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Wait one Minute There FDA

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  1. catherine

    everything done by Washington and politicians today is outcome based. both parties in congress choose power and money and votes over fiscal and personal responsibility and we choose congress. hmmm….think about it.

  2. Of course they want to make kibble sound good. No money to be made in raw food. And much to lose dollar wise if people stop feeding kibble.
    I lost a dog to the dog food in 2008. I now only feed raw. The difference in my animals now to when they did eat kibble and when my last animals are kibble is huge. I will never go back, ever!!!!
    Jennifer Pottruff DNM, DO, VND(cand)

  3. Ellie

    It is rare when we see a recall of a raw pet food product. Most recalls are traditional pet foods.
    The war that veterinarians wage against raw pet food is obvious but their special interest in the pet food companies that help support them is also obvious. The FDA is closely entrenched with the pet food industry and has allowed them to use some of the lowest quality throw away products to produce their “feed.” The pet food industry is one of the few industries that get rich using ingredients that would otherwise be garbage.
    A less than honest study by the FDA? Very possible.

  4. For the Pets

    Only one was found to contain salmonella? How could that be?

  5. caroline bromm

    IT is so sad to see the FDA use their tactics against innocent pets –the whole bunch is very flawed –the way they do those “studies” is EXACTLY how they do their HUMAN illness studies and show exactly the same results as it fits their AGENDA –been there to protest personally but they are a sad bunch –one great dr. LEFT after their treatment of people trying to stop a bad treatment —its just amazing how they get by with the things they do but we have to be so careful of the results of MEDICAL PERSONS–STUDIES —AND THE THINGS THEY PUSH —its hard for people and pets —how did it get this bad and what can we do when they can screw the results of a test or studies and we are the TEST SUBJECTS —or our pets ARE TEST SUBJECTS and not treated with respect and the Truth —-its a con to fix a study or test to make the outcome what you want —-its got to be stopped and real people have to be in charge at the FDA —-REAL HONEST PEOPLE –GEES HOW HARD IS THAT TO DO —-DONT THOSE PEOPLE FEEL ANY GUILT ? THANKS FOR ALL YOU SHOW US AND DO FOR US AND OUR BEST FRIENDS THE ANIMALS —-

  6. I only have 2 questions on this study result ….

    1. If dry food was clean… explain all the FDA recalls over the past few years (even excluding 2007)
    2. If raw had 88 contaminated ( could be only 33 if bad with all pathogens) why was there now recalls of these products???

    Sounds very suspicious to me….

    1. Jeri

      Well said and obvious to most who are paying attention. Interesting, especially considering the study done by Delta to attempt to prove the same thing….but oh, my! The results were not as intended:

      Now I know some will likely talk about unknown conditions of the study posted here blah blah blah, but the fact remains that the group is virulently ANTI-raw and yet this “study” apparently exists (a study which clearly proves the opposite of what they set out to prove). At the very least its existence should keep one incredulous about any study which claims the dangers of raw – especially when hosted/sponsored by a group with obvious cozy ties to the pet food industry (which is clearly getting desperate to hold onto the percentage of market they’re losing to raw). If anything, I’m inclined to believe the Delta group study over the FDA one for the simple reason that the results are not favorable to their position on raw– and the FDA study, well….. ’nuff said.

  7. Judy Miller

    They don’t know what they are talking about….
    Raw meat has bacteria in it, period! Big deal. If pet food was under the jurisdiction of the USDA instead of the FDA, nothing would be said unless a large number of pets were getting sick.
    The USDA doesn’t even check for bacteria in a butcher shop because it is expected that raw meat has bacteria. That’s just the way it is. Dogs and cats can handle these bacteria. Humans must cook the meat to kill them. A healthy cat or dog does not get sick from it. I don’t get sick either, and have never taken any special precautions when I handle raw meat. You build up a resistance and become immune.
    The animals who get sick, are probably not all that healthy to begin with. (did the article say if any of the animals got sick? I only understood that the bacteria count was “high” and nothing about any animal getting sick.) A few that get sick will ruin it for everybody and they will outlaw raw meat diets for pets.

  8. Jane Eagle

    “The research is ‘set up’ to reach the wanted outcome. It is biased science.” That is NOT science at all: it is advertising. The old saying applies here: figures don’t lie, but liars figure…

  9. Peter

    In order for a study to be “scientific,” it has to be replicable. That means, all of the study parameters and procedures must be explicitly clarified, so that another researcher can take the study and exactly replicate it, to test the veracity of the results and the conclusions the authors reach. Being able to specifically replicate a study is important also, so that other researchers can test how changing elements of the study affect the results.

    So if, as you say, the methods for thawing (if any) are not clearly explained, then, the research is not “scientific.”

  10. lildeb

    Can raw meat cause worms in cats?
    I heard that Borax acid and salt would kills fleas in the carpet n not harmful to pets. Anyone else heard of such a thing? All my pets r on once a month flea treatment but two of r dogs go in n outside.

    1. Aurora

      Worms – depends largely on your meat sources. Most domestic meat animals are wormed and so very low risk. If you feed wild caught meats then yes there is slight risk. Freezing the meat at below 0’f for 10 days will kill most parasites found in meat and fish.

      Borax is a well known insecticide however you dont want to put that on your rugs, furnitures or floors as it can become airborne when vacuuming or walking on the area and you and your pets will get it in your lungs. sells a specially formulated borax that is statically charged so it stays in the carpet when applied according to their directions. They will also apply it for you along with a 1 year guarantee.
      I use rock salt in saucers under the furniture where my pets don’t have access to it. Fleas are said to be attracted to salt, and become dehydrated. I don’t know how true that may be… we haven’t had fleas in decades though. and we live in the country with 2 dogs, 4 cats. I also raw feed and that is part of the holistic plan – you can’t just do one part of the puzzle and expect it to work well, you do ALL the pieces of the puzzle and it works very well!

      1. lildeb

        Thank you for responding to my questions and I am so glad that I asked first. I like the idea of the rock salt. Thanks

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