!

  12. Pat P.

    You have a good question. It is unfortunate, however, that you were not made aware sooner about posing one.

    These voter questions (of which only the top 30 most popular ones are chosen for use in the debate) have been voted on for some days, with some already having received thousands of votes! I know that I have been choosing many of them.

    I just voted now and see that we only have a couple of days to accumulate a bunch more responses. What an opportunity this would be! We, certainly, can hope!

  13. Reema

    I voted.

  14. foodguy

    I don’t think this is an important question when deciding the future of our country- compared to the many other questions which affect us in every way- but I voted to support you and TAPF and the relentless pursuit towards transparency and honesty you have shown.

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      I guess to me it is also about government corruption. So though I agree this is not as important as many issues, government corruption is important. Thank you for voting!

    2. Pet Owner

      I too, thank you for your vote! Every one counts!!

      But I had a tough time figuring out how to respond to your comment. Because it made me think. And given the newest headline (a major distraction) coming in very late this Friday evening, there isn’t going to be much time available for the candidates to discuss anything but …. . No matter what, the President sets the tone and direction of this Country. So HOW either one answers this question (Will you require FDA to enforce the Food Drug and Cosmetic Act with pet food?) points to their philosophy of government. One candidate already said the FDA should stop regulating pet food, even after thousands of dogs and cats were sickened or died from consuming contaminated PF.

      So should a candidate be endorsed who picks and chooses among which laws to enforce? Or one who adheres to the law until new legislation says otherwise? I think insufficient funding and limited resources are irrelevant excuses.

      The point really isn’t about the subject of “pet food” alone, but a person’s respect for existing regulation. At some point in time, resources were also used to establish that law for a particular purpose. And if enforcement matters in lessor examples, then it will matter in the most important issues. That’s really the trick question being posed. Because no individual has the authority to pick and choose among which laws should or need not be enforced based on personal preference and convenience.

      I always think of this analogy. There are a lot of roads in my area where there is no traffic whatsoever. I can drive 20 miles without ever seeing an oncoming car. So in my mind I should be able to drive much faster than the posted limit. The question is, if observed by CHP, would my explanation have any merit?

      I guarantee that Officer would say, the law …. is the law.

  15. Rally round the vote

    What’s so frustrating about truth in pet food is that it doesn’t seem like a big deal.

    Part of the reason is because animals are considered as expendable property. People don’t like being told how to handle their property. They expect a dog will be fine until about 10 years. And then (they reason) will just …get …old. When they can be replaced.

    But I often wonder. Just because a pet is walking around “okay” how does it feel inside. If a human only ate a Breakfast Bar every day for a decade, then how would they FEEL. Would it make arthritis worse, or bloat, fatigue, skin or digestive problems. I think of this as being closer to an animal rights issue. And when we know better, we’re obligated to do better. But people will never change as long as they don’t have a choice.

    Certain movements take a long time to gain respect. Nobody ever heard of M.A.D.D. in the ‘60’s. But I guarantee you all the adults we knew drove waay over the DUI limit. Nobody was proud of it. But “responsibility” was never mainstreamed. Not until parents banded together because they lost children and family was that protest validated. Then people were shamed into responsible behavior. It was about one person impacting another person. As a result laws and product safety was established. Non-smokers complaining about smokers used to be the problem. Now it’s in reverse. Social Media fuels protesting over every single thing today!

    Everything ….EXCEPT pet food.

    But why should Industry compliance and FDA enforcement be permitted. Since when to we get to ignore laws because they aren’t as important as something else?

    For those of us who really care, it’s necessary to scrape for every bit of publicity! Whether thousands of votes are needed isn’t the point. Or whether 29 questions are more important. Instead focus on getting 10 friends and family to vote. Ask those 10 to do the same as you did.

    And remember, it’s not enough to just post this opportunity. How many things do we read and then forget? Yeah, so we ARE going to be pushy about this. Making sure they really voted! Or at least say they voted!! Good causes always started from nothing. But now they are changing lives for the better!

    Let’s do it for the pets who have no voices.

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      You are right! Please keep spreading the word.

  16. Sandy Cox

    I just voted. 10/8/16 12:45 a.m.

  17. Teresa Reid

    Just voted!

  18. Pacific Sun

    Well, we didn’t get our question asked. But 2525 people voted for the question. Pretty good showing for an obscure issue compared to all the other questions being asked. Not sure if the number of Voters reflects only TAPF Followers, or if other people saw the question and voted too.

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